Three B's

Brew Pub/Brewery
Black Bull Inn, Broken Stone Road, Darwen, Lancashire, England BB3 0LL
Associated place: Black Bull (Three B’s)
Commenced brewing in 2001 in Blackburn. Moved to Feniscowles in 2002. A further move in 2011 was made to The Black Bull.
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Three B's Autumn Gold 4.211/11/2016Rate 3.022
Three B's Bee Blonde 4.02/26/2015Rate 2.825
Three B's Bee Happy 4.36/5/2005Rate 3.055
Three B's Bee On The Ball 3.79/20/2014Rate 2.791
Three B's Bee Proud 4.55/15/2015Rate 2.941
Three B's Bee Thrifty 3.410/7/2011Rate 2.73
Three B's Bees Knees 3.84/13/2009Rate 2.774
Three B's Bee-Witched 3.910/25/2014Rate 0
Three B's Black Bull Lager 4.09/7/2013Rate 2.731
Three B's Bobbins Bitter 3.86/13/2004Rate 2.978
Three B's Bommy Beer 4.511/27/2005Rate 2.831
Three B's Cupids Fuel 4.02/15/2008Rate 3.073
Three B's Doff Cocker 4.57/11/2004Rate 2.93622
Three B's Knocker Up 4.87/11/2004Rate 3.122840
Three B's Oatmeal Stout 3.84/15/2010Rate 3.366214
Three B's Old Bee 5.51/15/2016Rate 2.972
Three B's Pinch Noggin 4.62/13/2009Rate 2.831113
Three B's Santa's Skinful 4.01/16/2007Rate 2.894
Three B's Settler's Choice 4.23/7/2013Rate 2.791
Three B's Shuttle Ale 5.27/11/2004Rate 3.115620
Three B's Stoker's Slake 3.610/3/2003Rate 3.247743
Three B's Tackler's Tipple 4.37/11/2004Rate 2.974624
Three B's Weaver's Brew 4.011/20/2009Rate 2.943

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