Three Heads #beKind Mandarillo Pale Ale 5.08/11/2017Rate 3.021
Three Heads / Lost Borough Ghost Pepper Porter 6.111/22/2016Rate 3.042
Three Heads 3HB Dark Lager 5.511/12/2018Rate 3.041
Three Heads Baltic Porter 10.410/15/2016Rate 3.678
Three Heads Blaze On Saison 6.48/11/2017Rate 0
Three Heads Brewberry Pie 5.010/30/2016Rate 2.762
Three Heads Brute Extra Dry IPA 7.07/18/2018Rate 2.941
Three Heads Citra Blanc Sour 5.66/20/2016Rate 3.184
Three Heads Confiscator Doppelbock 7.02/14/2017Rate 3.295
Three Heads Das Danke India Pale Ale 7.04/11/2017Rate 3.46
Three Heads Drie Hoofden Flemish Red 4.88/26/2018Rate 3.111
Three Heads Freak Cafe Imperial Coffee Oatmeal Brown Ale 7.012/10/2017Rate 3.286
Three Heads Freddy D Lager 5.56/21/2016Rate 2.897
Three Heads George Brett Sour 5.54/23/2017Rate 3.131
Three Heads Green Stripe Lager 4.24/23/2017Rate 3.091
Three Heads Hippy Holidays 6.511/13/2016Rate 3.153
Three Heads Hippy Holidays Gingerbread Wheat 7.012/3/2018Rate 31
Three Heads Hop Abomination 8.26/20/2016Rate 3.052
Three Heads Iron Smoke Barrel Aged Baltic Porter 10.44/23/2017Rate 3.45
Three Heads Iron Smoke Barrel Aged Scotch Ale 10.41/13/2018Rate 3.042
Three Heads Joint Venture Sour 5.011/19/2016Rate 3.072
Three Heads Kolsch 4.910/21/2018Rate 3.021
Three Heads Little Juice Coupe IPL 6.58/6/2017Rate 3.35
Three Heads Markle Stout 5.58/26/2018Rate 3.061
Three Heads Melon Whirlpool IPA 6.311/26/2016Rate 3.112
Three Heads NYS Amber 5.08/26/2018Rate 3.041
Three Heads OK Pale Ale 5.54/23/2017Rate 3.131
Three Heads Pale Project Cashmere 5.08/26/2018Rate 3.111
Three Heads Plum Together Wheat 5.07/31/2016Rate 3.041
Three Heads Red Creek Sour 4.54/23/2017Rate 3.091
Three Heads Ring of Fire IPA (alias) 7.02/25/2017
Three Heads Roktoberfest 6.19/2/2016Rate 2.883
Three Heads Screamer Cream Ale 5.89/2/2016Rate 33
Three Heads Sip Hop Hooray 7.59/2/2016Rate 3.041
Three Heads Soulshine Pale Ale 5.28/11/2017Rate 2.921
Three Heads Split Milk Oatmeal Stout 5.711/19/2016Rate 3.243
Three Heads Strata Casting IPA 7.05/27/2018Rate 3.041
Three Heads Strawbeery Fields 4.71/15/2017Rate 3.074
Three Heads Strong Arm IPA 6.02/11/2018Rate 3.447
Three Heads The Dankenstein IPA 7.29/3/2017Rate 32
Three Heads The Groove Train Porter 5.29/3/2017Rate 3.092
Three Heads The Honey Smuggler 6.44/23/2017Rate 3.061
Three Heads The Kind IPA 1.5 7.57/31/2016Rate 2.981
Three Heads The Kind With Kiwi and Grilled Pineapple -7/31/2016Rate 3.111
Three Heads The Majestic 10.21/21/2018Rate 3.365
Three Heads The NOTA Pilsner 5.07/31/2016Rate 3.052
Three Heads The Suspended Particle Double N.E. IPA 8.07/18/2018Rate 3.36
Three Heads Tiger Blood IPA 6.011/18/2017Rate 3.133
Three Heads Weapon X Whirlpool IPA 7.012/30/2016Rate 3.212
Three Heads Whirlpool Ring of Fire 7.03/3/2017Rate 3.034
Three Heads Whirlpool Series Mosaic 6.510/30/2016Rate 3.182
Three Heads White Lager 5.53/25/2018Rate 31
Three Heads Amalgamation Brown Ale 6.510/28/2013Rate 3.287210
Three Heads Big Head Stout 7.010/17/2012Rate 3.323728
Three Heads Blimey English Style Pale Ale 6.012/7/2010Rate 3.29038
Three Heads Blimey IPA 6.74/15/2013Rate 3.253623
Three Heads Bromigo Ale 7.09/9/2011Rate 3.329063
Three Heads Buffalo Soul Jah Imperial Red Ale 9.21/8/2015Rate 3.495910
Three Heads Captain Banana Unfiltered Wheat 6.06/12/2015Rate 3.194
Three Heads Cobbs Hill Black Lager 6.05/30/2012Rate 3.338530
Three Heads Common Man Special Lager 5.53/21/2012Rate 3.187450
Three Heads Country Shwheat Imperial Wheat 7.66/13/2013Rate 3.042614
Three Heads Double Skunk Imperial Black IPA 8.52/23/2015Rate 3.444813
Three Heads Giant Panda Dub Style IPA 8.78/14/2015Rate 3.534814
Three Heads Java Sutra Coffee Porter 6.512/7/2010Rate 3.5188109
Three Heads Kings Scotch -5/27/2013Rate 2.912
Three Heads Loopy Oatmeal Red Ale 6.61/11/2012Rate 3.598112
Three Heads Moho Smoked Porter 6.43/5/2014Rate 3.324913
Three Heads Ontario Coast IPA 7.56/7/2011Rate 3.324655
Three Heads Population Pale Ale 5.510/9/2014Rate 3.194511
Three Heads Rebel Soul Imperial Coconut Porter 7.61/8/2016Rate 3.46829
Three Heads Rochestafarian Wee Heavy Ale 7.02/22/2013Rate 2.97862
Three Heads Rye-Dye Smoked IPA 6.56/13/2014Rate 3.386914
Three Heads Sir Shock-A-Lot Double Chocolate Milk Stout 7.53/13/2015Rate 3.264112
Three Heads Skunk Black IPA 6.512/7/2010Rate 3.4957105
Three Heads The Kind IPA 6.812/7/2010Rate 3.4672190
Three Heads Too Kind DIPA 8.51/10/2013Rate 3.433794
Three Heads Tre Kind Triple IPA 101/8/2014Rate 3.575854
Three Heads Tropical Kind - Rum Oak 8.59/26/2014Rate 2.892
Three Heads Tropical Kind Double India Pale Ale 9.07/28/2014Rate 3.221213
Three Heads Wendigo Winter Ale 8.510/29/2014Rate 3.597710

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