Klingon Warnog Roggen Dunkel
Brewed by/for Federation of Beer
5.53/25/2014Rate 2.92644
Tin Man / Taxman SynTax Wild APA 5.57/12/2016Rate 3.163
Tin Man / The Tap Clockwork Reindeer 10.42/7/2017Rate 3.111
Tin Man / Turoni / Basketcase Olympus Mons Imperial Red IPA 8.27/12/2016Rate 3.212
Tin Man 3 Gear Robust Porter 5.410/3/2012Rate 3.214214
Tin Man 70 Volt 4.86/29/2018Rate 2.961
Tin Man Alloy American IPA 5.810/3/2012Rate 3.294328
Tin Man Axis 11.11/8/2016Rate 3.035
Tin Man Axis Rose 11.16/8/2016Rate 3.091
Tin Man Barleywine 10.611/1/2014Rate 2.91
Tin Man Beers, Beets, Battlestar Galactica 5.91/16/2018Rate 3.123
Tin Man Berliner Weiss 4.55/17/2015Rate 3.14
Tin Man Black IPA 6.78/2/2013Rate 2.962
Tin Man Bourbon Barrel Aged Csar 121/22/2017Rate 3.68
Tin Man Brett Finish Sour 8.06/2/2016Rate 3.021
Tin Man Cafe Leche 5.812/29/2014Rate 3.649728
Tin Man Cas One Vs Figure Ego Crusher Triple Bock 10.34/10/2016Rate 3.364
Tin Man Channel I/O 9.03/6/2014Rate 2.941
Tin Man Circuit 5.111/12/2017Rate 3.021
Tin Man Circuit Bohemian Pilsner 4.510/3/2012Rate 2.734233
Tin Man Cranberry Sour 5.212/21/2015Rate 3.084
Tin Man Csar (Vanilla, Nutmeg & Cassia Bark) 122/15/2017Rate 3.022
Tin Man Csar Russian Imperial Stout 123/6/2014Rate 3.624635
Tin Man Damascene Apricot Sour 5.24/29/2014Rate 3.425960
Tin Man Dry Cell Irish Dry Stout 4.510/3/2012Rate 3.06269
Tin Man Electro Shock Maibock 5.98/7/2016Rate 3.252
Tin Man Experimental Ale with wild pitch yeast 4.04/10/2016Rate 31
Tin Man Ferrous Foreign Extra Stout -8/5/2014Rate 3.154
Tin Man First Brew 6.14/25/2018Rate 3.111
Tin Man Forbidden Grapefruit Gose 4.811/12/2017Rate 3.124
Tin Man Fruit Sour Ale Finished With Brett 8.06/6/2016Rate 3.091
Tin Man Giga-Wit 5.17/13/2018Rate 3.091
Tin Man Grapefruit Gose 4.88/11/2016Rate 3.157
Tin Man Haywire 6.51/16/2018Rate 3.021
Tin Man Herald Imperial Pumpkin Ale 8.412/1/2013Rate 3.166215
Tin Man Herald Imperial Pumpkin Ale - Barrel Aged 8.512/30/2017Rate 2.721
Tin Man Hoop Pole Dortmunder Export 6.47/12/2016Rate 3.243
Tin Man Hops & Hominy Bicentenni-ale 6.37/16/2016Rate 3.061
Tin Man Ingot IPL 5.94/10/2016Rate 3.245
Tin Man Kentucky Common 5.62/25/2017Rate 3.041
Tin Man Key Lime Sour 5.22/5/2017Rate 3.156
Tin Man Megawitt Belgian Wit 5.54/21/2015Rate 0
Tin Man Mint Microchip Chocolate Stout 12.71/16/2016Rate 3.364
Tin Man O'Rye-N Galaxy 5.18/2/2015Rate 0
Tin Man Oud Bruin -5/18/2014Rate 3.025
Tin Man Overlord Imperial IPA 9.09/2/2013Rate 3.474341
Tin Man Passion Fruit Ingot 5.912/23/2016Rate 3.131
Tin Man Pear Shandy Sour Ale -8/3/2013Rate 2.93
Tin Man Pink Peppercorn IPA 7.07/23/2014Rate 2.811
Tin Man Port Barrel-Aged Barleywine 10.68/2/2015Rate 3.595
Tin Man Positronic 7.46/4/2015Rate 3.245
Tin Man Prickly Pear Gose 3.86/5/2016Rate 2.961
Tin Man Rivet Irish Red Ale 5.110/3/2012Rate 3.127636
Tin Man Rosenweiss Kristallweizen 6.03/25/2014Rate 3.199714
Tin Man Sour Cherry Brett 5.65/19/2015Rate 2.981
Tin Man Spin Cycle 5.98/15/2017Rate 2.961
Tin Man Tomato Gose 5.42/3/2016Rate 3.232
Tin Man Vanilla Csar 122/7/2015Rate 3.192
Tin Man Weld Cranberry Sour Ale 5.22/7/2017Rate 2.973
Tin Man Weld Pear Sour Ale 5.24/10/2016Rate 3.24189
Tin Man Weld Rhubarb Sour Ale 5.211/19/2016Rate 3.245
Tin Man Weld Strawberry Sour Ale 5.12/15/2016Rate 3.434010
Tin Man Wheat Wine 11.82/6/2017Rate 3.273
Tin Man Wired White IPA 6.84/12/2015Rate 3.142312
Tin Man Zero Out of Fifty -5/18/2014Rate 3.054

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