Brewer rating: 92/100 1213 ratings
Dunsley Farm, London Road, Tring, Hertfordshire, England HP23 6HA
Associated place: Tring Brewery
Commenced December 1992. Initially on Akerman Street, Tring moved in Summer 2010.
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Tring A Sticky End 4.711/22/2009Rate 2.861
Tring Abbot’s Wonderful Clock 4.32/19/2011Rate 2.811
Tring American Brown Ale 4.53/12/2017Rate 3.091
Tring American Ruby Mild 4.06/29/2017Rate 3.022
Tring Apache 3.93/31/2017Rate 3.054
Tring Armadillo 4.39/24/2014Rate 2.913
Tring BBQ Porter 5.29/20/2016Rate 2.961
Tring Beacon 4.012/30/2015Rate 3.112
Tring Becks Bender 4.07/6/2004Rate 31
Tring Black Hawk 3.52/4/2017Rate 3.13
Tring Black IPA 6.05/12/2017Rate 3.151
Tring Blonde 4.02/19/2007Rate 2.863923
Tring Blue Jay Brown Ale 4.14/5/2014Rate 2.993
Tring Bob’s Pass 4.44/11/2012Rate 2.984
Tring Bock 6.04/15/2017Rate 2.972
Tring Breakfast Stout 5.53/31/2017Rate 31
Tring Bring Me Sunshine 4.45/20/2010Rate 3.179124
Tring Brock Bitter 3.72/10/2006Rate 3.179031
Tring Brookman’s 4.110/21/2010Rate 3.18916
Tring Bumpkins Disaster 4.110/2/2006Rate 2.972
Tring Buzby 4.012/24/2006Rate 2.881
Tring By George 4.34/28/2010Rate 2.812
Tring Captain Alf 4.27/10/2008Rate 2.913
Tring Card Sharp 4.36/23/2012Rate 2.81
Tring Cassowary 4.26/7/2014Rate 2.964
Tring Catstail 4.111/5/2015Rate 3.054
Tring Chestnut Hare 3.95/30/2014Rate 2.862
Tring Cobblershill 3.99/22/2015Rate 3.25
Tring Cockpit 4.36/3/2006Rate 3.213
Tring Cohort 4.09/24/2014Rate 2.82
Tring Colley’s Dog 5.22/10/2003Rate 3.187765
Tring Comet 4.312/13/2016Rate 2.993
Tring Crowning Glory 6.59/25/2013Rate 3.338310
Tring Cuckoos Coming 4.54/17/2003Rate 3.082
Tring DaLauren Special 4.610/4/2008Rate 2.961
Tring Darvells Winter Ale 4.22/26/2005Rate 2.874
Tring Death Or Glory Ale 7.212/23/2001Rate 3.429288
Tring Dicks Dilemma 4.23/6/2007Rate 2.811
Tring Doc Dimsdale 3.910/5/2009Rate 2.81
Tring Dockey 3.95/1/2015Rate 3.064
Tring Dr Goldfinger 4.48/3/2007Rate 3.022
Tring Dragon Rapide 3.84/20/2016Rate 3.092
Tring Dragonfly 4.28/5/2016Rate 3.18113
Tring Drop Bar Pale Ale 4.02/20/2016Rate 3.15819
Tring Duke of Bridgewater 4.311/25/2011Rate 2.811
Tring Dumpy Dormouse 3.94/12/2009Rate 2.875
Tring Eyes Wide Stout 5.06/12/2010Rate 2.831
Tring Fanny Ebbs Summer Ale 3.97/18/2005Rate 3.045726
Tring Fantail 4.26/12/2013Rate 2.671
Tring Fiddler George 4.22/24/2003Rate 3.026
Tring Five Arrows Bitter 4.36/19/2009Rate 2.811
Tring Gazelle 4.15/28/2017Rate 3.093
Tring Georgie Boy 4.03/24/2007Rate 3.082
Tring Gipsy Moth 4.19/26/2016Rate 2.981
Tring Going Loco 4.19/25/2007Rate 2.912
Tring Great Bustard 4.03/22/2014Rate 2.894
Tring Great Gulley 4.36/15/2008Rate 2.771
Tring Green Bullet 4.110/1/2015Rate 2.921
Tring Gunpowder Bell 4.22/19/2011Rate 2.852
Tring Half Timbered 4.38/19/2012Rate 33
Tring Harvest 4.29/28/2014Rate 2.761
Tring Hayabouts First 4.110/18/2005Rate 2.913
Tring Hazy Hoedown 4.410/6/2014Rate 2.925119
Tring Headless Pedlar 4.010/26/2007Rate 32
Tring Henrys Great Bed 4.23/31/2005Rate 3.173
Tring Hock Tide Mild 3.36/2/2004Rate 3.071
Tring Hockers Ale 4.19/6/2004Rate 2.983
Tring Holly Tree 4.310/21/2005Rate 3.052
Tring Hooded Crow 4.22/26/2004Rate 2.743
Tring Hornet 3.91/30/2016Rate 2.981
Tring Hound 3.36/25/2016Rate 32
Tring Huck Me Buck 4.410/9/2005Rate 2.938
Tring Hummingbird 4.23/29/2016Rate 3.093
Tring Ibex 3.911/4/2014Rate 2.924
Tring India Stout 6.03/11/2017Rate 3.041
Tring IPA 6.89/28/2016Rate 3.112
Tring Its For You 4.012/24/2006Rate 2.921
Tring Jack O’Legs 4.22/3/2003Rate 2.975741
Tring Jennys Yarn 4.24/26/2008Rate 2.893
Tring John Bennet Bitter 4.06/27/2010Rate 2.831
Tring Kings Cup 4.37/31/2007Rate 2.881
Tring Kiwi 4.18/3/2014Rate 2.77199
Tring Kotuku 4.03/1/2014Rate 3.148926
Tring Lady Lemons Pale Ale 4.36/23/2008Rate 2.915
Tring Legless Lals Winter Ale 4.51/27/2007Rate 3.054919
Tring Little Bird 3.35/8/2017Rate 3.042
Tring Little Miss Muffet 4.54/12/2009Rate 3.014
Tring Little Tinker 4.25/18/2009Rate 2.791
Tring Live it Up! 4.62/27/2003Rate 2.862
Tring Longspoons 4.06/20/2015Rate 2.952
Tring Lord Derby 4.010/7/2012Rate 2.911
Tring Lovers Potion 4.02/17/2009Rate 2.881
Tring Lunardi’s 4.37/14/2010Rate 2.944
Tring Maid of the Mill 4.08/9/2010Rate 2.947
Tring Mansion Mild 3.73/21/2006Rate 3.227145
Tring Milk Stout 5.55/28/2017Rate 3.137
Tring Moloko 4.59/10/2015Rate 3.324720
Tring Monk’s Gold 4.16/28/2004Rate 2.854412
Tring Moongazer / Moongazing 4.21/22/2013Rate 3.249531
Tring Mortain Thief 4.03/10/2012Rate 2.944
Tring Mother Haggys 4.012/13/2003Rate 2.942
Tring Mowing Devil 4.211/21/2010Rate 2.81
Tring Nathaniel Titlark 3.97/17/2012Rate 2.862
Tring Navigator 3.412/1/2014Rate 2.811
Tring Oatmeal Mild 3.99/28/2016Rate 3.072
Tring Old Charlie 4.211/11/2007Rate 2.953
Tring Old Chestnut 4.212/19/2015Rate 3.192
Tring Old Icknield Gold 4.112/26/2012Rate 2.787
Tring Old Lals Winter Ale (alias) 4.51/27/2007
Tring Old Shonks 4.52/26/2005Rate 2.765
Tring Old Snoozer 4.45/17/2006Rate 31
Tring Old Wisent 4.12/9/2014Rate 2.953
Tring On Track 4.012/5/2014Rate 2.771
Tring Orange Rye 5.03/24/2017Rate 3.021
Tring P.A.L.E. 4.52/24/2017Rate 3.142
Tring Pale + Four 4.68/24/2015Rate 3.49820
Tring Peeking Polecat 4.05/11/2013Rate 2.81
Tring Pelham Dragon 4.24/30/2006Rate 2.876
Tring Percy’s Toppler 4.31/25/2012Rate 2.772
Tring Periwinkle 4.112/4/2016Rate 3.021
Tring Phantom Fiddler 4.010/19/2008Rate 2.912
Tring Phantom Monk 4.010/22/2009Rate 2.573
Tring Pickled Peacock 4.210/2/2011Rate 2.851
Tring Plaiter’s Pearl 4.13/2/2013Rate 2.783
Tring Pudding Porter 4.53/22/2007Rate 3.12315
Tring Puddingstone 4.12/13/2007Rate 3.132
Tring Puma 4.02/4/2017Rate 2.994
Tring Queen Bee 4.05/13/2016Rate 2.982
Tring Ramscoat 4.14/12/2015Rate 2.871
Tring Raunchy Reverend 4.12/19/2011Rate 0
Tring Ravensdell 4.18/16/2015Rate 2.952
Tring Rectors IPA 4.07/15/2009Rate 2.841
Tring Redcoat Hermit 3.910/21/2007Rate 2.841
Tring Redshank 4.21/22/2015Rate 3.16909
Tring Rib Tickler 4.07/8/2013Rate 2.833
Tring Ridgeway Bitter 4.01/10/2004Rate 3.098037
Tring Riser Bitter (alias) 3.79/29/2013
Tring Robin Redbreast 4.212/13/2014Rate 2.843
Tring Rocket Man 4.29/4/2013Rate 2.953
Tring Royal Poacher 4.14/1/2007Rate 2.924613
Tring Santas Little Helper 4.812/17/2005Rate 3.18
Tring Scrum Down 4.03/4/2013Rate 3.092
Tring Sea Vixen 4.08/27/2016Rate 3.186
Tring Seven Hundred 4.27/6/2015Rate 31
Tring Side Pocket for a Toad (Bottle) 4.511/27/2009Rate 3.127628
Tring Side Pocket for a Toad (Cask) 3.61/30/2002Rate 3.158180
Tring Signal Box 4.12/19/2010Rate 3.014012
Tring Skycrane 4.37/2/2017Rate 3.061
Tring Sleigh Bells 4.31/8/2011Rate 2.692
Tring Smoked Porter 5.29/28/2016Rate 3.077
Tring Snowfake 4.21/19/2014Rate 2.791
Tring Snowflake 4.312/17/2005Rate 2.811
Tring Sootspreader 4.22/28/2004Rate 2.811
Tring Sorachi Rye 5.52/26/2017Rate 3.041
Tring Spinning Jenny 4.18/27/2013Rate 2.812
Tring Squadron Scramble 4.010/10/2005Rate 2.984922
Tring Startop 4.27/1/2010Rate 2.811
Tring Tapsters Spring Ale 4.04/28/2005Rate 2.975
Tring Tea Kettle Stout 4.72/9/2006Rate 3.447854
Tring Tea Time Tipple 4.012/24/2008Rate 2.841
Tring The Gaffer 4.21/19/2015Rate 3.087
Tring The Sapper 4.310/7/2012Rate 2.813
Tring Three Kings 4.112/19/2015Rate 2.981
Tring Threecraft 4.03/28/2015Rate 2.831
Tring Thunderdell 4.310/1/2015Rate 31
Tring Tringle Bells 4.212/24/2012Rate 2.852
Tring Up & Under 4.03/6/2012Rate 3.054
Tring Up In The Aird 3.911/7/2013Rate 2.872
Tring Vampire Red Rye 4.59/29/2016Rate 3.116
Tring Waimea 4.09/4/2013Rate 3.068218
Tring Walters Winter Ale 4.02/18/2006Rate 3.043
Tring Warrior Queen 4.610/7/2016Rate 3.054411
Tring Wheat 5.06/11/2017Rate 2.981
Tring White Hawk 4.13/11/2017Rate 3.063
Tring White IPA 5.03/24/2017Rate 3.131
Tring White Stork 3.92/10/2014Rate 2.791
Tring Whitwell Woodman 4.35/29/2006Rate 2.82
Tring Wild Boar 4.02/14/2014Rate 2.671
Tring Wooden Wonder 4.18/10/2009Rate 2.781810
Tring Wormold Woe 4.010/7/2013Rate 2.783
Tring XL IPA 6.09/9/2012Rate 2.791
Tring XX Black IPA 4.510/1/2015Rate 32

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