Triple C Brewing Company

2900 Griffith Street, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA 28203
Tues thru Thur: 5 to 9 pm
Fri: 4 to 9 pm
Sat 2 to 9 pm
Sun: 1 to 6 pm

Associated place: Triple C Brewing Company

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Triple C / Heist D'Oats Black IPA 7.311/30/2017Rate 2.891
Triple C 3C IPA 6.23/13/2013Rate 3.578737
Triple C All the Bretts 7.54/10/2017Rate 3.171
Triple C Baby Maker Double IPA 8.510/11/2012Rate 3.291946
Triple C Bock! Bock! Who’s There?! 7.511/29/2017Rate 3.041
Triple C Boozehound 8.52/15/2015Rate 2.962
Triple C Cajun Stout 5.22/26/2013Rate 3.268
Triple C Chocolate Covered Pretzel Stout 9.22/27/2015Rate 3.452612
Triple C Chocolate Covered Pretzel Stout Mint 9.24/9/2017Rate 3.232
Triple C Chocolate Covered Pretzel Stout with Cocoa Nibs, Coconut, and aged in 9.24/13/2017Rate 3.191
Triple C Coming In Hops 10.59/2/2014Rate 3.014
Triple C Eyes of the world 8.210/16/2015Rate 3.326
Triple C Golden Boy Blonde 4.510/11/2012Rate 2.994914
Triple C Golden Girl 6.510/4/2016Rate 3.232
Triple C Grab Ya' by the Guava 5.211/30/2017Rate 2.981
Triple C Greenway IPA 6.510/11/2012Rate 3.223515
Triple C Grill Friend Cherry Smoked Amber 5.510/11/2012Rate 3.325228
Triple C Hyzer Hefeweizen 5.27/23/2013Rate 3.09689
Triple C Imperial Smoked Amber 8.212/30/2012Rate 3.155
Triple C Kind of a Big Deal (Blood Orange) 9.21/9/2017Rate 2.961
Triple C Kind Of A Big Deal (Boysenberry) 9.24/3/2017Rate 3.131
Triple C Kind Of A Big Deal (Cherries) 9.28/25/2015Rate 3.364
Triple C Kind Of A Big Deal (Peaches) 9.28/25/2015Rate 0
Triple C Kind of a Big Deal (Strawberry) 9.211/3/2016Rate 3.112
Triple C Kind of a Wild Deal (Blackberry) 9.29/18/2017Rate 2.981
Triple C Light Rail Pale Ale 4.510/11/2012Rate 3.154213
Triple C Mosaic Acid Test Sour Session IPA -11/29/2017Rate 2.891
Triple C Not Just NE IPA 5.810/9/2016Rate 0
Triple C Nowhere Porter (alias) 5.32/15/2015
Triple C Road To Nowhere 5.19/1/2013Rate 3.132712
Triple C Sal's Paradise Saison 5.35/24/2013Rate 2.993
Triple C Space Cadet 6.03/28/2014Rate 3.278
Triple C Spring Saison 5.33/13/2013Rate 0
Triple C The Dude Imbibes 9.511/5/2014Rate 3.493115
Triple C The Force 8.811/15/2014Rate 3.125
Triple C The Hero Strong Ale 123/13/2013Rate 0
Triple C The Southender 7.312/13/2017Rate 3.211
Triple C Up All Night Breakfast Porter 1012/9/2012Rate 3.778527
Triple C Up All Night Breakfast Porter - Bourbon Barrel 101/3/2014Rate 3.788819
Triple C Urban Hop IPA #2 6.610/11/2012Rate 3.061
Triple C Urban Hop Project Fresh Hop IPA 4.811/2/2013Rate 2.842
Triple C White Blaze 6.011/29/2014Rate 2.985
Triple C Winter Ale 6.012/24/2012Rate 2.861
Triple C Winter Blaze 6.011/10/2016Rate 3.061
Triple C Zest-A-Peel 5.21/2/2015Rate 3.057

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