Triple Dog Brewing Company

675 1st Street W., Havre, Montana, USA 59501
Mon thru Fri: 4 to 9 pm
Sat: 2 to 9 pm

Associated place: Triple Dog Brewing Company

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Triple Dog 1857 Bohemian Pilsner 5.73/14/2017Rate 0
Triple Dog Aberdeen Scotch Ale 6.09/4/2014Rate 2.81
Triple Dog American Mutt Pale Ale 7.65/25/2014Rate 2.822
Triple Dog Bear Paws Belgian Wit 4.43/14/2017Rate 0
Triple Dog Chauncey’s Nut Brown Ale 6.31/1/2016Rate 0
Triple Dog Coconut Porter 4.91/1/2016Rate 0
Triple Dog Cucumber Pale Ale 5.57/25/2016Rate 3.061
Triple Dog Dabbling Duck IPA 7.01/1/2016Rate 0
Triple Dog Dangerous Maniac Irish Red Ale 5.41/1/2016Rate 0
Triple Dog Dry Stout 5.11/1/2016Rate 0
Triple Dog Duck Face IPA 9.25/25/2014Rate 2.822
Triple Dog Dumpster Diver Stout 5.55/25/2014Rate 2.912
Triple Dog ESB 5.31/1/2016Rate 0
Triple Dog Fend for your Own Rye P-A 6.210/8/2014Rate 2.973
Triple Dog Fresno Wheat 4.65/25/2014Rate 2.71
Triple Dog Half Naked Hefe 4.09/4/2014Rate 2.811
Triple Dog Hill Company Amber 4.53/14/2017Rate 0
Triple Dog Milk River Mud Porter 5.71/1/2016Rate 0
Triple Dog Mount Otis Pale Ale 5.710/6/2015Rate 0
Triple Dog Pumpkin Hucker 5.01/1/2016Rate 0
Triple Dog Reach For the Sk-IPA 5.71/1/2016Rate 0
Triple Dog Shorty Young’s Pretty Blonde 4.01/1/2016Rate 0
Triple Dog Smorz Porter 4.93/14/2017Rate 0
Triple Dog Stashe Cat IPA 5.51/1/2016Rate 0
Triple Dog Summer Pale Ale 5.71/1/2016Rate 0
Triple Dog Sweaty Cap Green Tea Golden Ale 4.010/5/2015Rate 0
Triple Dog The Unmentionable Black IPA 5.23/14/2017Rate 0
Triple Dog Vanilla Hoarder Porter 4.510/5/2015Rate 0
Triple Dog Wheat IPA 4.91/1/2016Rate 0

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