Triple fff After Glow 4.06/22/2004Rate 2.912
Triple fff Alton's Pale Ale 4.88/4/2010Rate 3.116219
Triple fff Alton's Pride 3.85/19/2003Rate 3.1790118
Triple fff Apache Rose Peacock 4.211/11/2003Rate 3.158916
Triple fff Autumn Daze 4.812/26/2008Rate 2.923
Triple fff Billericay Dickie 3.85/11/2004Rate 2.731
Triple fff Christmas Ale 4.012/28/2012Rate 2.847
Triple fff Citra Sonic 4.45/28/2013Rate 3.367145
Triple fff Comfortably Numb 5.08/14/2003Rate 3.258746
Triple fff Dazed and Confused 4.68/24/2003Rate 3.218826
Triple fff Devil In Disguise 4.77/20/2014Rate 2.976
Triple fff Dirty Dealer 4.43/28/2007Rate 2.961
Triple fff Distant Sun 5.09/28/2017Rate 2.843
Triple fff Elder Skelter 3.74/26/2012Rate 3.179512
Triple fff Father's Day Ale 4.06/16/2013Rate 2.972
Triple fff Forbidden Fruit 6.58/30/2015Rate 3.262710
Triple fff Gilbert White 6.09/23/2005Rate 3.144920
Triple fff Goldfffinger 5.57/28/2008Rate 2.964
Triple fff Half Time Orange 4.89/30/2014Rate 2.771
Triple fff Hallelujah 4.010/15/2007Rate 3.027013
Triple fff Hunky Dory 4.711/20/2016Rate 3.093
Triple fff I Can't Remember 6.02/7/2004Rate 3.539136
Triple fff India Brown 4.65/31/2014Rate 3.378
Triple fff Jabberwocky 5.08/31/2012Rate 3.547026
Triple fff Little Red Rooster 5.06/22/2004Rate 3.219
Triple fff Midnight Rambler 3.91/4/2010Rate 3.165
Triple fff Moondance 4.28/25/2002Rate 3.249192
Triple fff Old Dray 4.811/27/2012Rate 2.94
Triple fff Out Of The Ashes 5.07/27/2013Rate 3.33
Triple fff Pressed Rat & Warthog 3.86/2/2002Rate 3.2477113
Triple fff Project Venus Venus Black 5.012/9/2011Rate 3.31379
Triple fff Ramble Tamble 4.63/21/2011Rate 3.356951
Triple fff Rock Lobster 4.510/24/2006Rate 3.249642
Triple fff Smells Like TEAM Spirit 4.811/17/2014Rate 3.135
Triple fff Snow Blind 4.21/21/2004Rate 3.144
Triple fff Stairway to Heaven 4.69/6/2003Rate 3.156745
Triple fff Stripper Vicar 4.011/23/2003Rate 3.012
Triple fff Stupidly Happy 4.92/13/2004Rate 3.022
Triple fff Sumer is Icumin 6.08/13/2004Rate 3.013819
Triple fff Tangerine Dream 4.53/29/2017Rate 3.123
Triple fff The Bitter End 3.410/15/2009Rate 2.987
Triple fff Trotneys Red Barrel 4.211/9/2004Rate 2.811
Triple fff Up The Junction 4.212/6/2003Rate 2.841
Triple fff Winter Bourbon Stout 4.41/14/2013Rate 3.336012
Triple fff Winter Cherry Stout 4.41/2/2014Rate 3.046
Triple fff Winter Oatmeal Stout 4.42/23/2016Rate 2.961
Triple fff Witches Promise 5.011/12/2003Rate 3.31829

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