Triple J Chophouse and Brewery

Brew Pub
Brewer rating: 54/100 173 ratings
1807 Avenue H, Lubbock, Texas, USA 79401
Associated place: Triple J Chophouse and Brewery

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Hub City Amarillo Pale -1/25/2006Rate 3.031
Hub City Hubweiser 3.73/22/2005Rate 2.581
Hub City Munich Helles -12/1/2002Rate 2.241
Hub City Ogalalla Light -12/2/2002Rate 2.434
Hub City Old Moderation Barleywine 9.63/22/2005Rate 3.493
Hub City St Paddys Porter 4.53/22/2005Rate 3.071
Hub City Texas Gold Schwarzbier 5.53/22/2005Rate 3.071
Triple J 806 Stout 5.84/10/2011Rate 2.93
Triple J Alt -8/5/2009Rate 2.854
Triple J American Pale Ale 5.67/15/2008Rate 2.838
Triple J Baltic Porter 5.87/18/2011Rate 2.772
Triple J Bavarian Wheat 5.25/18/2010Rate 2.711
Triple J Belgian IPA 6.78/30/2011Rate 2.841
Triple J Big Bad Leroy Brown 5.210/20/2009Rate 2.821910
Triple J Bills Yellowhouse Wheat -12/1/2002Rate 35
Triple J Black Cat Stout 4.410/20/2009Rate 2.841
Triple J Black Gold 4.93/1/2012Rate 2.841
Triple J Breakout Stout 5.72/7/2014Rate 2.81
Triple J Burning Kilt Scot’s Ale 5.410/20/2009Rate 2.81
Triple J Cerise Belgian Ale 6.010/20/2009Rate 2.831
Triple J Charlie’s Brown Ale 6.111/8/2009Rate 2.833
Triple J Chocolate Stout -8/5/2009Rate 2.492
Triple J Cliff Shot Kolsch 5.33/22/2005Rate 2.52712
Triple J Dagger Tongue IPA 6.411/8/2009Rate 2.932
Triple J Dos Czechies 4.910/20/2009Rate 0
Triple J German Rye 4.21/29/2014Rate 2.71
Triple J Give ‘Em Helles 4.810/20/2009Rate 0
Triple J Gone A Rye -8/5/2009Rate 2.761
Triple J Helles Yeah! 5.511/12/2015Rate 2.891
Triple J Imperial Pilz 4.22/6/2014Rate 2.791
Triple J India Pale Ale 5.47/15/2008Rate 2.853
Triple J Irish Red 4.912/1/2002Rate 2.95459
Triple J Jamie’s Malt Liquor 7.010/20/2009Rate 0
Triple J Karneval Kölsch 4.410/20/2009Rate 2.763
Triple J Kind Rye IPA 5.210/20/2009Rate 0
Triple J Main Squeeze 4.37/18/2011Rate 2.561
Triple J Noodle Dome Imperial IPA 9.19/8/2010Rate 2.883
Triple J Northpole Porter 5.812/30/2009Rate 3.033
Triple J October Wheat 5.410/24/2009Rate 2.792913
Triple J Ogallala Light 4.23/1/2012Rate 2.662
Triple J Oktoberfest 5.210/20/2009Rate 2.792
Triple J Plains Porter 5.412/12/2014Rate 2.841
Triple J Prairie Dog Porter 4.412/1/2002Rate 2.855
Triple J Raider Red 4.612/2/2002Rate 2.712013
Triple J Razzberry Porter -8/5/2009Rate 2.841
Triple J Rye-demption 5.47/18/2011Rate 2.771
Triple J Sandstorm Stout 4.87/15/2008Rate 2.752
Triple J Sherry’s Very Berry 4.87/18/2011Rate 2.621
Triple J Sip O Wit 5.75/18/2010Rate 2.742210
Triple J South Plains Porter -6/7/2008Rate 2.881
Triple J Stauss & Braun Oatmeal Stout -12/2/2002Rate 3.026
Triple J Tageslicht German Pilsner -6/7/2008Rate 2.743
Triple J Texas Haze 8.43/2/2011Rate 2.841
Triple J White Gold Cream Ale 5.07/15/2008Rate 2.72
Triple J Whynot Wheat 4.510/20/2009Rate 0
Triple J Windmill Wheat -6/7/2008Rate 2.778
Triple J Winter Porter 6.51/15/2010Rate 2.881
Triple J Winter Wheat 6.02/10/2014Rate 0
Triple J Winterfest 5.51/25/2006Rate 3.144

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