Tuck’s Brewery

(Not In Production)
Brew Pub/Brewery
6698 Sw Capitol Hwy, Portland, Oregon, USA 97219-1959
Out of business

Operated 1998 to 2008
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Tucks Archers Weizen -12/7/2003Rate 0
Tucks Black Forest Alt -4/22/2003Rate 3.174
Tucks Bullseye Pale Ale -12/7/2003Rate 0
Tucks Catapult Belgian Ale -8/29/2002Rate 3.022
Tucks Doppelbock -12/7/2003Rate 3.242
Tucks Farmers Daughter -1/23/2005Rate 3.276
Tucks Gluteus Maximus 1112/7/2003Rate 3.323
Tucks Imperial Stout -1/23/2005Rate 3.181
Tucks India Pale Ale -12/27/2003Rate 2.953
Tucks Kings Kolsch -12/7/2003Rate 2.592
Tucks Little Johns Small Ale -12/7/2003Rate 2.933
Tucks Little Johns Strong Ale -12/7/2003Rate 3.192
Tucks Longbow Stout -8/1/2003Rate 3.554
Tucks Nit Wit Wheat -2/14/2004Rate 3.432
Tucks Oatmeal Cream Stout -12/7/2003Rate 2.661
Tucks OHoly Hops -9/3/2006Rate 3.174
Tucks Oktoberfest -1/31/2004Rate 3.052
Tucks Raspberry Vanilla Cream Porter -2/13/2004Rate 3.413
Tucks Raspberry Vanilla Imperial Stout -1/23/2005Rate 3.181
Tucks Red Rye Lager 6.58/6/2004Rate 3.144
Tucks Smoked Helles Lager -8/14/2005Rate 3.35

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