Upslope / Half Acre Lychee IPA 6.711/22/2015Rate 3.192
Upslope / Hops and Grains Dry-Hopped Saison w/ Honey 5.58/25/2016Rate 3.192
Upslope / New Belgium Morning In Havana -4/16/2016Rate 3.182
Upslope / Upland / Upstate / Upright Up 4 It -10/18/2014Rate 2.972
Upslope 1st Anniversary Ale (alias) 6.91/9/2012
Upslope 2012 Barley Wine 122/29/2012Rate 3.485811
Upslope 2nd Anniversary Ale 9.03/3/2011Rate 2.952
Upslope 3rd Anniversary Ale 7.411/11/2011Rate 2.93
Upslope 8th Anniversary Ale Imperial Saison Aged In Pinot Noir Barrels 8.65/20/2017Rate 3.191
Upslope Agave Braggot - Chai 5.612/27/2015Rate 3.041
Upslope Altbier 5.99/6/2015Rate 2.891
Upslope Apricot Pale Ale 5.84/1/2015Rate 3.437
Upslope Barleywine 10.610/3/2016Rate 3.061
Upslope Barrel Aged Belgian Dark Strong (alias) 9.66/8/2012
Upslope Barrel Aged English Porter 7.04/27/2017Rate 3.171
Upslope Barrel Aged Old Ale 8.51/7/2017Rate 3.231
Upslope Barrel Aged Scotch Ale 104/27/2017Rate 3.111
Upslope Belgian Style Blond w/ Guava 4.010/3/2016Rate 3.21679
Upslope Belgian Style Pale Ale 7.512/16/2009Rate 3.175988
Upslope Belgian Wit 4.26/11/2012Rate 2.924
Upslope Berliner Weisse 3.510/31/2015Rate 3.042
Upslope Black Lager -6/8/2013Rate 2.791
Upslope Black Tea Shandy 4.212/8/2017Rate 3.021
Upslope Blackberry Belgian Style Pale Ale 7.59/9/2014Rate 3.183
Upslope Blackberry Lemon Kettle Sour 4.25/18/2017Rate 3.162
Upslope Blood Orange Saison 6.04/1/2015Rate 3.314439
Upslope Bourbon Barrel-Aged Foreign Stout -9/12/2010Rate 3.278
Upslope Brown Ale 6.76/24/2009Rate 3.5597133
Upslope Cabernet IPA -3/31/2012Rate 2.875
Upslope Champagne Saison With Nelson Sauvin 7.05/18/2017Rate 3.118
Upslope Cherry Stout 6.912/27/2014Rate 3.415
Upslope Chicory Porter 6.211/21/2014Rate 2.841
Upslope Chocolate Orange Stout 5.012/27/2014Rate 2.822
Upslope Christmas Ale (-2011) 8.21/25/2010Rate 3.19693
Upslope Christmas Ale (2012-) 8.23/27/2016Rate 3.184638
Upslope Citra Pale Ale 5.810/17/2014Rate 3.254931
Upslope Coffee Stout -3/3/2011Rate 2.911
Upslope Colorado SMaSH 6.55/18/2017Rate 31
Upslope Colorado Wheat 5.62/10/2015Rate 2.861
Upslope Craft Lager 4.81/8/2011Rate 2.9478107
Upslope Dark Belgian Sour 106/2/2012Rate 3.16149
Upslope Dopplebock 7.24/17/2011Rate 2.965
Upslope Dunkelweizen 6.79/10/2009Rate 3.449813
Upslope E.S.B. 5.57/21/2016Rate 2.961
Upslope English Mild 3.29/24/2015Rate 3.182
Upslope Experimental Hop IPA 7.39/4/2016Rate 3.22349
Upslope Experimental IPA #2 7.82/26/2016Rate 3.021
Upslope Experimental IPA #3 8.02/26/2016Rate 2.941
Upslope Experimental IPA #4 5.310/2/2016Rate 3.212
Upslope Experimental IPA 2017 6.44/29/2017Rate 3.243516
Upslope Ferus Fluxus 8.02/19/2014Rate 3.3299
Upslope Fight Milk 7.510/18/2014Rate 2.831
Upslope Foreign Extra Stout (alias) -2/6/2010
Upslope Foreign Style Stout 6.92/6/2010Rate 3.354275
Upslope Fresh Hop Ale 6.210/8/2013Rate 2.862
Upslope Fresh Hop IPA 7.010/9/2016Rate 3.243710
Upslope Fresh Hop Red IPA 6.010/12/2017Rate 3.294
Upslope Gose w/ Green Peppercorn 4.212/17/2016Rate 3.091
Upslope Hefeweizen 4.96/25/2014Rate 3.377
Upslope Illegal Peach -10/29/2013Rate 2.671
Upslope Imperial India Pale Ale 1011/11/2011Rate 3.7288125
Upslope Imperial Oatmeal Pale Ale 10.512/27/2015Rate 3.091
Upslope Imperial Rye 1110/18/2014Rate 32
Upslope Imperial Saison with Merlot Grapes 7.712/27/2014Rate 2.861
Upslope Imperial Stout 9.34/3/2011Rate 2.871
Upslope India Pale Ale 7.212/1/2008Rate 3.229189
Upslope India Pale Lager 5.59/10/2017Rate 3.174
Upslope Irish Ale 4.64/24/2009Rate 2.92
Upslope Jalapeno Lager 4.811/21/2014Rate 3.021
Upslope Lee Hill Series Vol 1 - Barrel Aged Brown Ale 7.69/25/2014Rate 3.69912
Upslope Lee Hill Series Vol 10 - Wild Christmas Ale With Cranberries 9.01/6/2017Rate 3.624
Upslope Lee Hill Series Vol 11 - Tequila Barrel Aged Barleywine 14.65/23/2017Rate 3.668
Upslope Lee Hill Series Vol 12: Barrel Aged Imperial Stout with Coffee 10.84/27/2017Rate 3.818
Upslope Lee Hill Series Vol 13 - Tequila Barrel Aged Quadrupel Ale 11.28/29/2017Rate 3.343
Upslope Lee Hill Series Vol 14- Rye Barrel Aged Wild Christmas With Black Raspb 8.712/19/2017Rate 3.091
Upslope Lee Hill Series Vol 2 - Wild Saison 6.811/14/2014Rate 3.156
Upslope Lee Hill Series Vol 3- Barrel Aged Imperial Stout 102/26/2015Rate 3.527
Upslope Lee Hill Series Vol 4 - Manhattan Style Rye Ale 10.46/4/2015Rate 3.091
Upslope Lee Hill Series Vol 5 - Belgian Style Quadrupel Ale 12.88/27/2015Rate 3.584
Upslope Lee Hill Series Vol 6 - Wild Christmas Ale 9.212/1/2015Rate 3.367
Upslope Lee Hill Series Vol 7 - Barrel Aged Imperial Milk Stout 9.13/16/2016Rate 3.548
Upslope Lee Hill Series Vol 8 - Dry-Hopped Wild Ale 8.06/18/2016Rate 3.465
Upslope Lee Hill Series Vol 9 - Barrel Aged Doppelbock 9.010/2/2016Rate 3.498913
Upslope Lemondrop Kolsch 6.74/11/2015Rate 3.214
Upslope Mexican Chocolate Milk Stout 4.81/1/2018Rate 33
Upslope Milk Stout 4.57/21/2016Rate 2.891
Upslope Mosaic Double IPA 8.210/15/2017Rate 3.211
Upslope Mosaic IPA 7.59/6/2015Rate 3.617
Upslope Nelson Sauvin Pale Ale 6.51/10/2016Rate 3.252
Upslope Nitro Blonde 8.010/26/2014Rate 3.232
Upslope No. 3 -10/3/2010Rate 2.84
Upslope Oak Aged Brown Ale (alias) 7.63/18/2010
Upslope Oaked Rye Dunkelweizen 5.54/27/2017Rate 31
Upslope Oatmeal Stout 5.010/16/2013Rate 3.376439
Upslope Oktoberfest Lager 5.110/11/2015Rate 2.932
Upslope Outside Denali India Pale Ale 6.210/31/2017Rate 3.254
Upslope Ozo Coffee Brown 6.74/1/2015Rate 3.274
Upslope Pale Ale 5.812/1/2008Rate 3.0325120
Upslope Patersbier 5.310/27/2014Rate 2.741
Upslope Peaches and Cream 5.610/14/2015Rate 31
Upslope Peanut Butter Porter 5.32/21/2017Rate 3.256
Upslope Petite Belgian Blonde - Guava 6.02/27/2016Rate 3.035
Upslope Petite Saison 2.02/26/2016Rate 2.791
Upslope Plum & Cardamom Rye Saison 6.910/25/2014Rate 3.133
Upslope Pumpkin Ale 7.710/5/2011Rate 3.267860
Upslope Quad 141/8/2011Rate 3.095
Upslope Raspberry Belgian Pale Ale 7.54/11/2015Rate 3.328910
Upslope Rum Barrel Oatmeal Brown -10/9/2013Rate 2.73
Upslope Rum Barrel Oatmeal Brown - Coffee -10/9/2013Rate 2.963
Upslope Rye IPA 6.73/6/2012Rate 3.223711
Upslope S'mores Porter 6.310/6/2017Rate 3.072
Upslope S.M.A.S.H Patagonia Pale Malt Topaz Hops 5.52/26/2016Rate 2.982
Upslope Saison 6.511/22/2014Rate 2.932
Upslope Saké Imperial IPA 9.35/18/2017Rate 3.041
Upslope Session IPA 4.26/8/2013Rate 3.06179
Upslope SMASH Rye Centennial 2.810/2/2016Rate 3.061
Upslope Smell My Hand 6.711/11/2016Rate 3.041
Upslope Smoked Doppelbock 10.55/5/2011Rate 2.771
Upslope Sour Belgian - Cherries 8.06/2/2012Rate 3.185
Upslope Southern Hemisphere Rye Pale Ale 6.510/28/2014Rate 3.123
Upslope Sticke Altbier 7.011/21/2014Rate 2.982
Upslope Strawberry Mint IPA 7.54/2/2017Rate 2.824
Upslope Summer Herbal Ale 5.710/18/2014Rate 2.871
Upslope Table Beer 3.610/16/2016Rate 3.243
Upslope Tequila Barrel Aged Belgian Dark Strong 11.34/1/2015Rate 3.283
Upslope Thai Style White IPA 6.58/11/2014Rate 3.487456
Upslope Top Rope Mexican Style Craft Lager (alias) 4.83/2/2012
Upslope Tropical Pale 5.010/27/2016Rate 3.063
Upslope Weizenbock 9.54/1/2015Rate 3.072
Upslope Whiskey Barrel Brown (alias) 6.73/1/2012
Upslope Whiskey Barrel Imperial Stout 9.38/16/2011Rate 3.164
Upslope White ThaIPA (alias) 6.810/12/2012
Upslope Whole Cone Hopped Honey Pale Ale 7.310/27/2014Rate 2.791
Upslope Wild Belgian Dark Strong 111/5/2016Rate 3.171
Upslope Wine Barrel Aged Saison 6.611/21/2014Rate 3.243
Upslope Winter Herbal Ale 8.34/1/2015Rate 2.871
Upslope Yirgacheffe Coffee Dubbel 7.411/23/2016Rate 3.356

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