Vale Brewery

Vale Brewery Co, Trammway Business Park, Ludgershall Road,, Brill, Buckinghamshire, England HP18 9TY
Places associated: Vale Brewery, Chequers
Commenced brewing in early 1995 at Thame Road Industrial Estate. Moved to current address in 2007. Owns Aylesbury Brewhouse and Hop Pole pub in Aylesbury.
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Marks & Spencer Buckinghamshire Ale (alias) 4.69/22/2007
Vale 1945 War is Over 4.511/20/2015Rate 2.973
Vale 5 Gold Rings 4.812/7/2012Rate 2.993
Vale 80/- 4.43/22/2019Rate 33
Vale A Bigger Boat 3.87/19/2017Rate 3.021
Vale Ale-Conner 3.81/4/2010Rate 2.912
Vale Another Fine Mess 4.56/13/2016Rate 2.982
Vale Artful Bodger 4.13/3/2012Rate 2.892
Vale Aylesbury Duck 4.010/4/2010Rate 2.831
Vale Bandwagon IBA 4.910/15/2014Rate 2.871
Vale Bandwagon IPA 4.54/6/2015Rate 3.278
Vale Barleycorn 3.89/30/2014Rate 2.772
Vale Beam Me Up Scotty 4.04/17/2019Rate 31
Vale Bechstein's Best 4.17/18/2011Rate 2.925012
Vale Bernwode Forest 4.01/21/2009Rate 3.082
Vale Best Bitter 3.712/13/2003Rate 36231
Vale Best Vale IPA 3.711/1/2015Rate 2.853
Vale Billy Bones 4.02/17/2018Rate 2.973
Vale Black Beauty 4.312/24/2002Rate 3.23682
Vale Black Beauty Vanilla Porter 4.312/1/2011Rate 3.014
Vale Black Swan 3.98/14/2003Rate 3.064183
Vale Brass Monkey 4.012/24/2013Rate 2.791
Vale Brewers Choice 3.911/11/2014Rate 2.861
Vale Brill Amber 3.411/25/2012Rate 2.913
Vale Brill Gold 3.59/5/2012Rate 3.014927
Vale Brill Steam 4.35/12/2011Rate 2.953
Vale Brunhelle 4.24/8/2009Rate 2.962
Vale Bullitt 4.47/16/2015Rate 3.212
Vale Calico Jack 4.810/8/2013Rate 2.871
Vale Captured 3.99/7/2013Rate 2.932
Vale Castle Bitter 4.05/11/2009Rate 2.742
Vale Checkmate 3.84/18/2013Rate 2.872
Vale Christmas Star 3.612/24/2015Rate 3.022
Vale Conspiracy 4.13/10/2013Rate 34
Vale Decathlon 4.37/31/2012Rate 2.92
Vale Desire 4.211/17/2016Rate 2.981
Vale Diamond Reign 4.45/24/2012Rate 2.811
Vale Don't Tell Him Pike 4.210/14/2017Rate 2.961
Vale Donne 3.83/2/2017Rate 2.912
Vale Dorian Gray 3.910/30/2016Rate 2.982
Vale Edgars Golden 4.35/7/2002Rate 3.035544
Vale Endeavour 4.07/1/2011Rate 2.962
Vale Event Horizon 4.12/25/2015Rate 2.811
Vale Experience 4.15/11/2014Rate 2.952
Vale Fall Back 4.110/7/2014Rate 2.841
Vale Feel The Need 4.15/8/2019Rate 2.972
Vale First Call 4.33/17/2016Rate 2.873
Vale Flanders Fields 4.211/9/2011Rate 2.852
Vale Fork Handles 4.27/13/2017Rate 2.981
Vale Full Throttle 4.37/20/2009Rate 2.892
Vale GMT 4.311/18/2015Rate 3.021
Vale Go Lightly 3.85/30/2016Rate 2.961
Vale Good King 5.012/20/2015Rate 3.15132
Vale Good King Ethelred 5.22/6/2010Rate 2.952
Vale Good King Senseless (alias) 5.24/25/2004
Vale Grand Union 3.83/15/2019Rate 2.981
Vale Gravitas 4.87/8/2007Rate 3.279375
Vale Grumpling Old Ale 4.65/16/2002Rate 3.054472
Vale Gun Powder 5.211/3/2018Rate 3.052
Vale Hadda's Autumn Ale 4.58/11/2004Rate 3.17
Vale Hadda's Head Banger 5.05/25/2004Rate 3.074910
Vale Hadda's Spring Gold 4.65/1/2002Rate 2.966211
Vale Hadda's Summer Glory 4.07/12/2003Rate 36923
Vale Hadda's Winter Solstice 4.18/11/2004Rate 3.078610
Vale Hartwells Barn 4.111/16/2009Rate 2.95
Vale Hay Loader 4.48/16/2009Rate 2.953
Vale Helios 4.27/11/2013Rate 3.035
Vale High Flyer 4.07/19/2016Rate 3.063
Vale High Time 3.94/3/2018Rate 0
Vale Hooke 4.33/19/2017Rate 2.981
Vale Hop Pocket 4.24/12/2010Rate 2.868
Vale Hopocalypse Vale 4.31/14/2012Rate 3.299419
Vale Hornbrook 80 Shilling Style Ale 4.21/23/2016Rate 2.973
Vale Inklings 4.32/13/2010Rate 2.771
Vale Innocence 3.86/22/2014Rate 2.831
Vale Isambard Kingdom Brunel 4.14/28/2016Rate 3.052
Vale Isis Tawny 4.22/13/2013Rate 2.831
Vale Just Like That 3.94/8/2017Rate 2.921
Vale King Ludd 4.010/6/2009Rate 2.871
Vale King of Snow 3.91/12/2013Rate 2.862
Vale Kölner Dom 4.26/21/2018Rate 2.871
Vale Lock Prop and Barrel 3.910/9/2011Rate 3.12849
Vale Long Dark Nights 4.312/21/2010Rate 3.087624
Vale Longitude 3.94/26/2012Rate 2.965111
Vale MaelstrØm 4.15/1/2015Rate 3.164
Vale Mange Tout Mange Tout 4.44/16/2018Rate 2.981
Vale Metamorphosis 4.51/6/2014Rate 3.078415
Vale Metroland 4.06/12/2013Rate 3.044
Vale Misty Mountain Hop 4.3% 4.310/31/2010Rate 3.023
Vale Misty Mountain Hop 5% 5.09/9/2013Rate 3.03709
Vale Mix 96 4.23/22/2008Rate 2.961
Vale Moon 4.18/19/2016Rate 2.912
Vale Mustang Strong Mild 4.98/29/2007Rate 3.112
Vale New Dawn 4.21/24/2011Rate 2.913
Vale Ninkasi 4.03/6/2010Rate 3.064
Vale Nixey's Mill 4.17/15/2009Rate 2.893
Vale Northern Lights 4.211/10/2012Rate 2.861
Vale Notley Session Ale 3.311/4/2002Rate 2.914017
Vale Occam's Razor 4.07/14/2014Rate 2.736
Vale Old Chainey 4.19/22/2012Rate 2.742
Vale Old Frost Moon 4.012/20/2012Rate 2.892
Vale One More Thing 4.06/29/2017Rate 31
Vale One Ton Morris 4.15/10/2013Rate 2.923
Vale P & Q 4.24/3/2011Rate 2.924
Vale Philosophy 4.05/7/2015Rate 3.042
Vale Play It Sam 4.38/20/2017Rate 3.073
Vale Poore's Brickyard 4.210/12/2009Rate 2.762
Vale Punk Is Dead 5.02/27/2016Rate 3.115825
Vale Q. E. D 3.99/3/2012Rate 2.933
Vale Red Kite 4.05/18/2010Rate 3.199245
Vale Reilly's Red 4.310/6/2012Rate 2.841
Vale Royal Union 4.64/23/2011Rate 2.925
Vale Sail Away 4.28/10/2012Rate 2.841
Vale Scruff Chestnut 4.19/8/2010Rate 2.842
Vale Scruff Gold 4.38/10/2010Rate 2.92
Vale Shire Ale 4.412/18/2009Rate 2.83
Vale Shokolat Naranja 4.410/19/2015Rate 2.811
Vale Something Wicked 4.810/25/2008Rate 2.998
Vale Special 4.510/6/2003Rate 2.954737
Vale Spring Promise 3.92/18/2012Rate 2.793
Vale SPS 5.08/17/2014Rate 3.175021
Vale St Georges V-ale 4.64/19/2010Rate 2.956
Vale St. Yvon 4.212/20/2014Rate 2.862
Vale Steampunk 5.19/12/2017Rate 3.163915
Vale Stop Messing About 3.87/5/2018Rate 2.941
Vale Strangelove 4.310/3/2016Rate 2.981
Vale Summer Storm 4.28/16/2011Rate 2.871
Vale Synchronicity 4.04/24/2014Rate 2.91
Vale Temptation 4.33/9/2011Rate 2.962
Vale Tempus Fugit 4.14/26/2012Rate 2.974
Vale Thame In Of The Brew 4.19/7/2013Rate 2.892
Vale The Good Game 4.19/16/2015Rate 2.932
Vale The Knowledge 4.212/7/2013Rate 2.761
Vale The Raven 4.112/5/2015Rate 3.034
Vale Tiffield Bunny Bitter 4.24/13/2009Rate 2.871
Vale Tin Pan Alley 4.19/17/2018Rate 32
Vale Tom Dick & Harry 4.111/25/2017Rate 2.932
Vale Tramway 4.42/7/2009Rate 3.112
Vale Truly Scrumptious 3.911/6/2017Rate 2.982
Vale Two Cities 4.03/19/2016Rate 2.921
Vale Two Halves 4.06/16/2012Rate 2.883
Vale Two-Bob Bitter 4.46/24/2010Rate 2.912
Vale V.P.A Fusion 4.25/13/2012Rate 2.841
Vale V.P.A. (Vale Pale Ale) 4.22/24/2007Rate 3.189258
Vale Vanilla Mild 4.35/19/2018Rate 3.022
Vale Walk the Line 4.25/8/2018Rate 2.981
Vale War Poet 4.310/31/2018Rate 31
Vale Wychert 3.98/8/2002Rate 3.077354

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