Valkyrie Brewing Company

Brewer rating: 76/100 1415 ratings
234 Dallas Street West, Dallas, Wisconsin, USA 54733
Thur: 4 to 8 pm
Fri & Sat: 12 to 8 pm

Places associated: Valkyrie Brewing Company, Valkyrie Brewing Company
fka Viking Brewing Co.
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Fountain City Brewing John Robert Porter -12/5/2011Rate 3.232
Fountain City Fountain Brew - Viking -7/26/2000Rate 2.911
Fountain City Harrington Irish Ale 4.85/2/2007Rate 2.973
Fountain City Irish Valley Spring Bock 6.85/2/2007Rate 3.012
Fountain City Prairie Moon Red Ale 4.925/2/2007Rate 3.192
Old Fashioned House Honey Ale (alias) -9/14/2008
Valkyrie 4 Bitten Fruit Sparkling Ale 6.57/12/2014Rate 2.641
Valkyrie Abby Normal 7.555/20/2003Rate 3.062552
Valkyrie Big Swede 8.06/19/2002Rate 3.6958280
Valkyrie Blaze Orange 4.55/16/2012Rate 2.755
Valkyrie Crimson Wonder Scotch Ale -5/16/2012Rate 2.843
Valkyrie Dragon Blade 4.511/17/2011Rate 2.75610
Valkyrie Golden Horn Weizenbock -5/16/2012Rate 0
Valkyrie Hot Chocolate 5.012/16/2004Rate 31495
Valkyrie Invader Doppelbock 6.56/17/2002Rate 3.042850
Valkyrie Lime Twist 4.06/10/2005Rate 2.293237
Valkyrie Midnight Express 4.95/12/2013Rate 0
Valkyrie Night Wolf 4.04/7/2006Rate 2.822239
Valkyrie Raven Queen -5/16/2012Rate 2.973
Valkyrie Rubee Red Lager 4.58/9/2002Rate 2.996164
Valkyrie Supernova Royal Australian Style IPA - Galaxy 6.55/7/2012Rate 2.845
Valkyrie Supernova Royal Australian Style IPA - Stella 6.55/12/2013Rate 2.95
Valkyrie Velvet Green Dry Stout 4.65/7/2012Rate 2.694
Valkyrie War Hammer 4.57/22/2003Rate 3.3877145
Valkyrie Whispering Embers Smoked Oktoberfest 5.011/17/2001Rate 2.78751
Viking Brewing Abby Normal (alias) 7.552/3/2003
Viking Brewing Berserk Barleywine 1211/6/2002Rate 3.414885
Viking Brewing Blonde -7/26/2000Rate 2.715943
Viking Brewing Copperhead (alias) 5.57/26/2000
Viking Brewing Dim Whit -9/8/2003Rate 2.883632
Viking Brewing Fiddlers Finest -7/26/2000Rate 2.668
Viking Brewing Golden Meadow -7/26/2000Rate 2.56611
Viking Brewing Honey Moon -7/26/2000Rate 3.034540
Viking Brewing Honey Pale Ale -7/26/2000Rate 2.994923
Viking Brewing J.S. Bock 6.07/26/2000Rate 2.984547
Viking Brewing Juleøl -7/26/2000Rate 3.165941
Viking Brewing LES Beer 5.210/31/2008Rate 2.67969
Viking Brewing Mjød -7/26/2000Rate 3.164463
Viking Brewing Mørketid (alias) 4.06/10/2005
Viking Brewing Queen Victorias Secret -7/21/2003Rate 2.46047
Viking Brewing Rauch (alias) 5.011/17/2001
Viking Brewing Sylvan Springs Bohemian Pilsner -7/26/2000Rate 2.732629
Viking Brewing Tripel Oktoberfest 109/30/2007Rate 3.195
Viking Brewing Vienna Woods -7/26/2000Rate 2.725053
Viking Brewing Weathertop Wheat -3/24/2005Rate 2.751125
Viking Brewing Whole Stein (alias) 4.57/22/2003

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