Viborg Bisp Gunner 4.612/10/2016Rate 2.852812
Viborg Blondie 7.010/8/2018Rate 0
Viborg Bock Bock Hønseøl 7.05/24/2017Rate 3.055
Viborg Brems Bilen (alias) 4.67/4/2007
Viborg Brew for Beef 4.63/19/2009Rate 2.87829
Viborg Brown Ale 6.36/10/2006Rate 2.5529
Viborg Bruxelles by Day 8.56/3/2018Rate 3.065
Viborg Bruxelles by Night 10.23/10/2018Rate 2.95
Viborg Bruxelles DeLight 5.79/22/2018Rate 2.973
Viborg Bryggerpigen Rose 4.612/10/2016Rate 2.851012
Viborg Bryghus Polsk vinter 3.52/11/2019Rate 0
Viborg Colors Of Autumn 9.35/30/2017Rate 3.056
Viborg Damernes Ven 4.66/3/2018Rate 2.778
Viborg Dark Ale 4.66/3/2018Rate 2.851
Viborg Dorothea 4.89/12/2016Rate 2.852918
Viborg Efterårsfarver 9.34/21/2018Rate 2.986
Viborg Eftertanke 7.89/24/2018Rate 3.135
Viborg Engelsk Mild 3.011/25/2017Rate 2.924
Viborg Gangbar Lager 5.08/13/2009Rate 2.826632
Viborg Gl. Vagt 6.05/27/2017Rate 2.861411
Viborg Gråbrødre Classic 4.65/5/2018Rate 2.921
Viborg Hærvejen Jubilæums Bryg 7.711/10/2018Rate 3.14
Viborg Havreøl 4.54/12/2014Rate 2.772
Viborg Humlejuce NEIPA 5.26/4/2018Rate 3.185
Viborg Imperial Stout 8.86/10/2006Rate 3.321489
Viborg IPA 7.28/22/2014Rate 2.84
Viborg Jule Bocken 7.211/22/2006Rate 2.862545
Viborg Jule IPA Julemandens Sommerminder 4.612/27/2017Rate 2.66210
Viborg Jule Rikling 5.011/8/2011Rate 2.35122
Viborg Jultorvet 9.712/2/2018Rate 3.28249
Viborg Kaffe Porter 6.610/8/2018Rate 3.133
Viborg Kyndelmisse Weizen 4.66/10/2018Rate 2.835
Viborg Latinerhaven 4.63/10/2018Rate 2.6189
Viborg Longing for Summer 4.65/20/2016Rate 2.876
Viborg Luck o' the Irish 4.65/20/2016Rate 2.836
Viborg Lyngøl Stout 6.51/23/2014Rate 2.822
Viborg Malkepigens Stout 3.09/15/2017Rate 2.975
Viborg Mãnana 5.06/10/2018Rate 35
Viborg Martin Luther 10.16/16/2016Rate 3.143022
Viborg Mettes Sommer 4.61/29/2012Rate 2.73013
Viborg Navnløs 7a 5.79/15/2007Rate 2.722117
Viborg Navnløs 8a Saazer Pilsner 4.65/19/2008Rate 2.632525
Viborg Navnløs 8b Hvede 5.612/29/2008Rate 2.52625
Viborg Nibes juleøl 7.312/8/2018Rate 3.091
Viborg Nordisk Pioner 7.56/1/2014Rate 2.918
Viborg Obersten 4.66/10/2018Rate 2.845
Viborg Oktoberfest 5.01/29/2012Rate 2.59822
Viborg Omtanke 8.89/24/2018Rate 3.123
Viborg Påske Bocken 8.14/6/2007Rate 2.923041
Viborg Påske IPA 7.56/19/2018Rate 3.041
Viborg Peters Jul 6.511/3/2010Rate 2.842119
Viborg Road Kill – Smashed Amadillo hopped with Amarillo 3.26/10/2018Rate 3.085
Viborg Rød Viborg 4.79/1/2018Rate 2.813
Viborg Rog 'n' Roll 4.76/2/2018Rate 2.734
Viborg Sct. Kjeld Bocken 6.011/1/2017Rate 2.913015
Viborg Skovgaard Bryg 10.54/13/2010Rate 3.24228
Viborg Snapsting IPA 4.72/5/2018Rate 2.851
Viborg Sort Magi 5.73/10/2018Rate 3.355613
Viborg Sortebrødre Stout 8.06/6/2017Rate 3.33516
Viborg Spækhøker Olesen 4.612/10/2016Rate 2.853610
Viborg Strøtanke 8.89/23/2018Rate 2.933
Viborg Sumatra Mandheling 6.65/24/2017Rate 3.25
Viborg Sunshine on the Horizon 5.25/20/2016Rate 3.095
Viborg Svartgol Porter 6.08/13/2007Rate 3.345563
Viborg Tausen 4.69/12/2016Rate 2.821515
Viborg The Sound Of Mosaic 6.25/24/2017Rate 3.192816
Viborg TNT Tørhumlet Tripel 8.56/7/2017Rate 3.072
Viborg Velvet Kiss 3.75/20/2016Rate 2.755
Viborg Vilhelm Julius Krydder øl 7.91/12/2018Rate 3.014
Viborg Vintage 2017 15.36/4/2018Rate 3.276
Viborg Weissbier 4.68/22/2014Rate 2.741
Viborg Winter Is Coming 9.55/24/2017Rate 3.065
Viborg Jubilæumsbryg 106/11/2018Rate 3.041
Viborg Bocken
Brewed at Thisted Bryghus
6.27/4/2007Rate 2.64848
Viborg Dunkel
Brewed at Thisted Bryghus
4.610/6/2014Rate 2.712118
Viborg Fad Classic
Brewed at Thisted Bryghus
4.62/3/2013Rate 2.583628
Viborg Hærvejsmarchen (alias)
Brewed at Thisted Bryghus
Viborg Jubilæumsøl
Brewed at Thisted Bryghus
5.06/28/2016Rate 2.554
Viborg Mageløs Økologisk
Brewed at Thisted Bryghus
4.62/11/2007Rate 2.844653
Viborg Ny Nordisk Hærvejs Lyng
Brewed at Thisted Bryghus
6.08/28/2014Rate 2.843114
Viborg Premium Pilsner
Brewed at Thisted Bryghus
4.610/20/2010Rate 2.351832
Viborg Scottish Ale
Brewed at Thisted Bryghus
7.66/10/2006Rate 2.77763
Viborg Sortebrødre Tripel
Brewed at Thisted Bryghus
10.18/31/2006Rate 3.092447
Viborg Ulrik Wilbek Dubbel
Brewed at Thisted Bryghus
8.08/1/2012Rate 3.073364

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