Voodoo #22oztofreedom 8.012/12/2013Rate 2.99524
Voodoo #BOC (American Flag Cap / Peanut Butter Breakfast of Champions) 5.27/12/2015Rate 3.447922
Voodoo #BOC (Black Label / Bourbon Barrel Breakfast of Champions) 5.210/6/2016Rate 3.596
Voodoo #BOC (White Cap / Coconut Breakfast of Champions) 5.28/25/2015Rate 3.569313
Voodoo #cibola 10.22/1/2014Rate 3.428
Voodoo #nofilter 6.812/30/2013Rate 3.263919
Voodoo #pbw2015 4.56/6/2015Rate 3.243
Voodoo #quadfather (Red Cap / Cherry Quadfather) 11.48/23/2015Rate 3.484710
Voodoo / Lavery DULAvibes 10.36/2/2014Rate 3.163
Voodoo / Oskar Blues Boogie Bräu 6.55/25/2019Rate 3.111
Voodoo 007 Pale Ale 5.56/9/2017Rate 3.041
Voodoo 16oz to Freedom 8.28/22/2017Rate 3.091
Voodoo 2 Live Gran Cru Greatest Hits - Vol. 1 133/24/2013Rate 3.676410
Voodoo 2 Live Gran Cru Greatest Hits - Vol. 2 -3/25/2013Rate 3.526
Voodoo 2 Live Gran Cru Greatest Hits - Vol. 3: The Prison Years 133/15/2015Rate 33
Voodoo 30 Bagged Lunches 10.82/16/2018Rate 3.091
Voodoo 37 Pieces of Flair 7.911/27/2015Rate 3.436
Voodoo 4 Seasons IPA 8.09/24/2007Rate 3.3446132
Voodoo 80# Pumpkin 8.39/29/2013Rate 3.254
Voodoo Amber Waves 5.32/15/2015Rate 3.115719
Voodoo Apricot Berliner Weisse 4.22/23/2018Rate 2.961
Voodoo Baltic Porter 9.11/14/2018Rate 3.111
Voodoo Beach Gear 5.64/17/2016Rate 3.144
Voodoo Berliner 3.911/8/2017Rate 3.021
Voodoo Big Black Voodoo Daddy 129/24/2007Rate 3.8386382
Voodoo Big Black Voodoo Daddy - Apple Brandy 12.53/24/2013Rate 3.736640
Voodoo Big Black Voodoo Daddy - Buffalo Trace 12.53/24/2013Rate 3.574028
Voodoo Big Black Voodoo Daddy - Pappy Van Winkle 12.53/24/2013Rate 4.019628
Voodoo Big Black Voodoo Daddy (Bourbon Barrel Aged with Coffee) 125/4/2019Rate 3.467
Voodoo Big Black Voodoo Daddy (Bourbon Barrel Aged with Vanilla) 124/25/2019Rate 3.577
Voodoo Big Black Voodoo Daddy (Chocolate) 12.58/19/2018Rate 3.111
Voodoo Big Secret Pizza Party 7.99/5/2015Rate 3.178
Voodoo Bitchin' Camaro Saison 7.87/15/2011Rate 2.894
Voodoo Black Magick 15.59/30/2008Rate 3.7162146
Voodoo Black Magick - Apple Brandy 13.53/24/2013Rate 3.818219
Voodoo Black Magick - Bourbon Brandy 135/4/2019Rate 3.486
Voodoo Black Magick - Buffalo Trace 13.53/24/2013Rate 3.979588
Voodoo Black Magick - Four Roses 133/2/2018Rate 3.645
Voodoo Black Magick - Old Forester 134/28/2017Rate 4.029762
Voodoo Black Magick - Pappy Van Winkle 13.53/24/2013Rate 4.2110036
Voodoo Black Magick - Rye Whiskey 133/28/2016Rate 4.019643
Voodoo Black Magick - Willet Bourbon Barrels 1310/13/2018Rate 3.513
Voodoo Blackbeard's Delight 123/14/2015Rate 2.93331
Voodoo Blackbeard's Delight - Toasted Coconut 123/15/2015Rate 2.822
Voodoo Blips And Chitz 5.55/25/2017Rate 3.253
Voodoo Blossoming Down Under -4/27/2017Rate 3.354710
Voodoo Bourmuda Triangle IPA 10.13/14/2015Rate 3.54813
Voodoo Breakfast of Champions 5.23/24/2013Rate 3.477317
Voodoo Budday 6.81/31/2017Rate 3.455
Voodoo Building 3: One 6.67/18/2018Rate 3.091
Voodoo Caution! Contains Real Pumpkin!!! 11.310/18/2014Rate 3.353228
Voodoo Chocolate Covered Cherry Big Black Voodoo Daddy - Bourbon Barrel 123/28/2016Rate 3.767369
Voodoo Citra Pale Ale 7.19/22/2016Rate 3.212
Voodoo City Sushi 4.69/20/2017Rate 2.851
Voodoo CowBell 8.512/21/2009Rate 3.919290
Voodoo Delicate Like A Flower 4.85/24/2013Rate 3.136
Voodoo Double Dragonfruit Berliner Weisse 5.84/25/2019Rate 3.111
Voodoo Equinox Pale Ale 7.19/2/2017Rate 3.321
Voodoo Ergot -4/4/2013Rate 2.892
Voodoo Fly With Me 7.95/21/2018Rate 2.791
Voodoo Fwiend 6.81/31/2017Rate 3.415
Voodoo Good Vibes 7.39/29/2013Rate 3.487676
Voodoo Gose 4.27/18/2014Rate 3.295
Voodoo Got Gas IPA (alias) -8/10/2009
Voodoo Gran Met 9.59/24/2007Rate 3.1638185
Voodoo Gran Met - Apple Brandy 9.53/24/2013Rate 3.112631
Voodoo Gran Met - Apple Brandy (Cinnamon, & Vanilla Bean) -3/28/2016Rate 2.932
Voodoo Gran Met (Conneaut Cellars Port) 9.59/29/2013Rate 3.264520
Voodoo Grande Negro Voodoo Papi 123/24/2013Rate 3.193
Voodoo Grande Negro Voodoo Papi - Bourbon 12.52/1/2016Rate 4.049771
Voodoo Grande Negro Voodoo Papi - Four Roses 12.51/8/2018Rate 3.888918
Voodoo Grande Negro Voodoo Papi - Heaven Hill 124/1/2019Rate 3.111
Voodoo Grande Negro Voodoo Papi - Laird's Apple Brandy 129/29/2013Rate 3.999529
Voodoo Grande Negro Voodoo Papi - Red Wine 12.59/25/2018Rate 3.525
Voodoo Grande Negro Voodoo Papi - Whiskey Tawny Porto 125/4/2019Rate 3.628
Voodoo Guy 6.82/9/2017Rate 3.336
Voodoo H2P 8.64/30/2014Rate 3.43527
Voodoo Hail To Pitt (HTP) 8.02/2/2013Rate 3.368
Voodoo Hazy Afternoon 5.51/23/2018Rate 2.913
Voodoo HBC 342 Pale Ale 5.59/20/2017Rate 2.981
Voodoo Headless Horseman 8.510/21/2011Rate 3.288711
Voodoo Hoodoo 7.33/27/2014Rate 3.4160112
Voodoo Hotting Up 11.19/21/2017Rate 2.583
Voodoo Imperial Breakfast of Champions - Vanilla Beans 12.18/25/2015Rate 3.262
Voodoo Imperial Breakfast Stout - Woodford Reserve Bourbon 12.34/23/2017Rate 4.169965
Voodoo India Pale Lager 7.81/31/2015Rate 3.227
Voodoo Issa 7.810/23/2018Rate 2.981
Voodoo Jabroni Express 6.19/12/2017Rate 3.426010
Voodoo Jenny's Cream Fraiche 4.37/29/2013Rate 2.84
Voodoo Jerry Porter 6.14/4/2016Rate 3.093
Voodoo Jerry Porter - Bourbon (Maple Syrup) 6.11/27/2017Rate 3.252
Voodoo June Gloom 5.77/15/2017Rate 3.163
Voodoo K13 Sherry BA Version 119/30/2018Rate 3.111
Voodoo K13 w. madagascar vanilla beans -9/30/2018Rate 3.193
Voodoo Killapilz (alias) 7.54/15/2015
Voodoo Knucklehead 8.13/24/2013Rate 2.91
Voodoo Lychee Pale Ale 4.78/8/2013Rate 2.955
Voodoo ManBearPig -3/28/2016Rate 4.2410053
Voodoo MOAR Tropic 5.54/29/2014Rate 3.57
Voodoo Names are Hard 6.95/15/2018Rate 3.273
Voodoo Nelson Pale Ale 7.11/24/2017Rate 3.151
Voodoo Non-Trademark Infringement Alma Mater IPA 8.66/25/2018Rate 3.234
Voodoo Oak Aged Brett Gran Met 9.56/25/2013Rate 2.963
Voodoo Old Jive Turkey 103/14/2015Rate 3.57620
Voodoo Pilzilla 7.59/24/2007Rate 3.3293255
Voodoo Pork Chop Sandwhiches 6.311/22/2016Rate 3.153
Voodoo Poznan Zdjecie 6.39/29/2013Rate 2.81669
Voodoo Really Thin Pancakes 12.36/27/2018Rate 3.231
Voodoo Redneck Riviera Red 8.23/24/2013Rate 3.155
Voodoo Rooney's Irish Red Aged In Irish Whiskey Barrels 104/28/2019Rate 3.151
Voodoo Rooney's Irish Red Aged In Maple Syrup Bourbon Barrels 104/28/2019Rate 3.191
Voodoo Ryed or Die 5.09/16/2012Rate 3.063
Voodoo Sax Solo 6.49/12/2017Rate 3.223212
Voodoo Schnitzengiggle 5.99/26/2015Rate 3.125
Voodoo Single Hop 7C's 5.07/15/2016Rate 3.438312
Voodoo Single Hop Amarillo 4.59/29/2013Rate 2.93
Voodoo Single Hop Belma 4.51/31/2015Rate 3.043
Voodoo Single Hop Columbus 4.53/10/2016Rate 3.212
Voodoo Single Hop Crosby Hop Farm 4.56/21/2015Rate 3.072
Voodoo Single Hop El Dorado 4.512/28/2013Rate 2.932
Voodoo Single Hop Huell Melon -12/18/2015Rate 2.932
Voodoo Single Hop Jarrylo 4.710/13/2015Rate 3.073
Voodoo Single Hop Kohatu 4.58/25/2015Rate 3.192
Voodoo Single Hop Mandarina 4.57/18/2014Rate 3.035
Voodoo Single Hop Mosaic 4.57/29/2013Rate 3.253
Voodoo Single Hop Motueka 4.510/18/2014Rate 3.012
Voodoo Single Hop Nugget 4.53/23/2014Rate 2.881
Voodoo Single Hop Series Pale Ale (Azacca) 5.05/6/2016Rate 3.111
Voodoo Some People Say Cucumbers Taste Better Pickled 4.79/16/2012Rate 3.24768
Voodoo Space Cadet 9.112/15/2014Rate 3.475
Voodoo Stillwater Jungle Des Rues 8.06/6/2010Rate 3.549731
Voodoo Stratatage 7.14/25/2019Rate 3.151
Voodoo Strawberries and Cream -9/22/2016Rate 2.774
Voodoo Summertime Living's Easy 3.58/1/2014Rate 3.287
Voodoo Super Happy Fun Time Birthday Extravaganza Extra Spectacular 29 6.57/10/2015Rate 3.13
Voodoo Taco Flavored Kisses 11.23/14/2015Rate 3.03622
Voodoo Tenacious Wee - Buffalo Trace 11.79/29/2013Rate 3.579027
Voodoo Tenacious Wee - Eagle Rare 11.710/6/2013Rate 3.759837
Voodoo Tenacious Wee - Woodford Reserve 11.75/15/2017Rate 3.719729
Voodoo The James Brown -11/11/2012Rate 3.044
Voodoo The K13 139/29/2013Rate 3.979933
Voodoo The K13 (Bourbon Barrel w/ Madagascar Vanilla Beans) 1310/13/2018Rate 3.453
Voodoo The K13 Aged In Rye Whiskey Barrels 1312/22/2018Rate 3.523
Voodoo The Quadfather 11.44/15/2015Rate 3.484618
Voodoo The Quadfather - Bourbon 11.45/6/2017Rate 3.859630
Voodoo The Quadfather - Cabernet Sauvignon -3/28/2016Rate 3.89353
Voodoo The Quadfather - Cacao Nibs 11.45/1/2015Rate 2.982
Voodoo Trapped Under Eisbock 1412/6/2009Rate 3.618044
Voodoo Unicorn Farts 8.22/23/2019Rate 3.131
Voodoo Unrefined 8.04/17/2016Rate 3.447
Voodoo Unrefined (Batch 10) 8.12/1/2019Rate 3.061
Voodoo Vandelay Industries 9.31/2/2016Rate 3.494515
Voodoo Venti 6.511/14/2016Rate 3.163
Voodoo Vic Secret Pale Ale 7.11/24/2017Rate 3.111
Voodoo Vivrant Thing 7.11/26/2017Rate 3.445
Voodoo Voodoo Love Child 9.59/24/2007Rate 3.387252
Voodoo White Magick of the Sun 7.39/24/2007Rate 3.2280176
Voodoo Wynona's Big Brown Ale 7.59/24/2007Rate 3.5196235
Voodoo Wynona's Big Brown Ale - Bourbon -9/1/2011Rate 0
Voodoo Wynona's Big Brown Ale - Bourbon Oak, Vanilla Bean & Cocoa Nibs 7.25/12/2014Rate 32
Voodoo Wynona's Big Brown Ale - Cinnamon Toast Crunch 7.28/5/2014Rate 32
Voodoo Wynona's Big Brown Ale - Coffee & Cacao Nibs 7.23/25/2015Rate 2.941
Voodoo Wynona's Big Brown Ale - Coffee Bean & Coconut 7.55/12/2014Rate 3.192
Voodoo Wynona's Big Brown Ale - Dad's Hat Rye Whiskey -9/29/2013Rate 2.932
Voodoo Yes! In the Face 6.72/9/2019Rate 3.092
Voodoo Зангиеф - Whiskey Tawny Porto 14.66/11/2019Rate 3.191
Voodoo Зангиеф (High West Barrel Aged) 14.66/11/2018Rate 3.483

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