Commercial Brewery
Brewer rating: 92/100 2612 ratings
41-45 Northgate Street, Devizes, Wiltshire, England SN10 1JW
Visitor Centre: 10-6 Mon-Fri
10-4 Sat
11-2 Sun

Places associated: Falkland Arms (Wadworth), Goat and Tricycle (Wadworth), Eldon Arms (Wadworth), Wadworth Brewery, Hare & Hounds (Wadworth), Victoria Arms (Wadworth), Tall Ship (Wadworth), Victoria Inn (Wadworth), Cotswold (Wadworths), Berkeley Arms (Wadworths), Broad Street Tavern (Wadworth), Blue Boar (Wadworth), Beckets Inn (Wadworth), Coach & Horses (Wadsworth), St James Tavern (Wadworth), Plough (Wadworth), Wig and Quill (Wadworth)
Founded as Wadworth 1875. The Brewery had been in operation from 1837.
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Marks & Spencer Wiltshire Rum Beer
Brewed by/for Marks & Spencer
5.010/4/2010Rate 2.81031
Ushers Best (Can) 3.86/19/2003Rate 2.364
Ushers Best (Cask) 3.85/1/2002Rate 2.723
Ushers Ruby Ale 6.211/25/2001Rate 3.358458
Wadworth / 10 Barrel O.G. IPA (Wadworth) 5.010/1/2014Rate 3.417228
Wadworth / Abita Restoration Pale Ale 5.29/9/2013Rate 3.083829
Wadworth / Bale Breaker Field 41 Pale Ale 4.81/6/2014Rate 3.348023
Wadworth / Bell’s Kalamazoo Amber Ale 5.87/26/2014Rate 3.024537
Wadworth / Bentspoke Braddon Bitter 4.510/12/2016Rate 2.995214
Wadworth / Birrificio Italiano Bibock 6.22/25/2016Rate 3.044722
Wadworth / Cambridge Heather Ale 4.09/25/2012Rate 2.934132
Wadworth / Chelsea Brewing Sunset Red 5.08/29/2013Rate 2.963521
Wadworth / Coronado Mermaid’s Red 5.79/18/2014Rate 3.217831
Wadworth / Deschutes Twilight Ale 5.04/1/2013Rate 2.962318
Wadworth / Dungarvan Copper Coast Irish Red Ale 4.39/4/2015Rate 3.138017
Wadworth / Dungarvan O’Dwyer’s Irish Stout 4.53/4/2015Rate 3.194728
Wadworth / Fat Head’s Rocket Man 5.25/3/2014Rate 3.17126
Wadworth / Feral The Runt APA 4.71/24/2010Rate 3.133830
Wadworth / Fort Barcelona Session Ale 5.08/25/2016Rate 2.941014
Wadworth / Full Sail Wassail 6.011/15/2014Rate 3.328021
Wadworth / Ishii Brewing Minagof Smoked Porter 5.59/10/2015Rate 3.47438
Wadworth / Klosterbrauerei Scheyern Klosterbock 6.52/27/2014Rate 3.195035
Wadworth / Nausta Lapland Red Ale 4.52/4/2016Rate 3.075230
Wadworth / Smuttynose Murrikan Mild 4.23/15/2012Rate 2.92031
Wadworth / Stone Brewing San Diego Session IPA 4.59/30/2011Rate 3.447934
Wadworth / Yeastie Boys Golden Perch 4.46/8/2015Rate 3.249323
Wadworth / Young Master Summer Of 1842 5.07/19/2015Rate 3.12227
Wadworth 125 Celebratory Stout 4.03/21/2011Rate 2.64424
Wadworth 125 Celebratory Stout (Bottle) 6.012/1/2013Rate 3.087
Wadworth 6X (Bottle/Can) 4.39/6/2001Rate 2.9748252
Wadworth 6X (Cask) 4.12/1/2003Rate 2.9443177
Wadworth 6X Anniversary Ale 6.02/27/2013Rate 2.952812
Wadworth 6X Gold (Bottle) 4.511/27/2016Rate 2.831
Wadworth 6X Gold (Cask) 4.52/27/2016Rate 3.015219
Wadworth Blunderbuss 5.09/25/2012Rate 3.054526
Wadworth Boundary 3.81/21/2012Rate 2.913914
Wadworth Brewers’ Creations No. 03 4.47/20/2015Rate 3.112
Wadworth Christmas Corker 4.112/29/2012Rate 2.761
Wadworth Cooper’s Vice 5.09/10/2015Rate 35424
Wadworth Corvus Stout 4.17/29/2012Rate 3.23836
Wadworth Crimson Dawn 4.52/25/2014Rate 2.863422
Wadworth Dirty Rucker 3.99/18/2015Rate 3.18119
Wadworth Dirty Rucker Kiwi 4.06/6/2017Rate 2.972
Wadworth Dray Bells 4.112/28/2011Rate 2.883212
Wadworth Epic Brew 4.510/13/2016Rate 3.015510
Wadworth Fairport Five 5.08/15/2007Rate 2.871512
Wadworth Farmers Glory 4.44/5/2010Rate 3.024247
Wadworth Filthy Chucker 3.81/18/2017Rate 2.864
Wadworth Heather & Honey 5.010/1/2014Rate 2.843319
Wadworth Henry’s Original IPA (Bottle) 3.66/20/2011Rate 2.721242
Wadworth Henry’s Original IPA (Cask) 3.64/14/2002Rate 2.7212100
Wadworth Henrys Smooth 3.62/26/2007Rate 2.413
Wadworth Honey and Ginger (alias) 4.412/23/2015
Wadworth Honey Bear Hops 4.48/17/2015Rate 3.074
Wadworth Horizon (Bottle) 4.012/5/2009Rate 2.873552
Wadworth Horizon (Cask) 4.08/13/2007Rate 2.873566
Wadworth Ipanema 3.86/24/2014Rate 2.824
Wadworth JCB (Bottle) 4.72/11/2007Rate 2.825
Wadworth JCB (Cask) 4.74/15/2002Rate 2.994023
Wadworth Light Ale 3.09/6/2007Rate 2.771
Wadworth Lily the Pink 4.06/15/2009Rate 2.762811
Wadworth Malt n Hops (Bottle) 4.52/11/2007Rate 2.98659
Wadworth Malt n Hops (Cask) 4.56/14/2003Rate 2.985921
Wadworth Maypole Mild 3.36/16/2009Rate 2.712
Wadworth Octoberzest 4.09/30/2011Rate 2.752321
Wadworth Old Timer 5.812/20/2001Rate 3.1949111
Wadworth Optimism 4.06/11/2016Rate 2.753
Wadworth Original Green Hopped Beer 4.511/17/2014Rate 2.881
Wadworth Pixley Blackcurrant Stout 6.010/23/2010Rate 3.193718
Wadworth Pussers Spearfish 5.04/18/2009Rate 2.932614
Wadworth Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Ale 6.08/5/2012Rate 2.81
Wadworth St George & the Dragon (Bottle) 4.57/8/2009Rate 3.016938
Wadworth St George & The Dragon (Cask) 4.53/30/2007Rate 2.984937
Wadworth St Valentine’s Ale 3.62/6/2009Rate 2.811
Wadworth Strong In The Arm 4.05/4/2011Rate 2.833
Wadworth Summersault 4.06/14/2003Rate 2.381020
Wadworth Swordfish (Bottle) 5.08/13/2009Rate 2.861558
Wadworth Swordfish (Cask) 5.011/23/2009Rate 3.084864
Wadworth The Bishop’s Tipple (Bottle) 5.59/5/2005Rate 3.0139132
Wadworth The Bishop’s Tipple (Cask) 5.012/8/2005Rate 3.013970
Wadworth The Usual 3.612/29/2011Rate 2.792
Wadworth Vince Minty’s Strong in the Arm (4.0%) 4.07/15/2009Rate 2.853611
Wadworth Vince Minty’s Stronginthearm Champion Ale 5.02/4/2009Rate 2.943
Wadworth Waterloo 4.06/21/2015Rate 2.961
Wadworth What the Fuggles 5.09/9/2013Rate 2.851621
Wadworth Ye Ole Admiral 5.03/6/2015Rate 2.963320
Wadworth Beer Kitchen Espresso Stout 5.53/11/2012Rate 2.981622
Wadworth Beer Kitchen India Pale Ale 6.23/9/2012Rate 3.14335
Wadworth Beer Kitchen Orange Peel 6.03/10/2012Rate 2.934338
Wadworth Beer Kitchen Wheat Beer 5.03/11/2012Rate 2.82717
Wadworth Beer Kitchen Whisky Barrel Aged Bitter 5.83/11/2012Rate 3.084828
Wadworth Brewers Creation Four Cereals Bitter 4.72/10/2015Rate 2.881
Wadworth Brewers’ Creations No. 1 Stout 7.11/27/2013Rate 2.971
Wadworth Camrale 4.010/29/2008Rate 2.61916
Wadworth Chilli & Chocolate 5.512/13/2014Rate 2.988
Wadworth Cropredy Hop 3.89/23/2014Rate 2.81
Wadworth Imperial Stout 10.512/8/2010Rate 3.082
Wadworth Pint Size Czech Mate 4.24/9/2006Rate 2.925
Wadworth Pint Size Dark n Deep 3.36/3/2006Rate 2.892
Wadworth Pint Size Mild 3.34/3/2004Rate 3.044711
Wadworth Red, White & Brew 4.08/15/2012Rate 2.722016

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