Commercial Brewery
41-45 Northgate Street, Devizes, Wiltshire, England SN10 1JW
Visitor Centre: 10-6 Mon-Fri
10-4 Sat
11-2 Sun

Places associated: Falkland Arms (Wadworth), Goat and Tricycle (Wadworth), Wadworth Brewery, Hare & Hounds (Wadworth), Victoria Arms (Wadworth), Tall Ship (Wadworth), Victoria Inn (Wadworth), Cotswold (Wadworths), Berkeley Arms (Wadworths), Broad Street Tavern (Wadworth), Blue Boar (Wadworth), Beckets Inn (Wadworth), Coach & Horses (Wadsworth), St James Tavern (Wadworth), Plough (Wadworth), Wig and Quill (Wadworth), Duke of Wellington (Wadworth), Talbot Hotel, George Hotel, Green Dragon
The original Northgate Brewery had been in existence since at least 1837. Henry Wadworth bought the company in 1875, moving to the present purpose built Northgate Brewery building in 1885. John Smith Bartholomew, Wadworth's son-in-law, became a partner in 1887, and it has been owned by the Bartholomew family ever since.
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Full Sail / Wadworth Wassail 6.011/15/2014Rate 3.328021
Kloster / Wadworth Scheyern Klosterbock 6.52/27/2014Rate 3.194834
Ushers Best (Can) 3.86/19/2003Rate 2.364
Ushers Best (Cask) 3.85/1/2002Rate 2.723
Ushers Ruby Ale 6.211/25/2001Rate 3.368359
Wadworth / 10 Barrel O.G. IPA (Wadworth) 5.010/1/2014Rate 3.417228
Wadworth / Abita Restoration Pale Ale 5.29/9/2013Rate 3.083829
Wadworth / Bagby Asphalt Jungle 4.53/8/2019Rate 3.48621
Wadworth / Bale Breaker Field 41 Pale Ale 4.81/6/2014Rate 3.348023
Wadworth / Bell's Kalamazoo Amber Ale 5.87/26/2014Rate 3.024537
Wadworth / Bentspoke Braddon Bitter 4.510/12/2016Rate 2.995214
Wadworth / Birrificio Italiano Bibock 6.22/25/2016Rate 3.034623
Wadworth / Cambridge Heather Ale 4.09/25/2012Rate 2.934132
Wadworth / Chelsea Brewing Sunset Red 5.08/29/2013Rate 2.963521
Wadworth / Coronado Mermaid's Red 5.79/18/2014Rate 3.217831
Wadworth / Deschutes Twilight Ale 5.04/1/2013Rate 2.962318
Wadworth / Dungarvan Copper Coast Irish Red Ale 4.39/4/2015Rate 3.138017
Wadworth / Dungarvan O'Dwyer's Irish Stout 4.53/4/2015Rate 3.194328
Wadworth / Fat Head's Rocket Man 5.25/3/2014Rate 3.17126
Wadworth / Feral The Runt APA 4.71/24/2010Rate 3.133731
Wadworth / Fort Barcelona Session Ale 5.08/25/2016Rate 2.941014
Wadworth / Green Beacon 3 Bolt Pale Ale 4.53/12/2018Rate 3.133610
Wadworth / Ishii Brewing Minagof Smoked Porter 5.59/10/2015Rate 3.47437
Wadworth / Nausta Lapland Red Ale 4.52/4/2016Rate 3.085131
Wadworth / Smuttynose Murrikan Mild 4.23/15/2012Rate 2.92031
Wadworth / Stone Brewing San Diego Session IPA 4.59/30/2011Rate 3.447934
Wadworth / Terrapin Naked Bliss 5.09/17/2018Rate 3.264315
Wadworth / Yeastie Boys Golden Perch 4.46/8/2015Rate 3.249323
Wadworth / Young Master Summer Of 1842 5.07/19/2015Rate 3.12227
Wadworth 125 Celebratory Stout 4.03/21/2011Rate 2.64424
Wadworth 125 Celebratory Stout (Bottle) 6.012/1/2013Rate 3.087
Wadworth 6X (Bottle/Can) 4.39/6/2001Rate 2.9848262
Wadworth 6X (Cask) 4.12/1/2003Rate 2.9745189
Wadworth 6X Anniversary Ale 6.02/27/2013Rate 3.083817
Wadworth 6X Gold (Bottle) 4.511/27/2016Rate 2.817
Wadworth 6X Gold (Cask) 4.52/27/2016Rate 3.015219
Wadworth Big Baubles 4.912/29/2018Rate 2.961
Wadworth Blunderbuss 5.09/25/2012Rate 3.054426
Wadworth Boundary 3.81/21/2012Rate 2.913914
Wadworth Bowled Over 4.58/24/2019Rate 3.033
Wadworth Brewers' Creations No. 03 4.47/20/2015Rate 3.112
Wadworth Burnt Orange IPA 4.510/4/2018Rate 3.259613
Wadworth Carrier 3.65/17/2018Rate 2.933
Wadworth Cheeky Monkey 5.41/28/2019Rate 2.941
Wadworth Christmas Corker 4.112/29/2012Rate 2.761
Wadworth Cooper's Vice 5.09/10/2015Rate 3.025725
Wadworth Corvus Stout 4.17/29/2012Rate 3.193536
Wadworth Crimson Dawn 4.52/25/2014Rate 2.863422
Wadworth Dirty Rucker 3.99/18/2015Rate 3.036020
Wadworth Dirty Rucker Kiwi 4.06/6/2017Rate 2.972
Wadworth Dray Bells 4.112/28/2011Rate 2.893214
Wadworth Elderberry IPA 4.63/8/2019Rate 3.13699
Wadworth Epic Brew 4.510/13/2016Rate 2.994911
Wadworth Fairport Five 5.08/15/2007Rate 2.871512
Wadworth Farmers Glory 4.44/5/2010Rate 3.025849
Wadworth Filthy Chucker 3.81/18/2017Rate 2.865
Wadworth Game of Stones 3.83/12/2018Rate 3.055514
Wadworth Heather & Honey 5.010/1/2014Rate 2.843319
Wadworth Henry's Smooth 3.62/26/2007Rate 2.413
Wadworth Henry's Special IPA 6.29/8/2017Rate 3.092
Wadworth Honey and Ginger (alias) 4.412/23/2015
Wadworth Honey Bear Hops 4.48/17/2015Rate 3.074
Wadworth Hop Stomper 4.55/23/2019Rate 3.111
Wadworth Horizon (Bottle) 4.012/5/2009Rate 2.863257
Wadworth Horizon (Cask) 4.08/13/2007Rate 2.93673
Wadworth IPA (Bottle) 3.66/20/2011Rate 2.71047
Wadworth IPA (Cask) 3.64/14/2002Rate 2.7513109
Wadworth IPA Brewer's Strength 6.21/27/2018Rate 37
Wadworth Ipanema 3.86/24/2014Rate 2.824
Wadworth JCB (Bottle) 4.72/11/2007Rate 2.986
Wadworth JCB (Cask) 4.74/15/2002Rate 2.994023
Wadworth Light Ale 3.09/6/2007Rate 2.771
Wadworth Lily the Pink 4.06/15/2009Rate 2.812811
Wadworth Malt n Hops (Bottle) 4.52/11/2007Rate 2.98659
Wadworth Malt n Hops (Cask) 4.56/14/2003Rate 2.985921
Wadworth Maypole Mild 3.36/16/2009Rate 2.712
Wadworth Octoberzest 4.09/30/2011Rate 2.752321
Wadworth Old Timer 5.812/20/2001Rate 3.1948117
Wadworth Optimism 4.06/11/2016Rate 2.753
Wadworth Original Green Hopped Beer 4.511/17/2014Rate 2.881
Wadworth Perfect 10 6.01/28/2018Rate 3.091
Wadworth Pixley Blackcurrant Stout 6.010/23/2010Rate 3.193718
Wadworth Pussers Spearfish 5.04/18/2009Rate 2.932614
Wadworth Queen's Diamond Jubilee Ale 6.08/5/2012Rate 2.81
Wadworth Red APA 4.62/15/2018Rate 3.142
Wadworth St George & the Dragon (Bottle) 4.57/8/2009Rate 3.066938
Wadworth St George & The Dragon (Cask) 4.53/30/2007Rate 35038
Wadworth St Valentine's Ale 3.62/6/2009Rate 2.811
Wadworth Strong In The Arm 4.05/4/2011Rate 2.833
Wadworth Studs Up / Messed Up 4.06/16/2018Rate 2.891
Wadworth Summer Ale 3.97/14/2019Rate 2.921
Wadworth Summersault 4.06/14/2003Rate 2.381020
Wadworth Swordfish (Bottle) 5.08/13/2009Rate 2.861485
Wadworth Swordfish (Cask) 5.011/23/2009Rate 3.074668
Wadworth The Bishop's Tipple (Bottle) 5.59/5/2005Rate 3.0340139
Wadworth The Bishop's Tipple (Cask) 5.012/8/2005Rate 3.024077
Wadworth The Usual 3.612/29/2011Rate 2.792
Wadworth Treacle Treat 4.210/8/2017Rate 3.152425
Wadworth Two Degrees South West IPA 5.88/12/2017Rate 34
Wadworth Vince Minty's Strong in the Arm (4.0%) 4.07/15/2009Rate 2.853611
Wadworth Vince Minty's Stronginthearm Champion Ale 5.02/4/2009Rate 2.943
Wadworth Waterloo 4.06/21/2015Rate 2.961
Wadworth What the Fuggles 5.09/9/2013Rate 2.851621
Wadworth Ye Ole Admiral 5.03/6/2015Rate 2.963020
Wadworth Beer Kitchen Espresso Stout 5.53/11/2012Rate 2.981622
Wadworth Beer Kitchen India Pale Ale 6.23/9/2012Rate 3.14335
Wadworth Beer Kitchen Orange Peel 6.03/10/2012Rate 2.934338
Wadworth Beer Kitchen Wheat Beer 5.03/11/2012Rate 2.82717
Wadworth Beer Kitchen Whisky Barrel Aged Premium Bitter 5.83/11/2012Rate 3.084828
Wadworth Brewers Creation Four Cereals Bitter 4.72/10/2015Rate 2.881
Wadworth Brewers' Creations No. 1 Stout 7.11/27/2013Rate 2.971
Wadworth Camrale 4.010/29/2008Rate 2.61916
Wadworth Chilli & Chocolate 5.512/13/2014Rate 2.988
Wadworth Cropredy Hop 3.89/23/2014Rate 2.81
Wadworth Imperial Stout 10.512/8/2010Rate 3.082
Wadworth Pint Size Czech Mate 4.24/9/2006Rate 2.925
Wadworth Pint Size Dark n Deep 3.36/3/2006Rate 2.952
Wadworth Pint Size Mild 3.34/3/2004Rate 3.134711
Wadworth Red, White & Brew 4.08/15/2012Rate 2.722016

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