Walhalla Craft Beer

Client Brewer
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Associated place: Walhalla Brouwerij & Proeflokaal
Kegged and canned beers are brewed on site. Bottled beers at Huttenkloas, except Loki (at Oproer). In the near future they expect to brew everything on site.
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Walhalla / Flying Couch Bifrost 4.510/20/2018Rate 3.267
Walhalla Aphrodite 4.011/15/2018Rate 3.294010
Walhalla Apollo 5.39/1/2018Rate 3.185
Walhalla Ares 6.03/8/2018Rate 3.369321
Walhalla Ashnan 5.66/5/2016Rate 3.135010
Walhalla Azeban 5.68/31/2018Rate 3.328
Walhalla Citra Summer Ale 4.07/14/2018Rate 3.376510
Walhalla Compagnie Blond (alias) 5.59/30/2016
Walhalla Daemon #1 Mephistopheles 9.010/28/2016Rate 3.373833
Walhalla Daemon #2 Medusa 1112/11/2016Rate 3.23721
Walhalla Daemon #3 Nidhoggr 8.64/13/2017Rate 3.619826
Walhalla Daemon #4 Baba Yaga 10.211/16/2017Rate 3.665014
Walhalla Daemon #5 Wendigo 9.71/16/2018Rate 3.485722
Walhalla Daemon #6 Balor 9.22/13/2018Rate 3.697218
Walhalla Daemon #7 Krampus 11.510/20/2018Rate 3.65489
Walhalla Daemon #8 Lilith 1112/23/2018Rate 3.354
Walhalla Daemon #9 Belphegor 102/19/2019Rate 0
Walhalla Devana 4.28/31/2018Rate 3.14239
Walhalla Double Elixer (Citra, Simcoe) 8.79/2/2018Rate 3.54610
Walhalla Elixer (Chinook, Centennial, Mosaic) 6.46/10/2018Rate 3.5411
Walhalla Elixer (DDH Simcoe & Ekuanot) 6.212/13/2018Rate 3.397
Walhalla Elixer (Citra, Mosaic, Nelson Sauvin) 6.411/5/2018Rate 3.524414
Walhalla Europa Table Beer 3.511/23/2018Rate 3.165
Walhalla Heimdall 8.59/30/2016Rate 3.629665
Walhalla Izanami Sorachi Ace Stout 7.812/16/2018Rate 3.516210
Walhalla Kaldi 5.511/17/2018Rate 3.345
Walhalla Magni 3.26/10/2018Rate 3.246
Walhalla Minerva 4.46/15/2016Rate 3.14323
Walhalla Modi 3.26/6/2018Rate 3.27449
Walhalla Nanouq Winter Ale 9.01/2/2018Rate 3.191723
Walhalla Narfi 4.48/2/2018Rate 3.125
Walhalla Osiris 7.02/7/2016Rate 3.344778
Walhalla Ra 5.26/21/2018Rate 3.322613
Walhalla Shakti 8.82/7/2016Rate 3.464173
Walhalla St. Fabiola 5.67/14/2018Rate 3.258
Walhalla Taiowa Chinook Session Ale 4.26/25/2017Rate 3.05279
Walhalla Wuldor UK Barley Wine 9.84/7/2016Rate 3.383770
Walhalla Ymir (Columbus & Cascade) 5.01/22/2019Rate 3.214
Walhalla Ymir (Hallertau Blanc) 5.85/31/2018Rate 3.367112
Walhalla Loki Golden IPA
Brewed at Oproer
5.55/12/2016Rate 3.489957

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