Watch City Brewing Co.

(Not In Production)
Brew Pub
256 Moody Street, Waltham, Massachusetts, USA 02453
Mon-Sat:11:30AM-12:30AM Sun:4:30PM-11:30PM

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Rescue One Kolsch 4.85/26/2013Rate 2.952
Watch City Weiss Is Everybody Always Pickin On Me 3.41/3/2015Rate 0
Watch City .38 Special Dubbel -6/18/2008Rate 2.881
Watch City 38 Schilling Scottish Ale 3.85/16/2004Rate 36
Watch City B.A.B.E.S. Bloomin' Bock Oak Aged DoppelBock 8.95/13/2013Rate 2.881
Watch City Barrel Aged Kingpin 8.42/19/2015Rate 2.91
Watch City BeeJabbers Oak Aged Gruit 7.69/8/2012Rate 2.952
Watch City BeeJezus Belgian Botanical Pale Ale 7.13/11/2009Rate 2.996
Watch City Beet the Clock Amber -9/21/2003Rate 3.112
Watch City Belgian Spiced 6.05/16/2005Rate 3.111
Watch City Biere de Bordel 6.911/18/2004Rate 2.962713
Watch City Big Bubbas Brown Ale -12/4/2002Rate 3.082
Watch City Big Steamer California Common 5.07/5/2006Rate 3.014
Watch City Biking Bobs Bohemian Pilsner 5.28/17/2003Rate 2.897
Watch City Bitch Löden Wheat Lager 4.77/27/2010Rate 2.958710
Watch City Bitter & Jaded ESB -5/18/2009Rate 2.92
Watch City Black 47 Imperial Irish Red Ale 8.810/29/2012Rate 3.013
Watch City Blackdogg Oatmalt Stout 3.77/26/2004Rate 3.242
Watch City Bombed Blondeshell 9.84/7/2003Rate 2.955
Watch City Boston Bruin Belgian Red 5.612/28/2005Rate 2.661
Watch City Breakfast of Champions 4.48/17/2012Rate 2.956
Watch City Brilliant Brewnette 8.712/28/2009Rate 2.974
Watch City Bulldog Brown 4.82/11/2004Rate 3.111
Watch City Busta Nut Brown Ale 4.82/11/2004Rate 3.327
Watch City Carols (Sticke) Alt -9/2/2005Rate 3.242
Watch City Chocolate Thunder Porter -6/30/2005Rate 3.257
Watch City Clocktoberfest -11/22/2002Rate 3.075
Watch City Clockwork Summer Ale 4.88/16/2003Rate 3.077610
Watch City Colossus American Brown 6.05/5/2002Rate 3.453
Watch City Corkubita's Gourdgeous Troika Ale 9.22/21/2010Rate 2.93
Watch City Cyclismo Summer Wheat 4.88/11/2006Rate 2.831
Watch City Cyrus's Oink... Oink Rauchbier 6.02/21/2010Rate 3.175
Watch City Drop Dead Red 8.32/15/2009Rate 3.052
Watch City Father Time Winter Ale 5.312/30/2006Rate 2.912
Watch City FNA IPA 9.311/18/2004Rate 3.088
Watch City Frostbite Winter Ale 5.512/20/2002Rate 3.375
Watch City Gunther Dunkel (Dark) Pils 5.42/1/2008Rate 3.071
Watch City Hellmaker Stout -7/15/2009Rate 2.91
Watch City Hoppothermia Bitter Cream Ale -12/26/2012Rate 3.021
Watch City Hops Explosion IPA 6.25/17/2002Rate 3.335430
Watch City I Got Your Dopplebock 6.3512/6/2002Rate 3.031
Watch City Jeux D'esprit Wit Beer 5.46/20/2009Rate 2.772
Watch City Kanaloa Joe 6.72/21/2010Rate 2.952
Watch City Kingpin Imperial Stout 8.42/17/2003Rate 3.298
Watch City Kiss My Kvass 9.82/19/2015Rate 2.91
Watch City Légèreté Belgian Strong Ale 5.83/29/2003Rate 3.022
Watch City Lil Jack Horners Plum Suckin Wit 4.78/10/2008Rate 2.916
Watch City Lunarshine Burley Whine 8.711/22/2002Rate 3.262814
Watch City Mach Märzen 6.111/22/2002Rate 0
Watch City Midnight Munich Dark Lager 5.310/26/2003Rate 3.163
Watch City Mocha Stout -11/18/2004Rate 2.844
Watch City Mongrel American Red IPA 5.85/14/2003Rate 3.223910
Watch City MonkeyMonk Saison 7.45/8/2005Rate 3.081322
Watch City Moody Street Stout 5.27/10/2000Rate 3.23718
Watch City Mother India Blonde Ale -12/4/2002Rate 3.071
Watch City Mussels from Brussels - Belgian Blast 9.010/28/2010Rate 2.811
Watch City My O Maibock 7.46/12/2003Rate 3.273
Watch City Nettle Of Honor -1/3/2015Rate 2.861
Watch City Nuptial Belgian 9.44/7/2003Rate 3.395
Watch City Obscurité Tripel Brown 7.25/6/2003Rate 3.099
Watch City Old Man Winter Ale 6.512/29/2009Rate 2.841
Watch City Opening Day IPA 5.35/8/2005Rate 2.921
Watch City Oriten Ten-Seater Belgian Ale 5.92/11/2004Rate 3.132
Watch City Pazuzu Belgian IPA -11/20/2009Rate 3.083
Watch City Pie-Eyed Pumpkin Ale 5.911/26/2002Rate 3.118
Watch City Pocket Full of Rye Hefeweizen 4.95/12/2007Rate 3.193
Watch City Privateers IPA -11/22/2002Rate 3.261
Watch City Rabbie Burns Quintesensual Ale 4.82/6/2003Rate 3.155
Watch City Rites of Spring IPA -5/6/2003Rate 3.432
Watch City Road Rash Raspberry Wheat 4.258/17/2003Rate 3.124
Watch City Russian Red Rye -3/3/2011Rate 2.91
Watch City Rye-it Act Pale Ale 6.27/21/2010Rate 2.81
Watch City Saturnalea Solstice Ale 8.92/17/2003Rate 3.01311
Watch City Schwartzbier Lager -2/14/2005Rate 2.467
Watch City Senchual Ale 5.79/15/2011Rate 2.81
Watch City Shillelagh Irish Red Ale 4.23/7/2003Rate 2.93713
Watch City Simcoe Red Rye IPA 6.63/1/2011Rate 2.841
Watch City Skye High Scotch Ale 8.41/23/2003Rate 3.497113
Watch City Sno'blower Winter Wit 7.13/1/2011Rate 2.893
Watch City Spring Saison 6.61/15/2005Rate 2.463
Watch City Stout 6.67/15/2009Rate 2.912
Watch City The "CAZ" Scotch Export Ale 4.29/11/2006Rate 3.052
Watch City The Gourd & Sheaf Ale 5.212/6/2002Rate 3.221
Watch City Tick Tock Ale 3.97/10/2000Rate 2.833613
Watch City Timepiece Porter -3/11/2009Rate 3.031
Watch City Titan Black IPA 6.111/18/2010Rate 2.811
Watch City Titan Brown Ale 6.01/24/2003Rate 3.085421
Watch City Titan Irish Red 6.07/15/2009Rate 2.771
Watch City Titan NW Red -11/18/2012Rate 2.811
Watch City Titan Smoked Brown 6.11/7/2012Rate 2.711
Watch City Toasted Ah Ah Pale Ale 5.91/7/2012Rate 2.741
Watch City Totem on Oak (alias) 4.510/16/2003
Watch City Totem Pale Ale 4.89/10/2002Rate 3.296413
Watch City Trident's Old Spearmint Ale 6.112/5/2010Rate 2.671
Watch City Tylers Clavic Ale 5.07/26/2004Rate 3.052
Watch City Uber-Okto-Lager 7.512/29/2003Rate 3.193
Watch City Vanguard Stout 6.25/5/2002Rate 3.522
Watch City Washingtons Private Porter -3/8/2003Rate 3.112
Watch City Weiss Weiss Baby 3.12/19/2015Rate 2.861
Watch City Weiss Weiss Funkin' Baby 3.39/30/2013Rate 2.861
Watch City Welcome Back Porter 5.252/23/2003Rate 3.328
Watch City Wet Hopped Local Red IPA 6.711/12/2012Rate 0
Watch City Wheat IPA (alias) -11/28/2008
Watch City Whiteout Winter Wheat 4.41/15/2005Rate 2.636
Watch City Wicked Good Weissbier 5.73/13/2006Rate 3.173
Watch City Wits End Belgian Wit 5.38/16/2003Rate 3.382
Watch City World Champs Wheat IPA 4.86/18/2008Rate 3.152
Watch City Zoks Baltic Porter 8.212/9/2003Rate 3.57829
Watch City Züper Einstein Quantum Eisbock 15.67/27/2006Rate 2.91

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