White Dog Brewing Company

705 W Fulton Street, Boise, Idaho, USA 83702
Mon-Thu: 11 am to 10 pm
Fri & Sat: 11 am to 11 pm
Sun: 11 am to 10 pm

Associated place: White Dog Brewing - Boise
former location at 121 W Main Street Bozeman
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White Dog 5 Hop #1 7.612/21/2017Rate 3.253
White Dog 5 Hop #3 6.610/23/2018Rate 2.982
White Dog 5 Hop #5 6.47/26/2018Rate 3.021
White Dog ALS Hazy 6.29/20/2019Rate 3.112
White Dog Amber 5.18/23/2015Rate 3.073
White Dog American Pale Ale 5.98/23/2015Rate 2.941
White Dog American Pilsner 4.51/1/2016Rate 0
White Dog Barrel Aged Chocolate Cherry Porter 6.512/23/2018Rate 2.961
White Dog Barrel Aged Sour Rosé 6.03/28/2019Rate 2.933
White Dog Berry Hazy IPA 7.35/14/2018Rate 3.072
White Dog Black IPA 9.13/19/2018Rate 3.192
White Dog Blackberry Sour 4.01/1/2016Rate 2.996
White Dog Blond 6.08/23/2015Rate 33
White Dog Blood Orange Hefeweizen 5.09/5/2017Rate 3.217
White Dog Bourbon Coffee Brown 6.610/29/2017Rate 3.223
White Dog Brown Ale 5.38/23/2015Rate 0
White Dog Chocolate Oatmeal Porter 5.51/1/2016Rate 3.182
White Dog Citra Pale Ale 5.88/29/2017Rate 3.156
White Dog Citraic IPA 6.012/23/2018Rate 3.073
White Dog Dry Hopped IPA 8.610/3/2017Rate 3.213
White Dog Dry Irish Stout 5.51/1/2016Rate 0
White Dog Dunkelweiss 6.21/21/2018Rate 3.092
White Dog Eldorado IPA 7.29/4/2017Rate 3.234
White Dog English IPA 6.258/28/2017Rate 3.213111
White Dog Fresh Hop Hazy 6.010/12/2019Rate 3.092
White Dog Grodziskie 2.69/20/2019Rate 3.052
White Dog Hop Tart 4.010/23/2018Rate 3.033
White Dog Huckleberry Sour 4.01/1/2016Rate 0
White Dog IPA: Whisky Barrel Aged 5.91/1/2016Rate 0
White Dog Irish Stout 7.010/3/2017Rate 3.264
White Dog Irish Stout - Barrel Aged 6.83/19/2018Rate 3.072
White Dog Island Hazy IPA 6.210/23/2018Rate 3.041
White Dog Krystalwiesse 5.07/28/2019Rate 3.063
White Dog Lemon Drop Session IPA 4.79/3/2017Rate 31
White Dog Mexican Lager 4.712/18/2018Rate 2.972
White Dog Mountainberry Saison 7.61/6/2018Rate 32
White Dog New England Hazy IPA 7.33/24/2018Rate 3.164
White Dog Octoberfest 6.09/20/2019Rate 3.042
White Dog Pale Ale 6.03/19/2018Rate 3.112
White Dog Passion Fruit Gose 4.99/3/2017Rate 3.255
White Dog Peach Sour 4.27/7/2019Rate 3.073
White Dog River Beer 4.85/14/2018Rate 3.093
White Dog Scotch Ale 5.08/23/2015Rate 3.17
White Dog Scotch Ale - Bourbon Barrel -1/6/2018Rate 3.091
White Dog Scotch Ale - Rum Barrel 6.611/9/2017Rate 2.981
White Dog Scotch Ale - Rye Whiskey 5.89/3/2017Rate 3.022
White Dog Scotch Ale - Smoked Oak 6.812/19/2018Rate 2.981
White Dog Scotch Ale - Whiskey Barrel 5.57/16/2018Rate 2.981
White Dog SMaSH Brüt IPA 5.212/18/2018Rate 3.022
White Dog Strawberry IPA 7.09/20/2019Rate 32
White Dog TD's Nut Brown 5.57/28/2019Rate 3.13
White Dog Tropical Hazy IPA 6.33/22/2019Rate 2.921
White Dog Tropical Sunset 7.09/20/2019Rate 2.961
White Dog Vanilla Cream Ale 6.012/19/2018Rate 3.073
White Dog Zwickelbier 5.47/7/2019Rate 3.053

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