White Hag / Boundary Freedom of Movement 4.54/3/2019Rate 3.074413
White Hag / Brew By Numbers No. 40 Table Saison 2.88/3/2018Rate 3.131913
White Hag / Brewtonic In Cahoots 4.85/12/2017Rate 3.264
White Hag / Haandbryggeriet Hag & Haand Apricot Brett Pale Ale 6.663/14/2018Rate 3.248314
White Hag / Honest Brew American Pale Ale 6.211/27/2016Rate 3.112
White Hag / Kinnegar The Hare and The Hag 6.32/25/2017Rate 3.639414
White Hag / MacIvors Silver Branch Apple Sour 5.02/25/2017Rate 3.454329
White Hag Atlantean 5.49/13/2017Rate 3.352258
White Hag Aw Class! 4.612/27/2018Rate 2.912
White Hag Barrel Aged Black Boar 2017 10.23/30/2019Rate 3.311114
White Hag Beann Gulban 7.59/2/2014Rate 3.171270
White Hag Beann Gulban Irish Heather Sour Ale (Barrel Aged) 6.93/12/2019Rate 3.54911
White Hag Black Boar 10.29/2/2014Rate 3.7980118
White Hag Black Boar Barrel Aged 2015 10.212/31/2015Rate 3.361419
White Hag Black Boar Barrel Aged 2016 10.23/20/2017Rate 3.87631
White Hag Black Boar Barrel Aged 2017 10.24/27/2019Rate 3.042
White Hag Bran & Sceolan 7.210/21/2014Rate 3.5587120
White Hag Brett Pale Ale 4.64/2/2016Rate 3.388
White Hag Cauldron of Plenty Oatmeal Porter 5.212/26/2018Rate 3.082029
White Hag Danu 4.61/8/2016Rate 2.924214
White Hag Festival Lager 4.03/19/2016Rate 2.941
White Hag Fionn 8.53/10/2019Rate 3.66825
White Hag Fionnabhair 5.29/2/2014Rate 3.044646
White Hag Fleadh Ale Red IPA (2015-) 4.78/25/2015Rate 3.163214
White Hag Glas 6.09/7/2019Rate 3.042
White Hag Hagstravaganza 4 - Bourbon Barrel Aged Black Boar Aged On Raspberries 111/4/2019Rate 3.211
White Hag Hopstravaganza 6.28/12/2019Rate 3.112
White Hag Immram Belgian IPA 6.87/23/2018Rate 3.478
White Hag Irish IPA (alias) 7.25/12/2015
White Hag Little Fawn 4.27/8/2015Rate 3.3354124
White Hag Meabh Rua 8.29/2/2014Rate 3.16624
White Hag Ned's Red 4.39/23/2018Rate 2.961
White Hag Niamh Chinn Oir 6.88/23/2016Rate 3.064312
White Hag Ninth Wave 5.44/24/2018Rate 3.448445
White Hag Olcan Barrel Aged Brett IPA 6.012/9/2017Rate 3.598816
White Hag Oscar 2.69/7/2019Rate 3.052
White Hag Red Doe 4.23/11/2016Rate 3.288743
White Hag Red Doe 5.6 5.610/24/2018Rate 3.072
White Hag Roc Modern Pils 4.53/7/2017Rate 2.966019
White Hag Samhain 5.49/2/2014Rate 3.09719
White Hag Searbh Rua 7.93/13/2015Rate 3.07919
White Hag Snakes and Scholars 4.03/18/2017Rate 3.122113
White Hag Son of the Sea Session NEIPA 3.812/25/2018Rate 3.335
White Hag The Black Pig 4.24/12/2018Rate 3.184121
White Hag The Black Sow 5.411/18/2017Rate 3.578836
White Hag The Fleadh 6.89/2/2014Rate 3.516220
White Hag The Púca 3.65/28/2016Rate 3.362686
White Hag The Púca Berry Hibiscus & Ginger 3.51/11/2017Rate 3.484671
White Hag The Puca Berry Sour 3.59/28/2019Rate 3.261
White Hag The Púca Lime, Mint & Matcha 3.59/10/2018Rate 3.262112
White Hag The White Sow 5.23/8/2015Rate 3.293974
White Hag The White Sow (Coffee) 5.210/20/2015Rate 3.456725
White Hag Tuireann Bán 6.29/2/2014Rate 3.243728
White Hag Warrior Queen 4.53/29/2019Rate 2.972
White Hag Yule 7.212/14/2014Rate 3.194741
White Hag Yule Barrel Aged 2017 7.21/11/2018Rate 3.212

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