White Horse Brewery (Titanic)

3 Ware Road, White Horse Business Park, Stanford-in-the-Vale, Faringdon, Oxfordshire, England SN7 8NY
Associated place: Royal Blenheim (White Horse)
Commenced brewing in September 2004. 2016 Titanic Brewery of Stoke have a controlling share of the Brewery. Combined Titanic / White Horse beers are brewed at White Horse under the Luna brand name.
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Luna Audit Ale with Roger Protz 7.010/29/2016Rate 3.073
Luna Blood Moon 4.27/9/2017Rate 3.112
Luna Dark Moon 4.910/22/2017Rate 2.891
Luna DIPA 6.55/20/2018Rate 3.092
Luna Moon Ray 4.010/12/2019Rate 2.941
Luna Moongate 4.58/10/2019Rate 2.972
Luna Moonshine 4.610/20/2018Rate 31
Luna Pandora 4.211/11/2018Rate 2.871
Luna Sent to the Moon 4.69/7/2019Rate 2.921
Luna Sputnik 7.11/5/2019Rate 2.981
Luna Star Gazer 4.31/30/2019Rate 2.981
Luna The Harlequin 5.012/14/2016Rate 3.122
Luna Waxing Crescent Moon 4.02/7/2018Rate 2.921
Luna White Moon 4.07/22/2017Rate 2.921
Luna Who Said Brown Beers are Boring 4.21/5/2019Rate 2.932
Turf Tavern Summer Ale 4.19/4/2007Rate 3.067616
White Horse Bitter (Cask) (aka Oxfordshire Bitter) 3.710/24/2004Rate 3.199261
White Horse Black Beauty 3.95/18/2008Rate 3.339121
White Horse Black Horse Porter 5.011/8/2006Rate 3.396636
White Horse Blowing Stone 4.21/22/2011Rate 3.087625
White Horse Camarillo 4.57/27/2014Rate 2.972127
White Horse Champion The Wonder Horse 4.51/8/2012Rate 3.199314
White Horse Cheval Blanc 4.79/9/2013Rate 2.914515
White Horse Christmas Ale 4.812/14/2006Rate 3.33
White Horse Christmas Cracker 4.810/30/2006Rate 2.75512
White Horse Colt 4.512/28/2015Rate 2.786
White Horse Crazy Horse 4.710/29/2016Rate 3.116
White Horse Ding Dong the Witch is Dead 4.311/1/2008Rate 3.053
White Horse DK Bitter 4.12/2/2006Rate 2.855
White Horse Dragon Hill (Cask) 4.23/13/2006Rate 3.29611
White Horse Epona 4.310/26/2008Rate 3.29316
White Horse Flibbertigibbet 4.34/10/2006Rate 3.259821
White Horse Giant 4.31/13/2008Rate 3.139115
White Horse Giant's Stairs 4.67/7/2011Rate 2.994013
White Horse Hi Ho Silver 4.34/22/2012Rate 3.216
White Horse Horse Rustler 5.49/30/2011Rate 3.25113
White Horse Jack's Better (alias) 4.36/1/2013
White Horse Kickin' Off 4.56/3/2010Rate 3.03648
White Horse Lipizzaner 4.44/21/2014Rate 2.924
White Horse Missing Horse (alias) 5.49/15/2012
White Horse Nelson APA 4.52/2/2014Rate 2.871
White Horse Oxford Dark Blue 4.311/21/2010Rate 3.29316
White Horse Pferdestarke Pils 4.68/19/2017Rate 3.072
White Horse Rudolph The Red Nosed White Horse (Cask) 4.812/2/2007Rate 3.177119
White Horse Rum Porter 5.09/26/2016Rate 2.961
White Horse Saracen IPA 4.54/26/2007Rate 3.168946
White Horse Sarsen Stones 4.61/21/2009Rate 3.02699
White Horse Scourers Brew 4.87/8/2009Rate 3.178425
White Horse Show Pony RPA 4.52/4/2017Rate 3.092
White Horse Single Hop Styrian Wolf 4.33/17/2018Rate 2.921
White Horse Snivellers Corner 4.710/23/2010Rate 3.167016
White Horse Stable #1 4.02/16/2019Rate 2.941
White Horse Stable #3 4.46/25/2019Rate 3.135
White Horse Stable #4 3.98/8/2019Rate 2.981
White Horse Stable Genius 4.02/16/2019Rate 2.921
White Horse T.A.P 4.410/15/2014Rate 2.916
White Horse The Guv'nor 6.53/8/2006Rate 3.174920
White Horse The Tight Five 4.52/14/2015Rate 2.974715
White Horse Village Idiot 4.18/25/2005Rate 3.1172100
White Horse Volunds Hammer 5.010/24/2009Rate 3.094818
White Horse War Horse 4.99/25/2012Rate 3.218030
White Horse Wayland Smithy (Cask) 4.41/23/2005Rate 3.249592
White Horse Dragon Hill (Bottle) 4.24/6/2009Rate 2.77249
White Horse Oxfordshire Bitter (Bottle) 4.111/10/2006Rate 2.894125
White Horse Rudolph The Red Nosed White Horse (Bottle) 4.812/7/2008Rate 2.871535
White Horse Uffington Bitter (Bottle) 5.18/30/2011Rate 34310
White Horse Wayland Smithy (Bottle) 4.412/8/2008Rate 2.923929

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