White Shield Brewery / Museum Brewery (Molson Coors)

National Brewery Centre, Horninglow Street, Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England DE14 1YQ

Located in the National Brewery Centre
Opened December 1994 as part of Bass Museum, brewing occasional historic beers, and then expanded to allow experimental and guest brewing under the name Museum Brewery. After MolsonCoors took over the main Bass Brewery including the museum, the name was changed to White Shield Brewery, and the brewery concentrated on brewing White Shield and a core range. In 2011, The William Worthington Brewery was installed in 2011 within the fabric of the museum to replace the 5 barrel Museum Brewery. In 2015, The Heritage Brewing Company has acquired the William Worthington Brewery and is brewing White Shiel under contract for Molson Coors.

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Bass Amazing Mild 4.57/29/2004Rate 2.921
Bass Calcutta IPA 5.111/25/2007Rate 2.94
Bass Dukes Ale 6.52/15/2003Rate 3.023
Bass King's Ale (alias) 10.51/25/2011
Bass No 1 / King's Ale 10.51/27/2003Rate 3.787155
Bass P2 / Czars Imperial Stout 8.01/9/2003Rate 3.762105
Bass St Margarets 4.85/19/2003Rate 2.921
Jubilee Strong Ale (alias) 101/7/2009
Museum 1066 4.32/1/2004Rate 3.022
Museum 1666 6.64/6/2004Rate 2.881
Museum Ale 4.110/6/2003Rate 2.661
Museum Battlecry 4.59/4/2003Rate 2.914
Museum Bong 4.27/4/2004Rate 2.661
Museum Bullion 6.512/5/2002Rate 3.649110
Museum Decadence 4.31/14/2004Rate 3.111
Museum Dreadnought 4.812/6/2003Rate 2.82
Museum Intensive Care 4.16/26/2003Rate 2.691
Museum Masseys Bitter 4.16/23/2005Rate 2.832
Museum Offilers Derby Best Bitter 4.09/23/2003Rate 2.832
Museum Phew! 4.39/20/2003Rate 3.046
Museum Witchs Dripping 4.812/4/2003Rate 2.752
St Modwen 4.28/10/2003Rate 3.118218
White Shield The Masters Ale 6.512/19/2008Rate 3.072
Worthington 1744 4.42/1/2003Rate 2.671543
Worthington 1744 (Cask) 4.48/24/2002Rate 2.964912

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