Whitewater Brewery

Lakeside Brae, County Down, Castlewellan, Northern Ireland BT31 9RH
Tours by arrangement only

Commenced brewing in 1996. In 2017 the brewery moved from Kilkeel to Castlewellan in County Down.
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Cloughmore Dark Water Stout
Brewed by/for Cloughmore
4.76/8/2014Rate 3.062516
Cloughmore Granite Lager
Brewed by/for Cloughmore
4.56/8/2014Rate 2.673
Cloughmore Heather IPA
Brewed by/for Cloughmore
-6/8/2014Rate 3.227215
Mourne Oyster Stout 4.21/23/2011Rate 2.953
Whitewater Bees Endeavour 4.88/27/2007Rate 2.691526
Whitewater Belfast Ale 4.53/7/2004Rate 3.138598
Whitewater Belfast Black 4.55/24/2010Rate 3.245100
Whitewater Belfast Lager 4.53/25/2008Rate 2.968166
Whitewater Clothworthy Dobbin (barrel aged) 5.011/6/2012Rate 2.93
Whitewater Clotworthy Dobbin 5.08/9/2008Rate 3.274493
Whitewater Copperhead 3.76/24/2010Rate 2.954237
Whitewater Crown & Glory 4.53/7/2004Rate 2.944724
Whitewater Dappled Mare 4.311/16/2004Rate 3.173
Whitewater Down Pilgrim 3.99/9/2012Rate 2.841
Whitewater Ewe Rebel 7.011/22/2015Rate 3.11816
Whitewater Festival Special 7.211/14/2014Rate 2.972
Whitewater Glen Ale 4.210/26/2006Rate 2.921
Whitewater Hallion Red 4.28/27/2018Rate 2.916
Whitewater Hen, Cock & Pigeon Rock 4.89/22/2015Rate 3.238017
Whitewater Hoppelhammer 6.01/13/2013Rate 3.436573
Whitewater Knight Porter 5.08/9/2009Rate 3.16409
Whitewater Kreme De La Kremlin 10.55/3/2019Rate 3.433
Whitewater Maggie's Leap IPA 4.74/30/2015Rate 3.194232
Whitewater Mayflower 4.15/25/2006Rate 3.098
Whitewater McHughs 300 Beer 3.52/19/2012Rate 2.952
Whitewater Mill Ale 3.711/16/2004Rate 3.194
Whitewater Natural Blond Lager 4.02/11/2008Rate 2.722
Whitewater Northern Brewer 4.48/9/2009Rate 2.88
Whitewater Nut Brown Ale 4.211/16/2004Rate 31
Whitewater Sanity Claus 4.19/18/2009Rate 34711
Whitewater Snake Drive Bitter 4.311/16/2004Rate 3.022
Whitewater Solstice 4.08/11/2007Rate 2.944819
Whitewater St Donard 4.49/14/2014Rate 2.841

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