Wigan Brew House (prev AllGates)

All Gates, Old Brewery, Brewery Yard, Wigan, Lancashire, England WN1 1JU
Tours by arrangement at 7pm Monday to Saturday.

Associated place: Anvil (Allgates)
Commenced brewing in August 2006. As well as the brewery, AllGates operates eight pubs. Late in 2015 there was a rebrand of many of its brands. The Brewing operation went into liquidation and subsequently closed in 2016. The pubs are to be sold off. ReStarted in 2018 as Wigan Brew House
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Northern Monk / Allgates Northern Gates 8.210/14/2013Rate 3.048
AllGates / Five Towns Station to Station 5.69/15/2014Rate 2.712
AllGates Admiral 4.33/28/2015Rate 2.841
AllGates Ahtanum 4.310/30/2013Rate 2.92
AllGates All Black 3.66/3/2010Rate 3.288826
AllGates All Day Coffee IPA 5.11/20/2016Rate 33
AllGates Back O' Bourke 4.26/21/2015Rate 2.981
AllGates Barbeerella 4.18/16/2009Rate 2.841
AllGates Barley Brook 4.46/19/2014Rate 2.831
AllGates Beauty And The Yeast 4.24/13/2008Rate 2.853
AllGates Beer Hunter 3.99/21/2007Rate 2.742
AllGates Beltane (5.7%) 5.75/21/2010Rate 2.973
AllGates Beverly Hills Hop 4.312/20/2008Rate 2.773
AllGates Bitter Ye Not 3.96/10/2009Rate 2.91
AllGates Blackstar 4.810/27/2016Rate 2.981
AllGates Blue Sky Tea Pale Ale 4.210/15/2014Rate 2.973
AllGates Bottoms Up 4.24/6/2009Rate 2.791
AllGates Brigantia 4.04/15/2010Rate 3.096919
AllGates Bright Blade 4.010/1/2006Rate 2.834019
AllGates Bull Ship 4.21/31/2007Rate 3.151
AllGates Calico Deep Engine 3.57/27/2013Rate 2.761
AllGates California 3.86/22/2009Rate 3.259230
AllGates Carry On Drinking 4.47/29/2009Rate 2.811
AllGates Caskablanca 4.13/19/2010Rate 2.955411
AllGates Catalonia 4.012/19/2016Rate 2.941
AllGates Celtic Pale Ale (alias) 4.04/15/2011
AllGates Challenger 1 4.05/7/2014Rate 0
AllGates Citra 4.21/17/2013Rate 3.028
AllGates Cripplegate Sloe Stout 7.21/15/2016Rate 2.941
AllGates Crombouke Day Eye (TNT) 3.93/25/2014Rate 2.841
AllGates Dairy Pit Milk Stout 4.54/9/2015Rate 2.861
AllGates Darkness 4.53/5/2008Rate 2.772
AllGates Deux Citra 4.21/27/2011Rate 3.245
AllGates Double Chocolate Stout 4.51/31/2011Rate 3.195
AllGates Double Espresso 4.41/16/2013Rate 2.874
AllGates Dry Bones (alias) 4.48/7/2009
AllGates Edith & Mabel 4.29/8/2014Rate 3.247
AllGates Emmanuale 3.98/14/2008Rate 2.823
AllGates Equinox 4.25/4/2015Rate 3.092
AllGates EXP 5-256 4.13/1/2014Rate 3.063
AllGates First Gold 4.38/3/2009Rate 2.92
AllGates Florida 3.68/2/2015Rate 2.9213
AllGates George Lyon 3.911/20/2009Rate 2.822
AllGates Gin Pit 4.38/5/2013Rate 2.767
AllGates Glacier 3.87/29/2012Rate 2.733
AllGates Golden Aeld 4.27/14/2012Rate 2.842
AllGates Great Boys 4.37/31/2014Rate 2.871
AllGates Groundhop Day (alias) 3.86/22/2009
AllGates Hasty Knoll 4.210/30/2006Rate 2.843410
AllGates Holly Goodhead 4.09/30/2008Rate 2.841
AllGates Hop Devil 5.53/12/2010Rate 2.861
AllGates Hop Hop Hop No3 4.07/19/2015Rate 31
AllGates Hopgate 4.98/13/2012Rate 2.984
AllGates Hung, Drawn & Portered 5.21/25/2010Rate 2.842
AllGates Indecent Proposal 4.17/29/2007Rate 2.921
Allgates Jabba The Hop 4.39/1/2015Rate 0
AllGates Jack of Hearts 4.19/5/2016Rate 31
AllGates Kupfer Weizen 3.98/27/2011Rate 2.761
AllGates Lancashire Pale Ale 4.54/18/2008Rate 2.832
AllGates Mad Monk 7.12/1/2010Rate 3.442626
AllGates Maori Dark Mild (alias) 3.66/3/2010
AllGates Marynka 4.16/13/2011Rate 2.831
AllGates Metrohopolis 3.91/4/2009Rate 2.881
AllGates Mild At Heart 3.87/29/2007Rate 34516
AllGates Motueka Gold 4.010/10/2010Rate 2.911
AllGates Napoleon's Retreat 3.93/17/2007Rate 2.731621
AllGates Nellie Melba 4.310/27/2015Rate 0
AllGates New Year's Ale 4.03/23/2009Rate 2.812
AllGates Nightmare On Ale Street 5.36/28/2008Rate 2.933
AllGates NZ Cascade 4.312/26/2011Rate 2.964
AllGates Old Boston Plum Porter 4.410/28/2014Rate 3.227
AllGates Ostara (alias) 3.68/26/2012
AllGates Pacific Gem 4.35/9/2011Rate 2.871
AllGates Pacific Jade 4.07/29/2012Rate 2.831
AllGates Palo Santo Porter 5.212/26/2011Rate 0
AllGates Patchcroft Mosaic 4.211/8/2015Rate 2.961
AllGates Pepper Lane 4.111/19/2015Rate 31
AllGates Pony Dick 4.212/19/2016Rate 2.921
AllGates Poppy 4.51/2/2013Rate 2.861
AllGates Porteresque 4.42/8/2009Rate 3.23733
AllGates Pretoria 3.97/19/2009Rate 3.158114
AllGates Pump Fiction 4.34/26/2008Rate 2.811
AllGates Quaker House Stout 4.97/15/2013Rate 2.931
AllGates Randy Rudolph 5.212/11/2007Rate 2.913
AllGates Reverend Ray 4.61/31/2007Rate 2.647
AllGates Rule Of 72 4.512/20/2015Rate 3.111
AllGates Santa's Coming 4.412/22/2008Rate 2.532
AllGates Saving A Pint For Ryan (alias) 3.94/29/2009
AllGates Seven Feet 4.33/28/2015Rate 2.972
AllGates Shining Light 4.18/20/2008Rate 2.888
AllGates Ships Festival Special 3.81/31/2007Rate 31
AllGates Simcoe 4.47/14/2011Rate 3.096
AllGates Sloe Stout 7.212/26/2011Rate 3.034
AllGates Smoking and They Banned It 4.07/20/2007Rate 2.794
AllGates Some Like It Hopped 4.511/29/2008Rate 2.872
AllGates Son Of Porter 4.87/28/2007Rate 2.921
AllGates Sovereign 4.38/5/2013Rate 2.811
AllGates Summit 4.54/10/2014Rate 2.872
AllGates Super Alpha 4.23/28/2011Rate 3.023
AllGates Sybilla 4.18/8/2011Rate 2.994
AllGates Tag All Black (alias) 3.611/11/2015
AllGates The 3.9 Steps 3.97/22/2009Rate 2.945210
AllGates True Blonde 4.65/19/2010Rate 2.761
AllGates Tutti I Cancelli Tipo 5.19/4/2013Rate 2.81
AllGates Twist n Stout 4.57/31/2007Rate 3.071
AllGates Twitter & Busted 4.011/1/2009Rate 3.09869
AllGates Unhinged 7.51/26/2010Rate 2.857
AllGates Unkulunkulu 4.17/15/2010Rate 2.791
AllGates Urchinsnapes 4.05/3/2015Rate 3.25
AllGates Victoria 4.05/7/2014Rate 2.811
AllGates Vlad The Impaler 4.62/2/2009Rate 2.881
AllGates Wai-iti 4.23/12/2012Rate 2.741
AllGates Waimea 4.26/30/2013Rate 2.91
AllGates Winter Meltdown 4.812/25/2009Rate 3.04769
AllGates Winter Spice 4.01/1/2013Rate 2.791
AllGates Winter Tipple 4.82/23/2007Rate 3.082
AllGates Winter Warmer 4.412/14/2008Rate 2.934
AllGates Winter Wild 4.011/23/2009Rate 2.811
AllGates Winter Zing 4.511/19/2013Rate 2.861
AllGates WMD (alias) 5.75/21/2010
AllGates Yankee Pale Ale 5.010/1/2009Rate 3.267612
AllGates Yellow Jersey 4.58/11/2014Rate 2.771
AllGates Young Pretender 3.810/1/2006Rate 2.96629
Wigan Brew House Casino 3.910/5/2018Rate 2.891
Wigan Brew House Gin Pit 4.35/18/2018Rate 2.891
Wigan Brew House Kicker 4.08/7/2018Rate 2.961
Wigan Brew House Pretoria 3.912/20/2018Rate 2.921
Wigan Brew House Slider 4.011/30/2018Rate 2.961
Wigan Brew House Station Road 4.52/17/2019Rate 2.941
Wigan Brew House Tempo 4.14/13/2019Rate 2.952
Wigan Brew House Wigan Junction (alias) 3.911/12/2015

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