Wild Beer

Lower Westcombe Farm, Evercreech, Shepton Mallet, Somerset, England BA4 6ER
Places associated: Wild Beer, Wild Beer at Wapping Wharf
Commenced Brewing in 2012.In 2017 Wild Beer bought the old Brewery from the closed Cottage Brewery and has moved cask conditioned production there.
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Curious / Wild Beer Curiouser & Curiouser: Chapter 1
Brewed by/for Curious Brewing
4.93/28/2018Rate 3.111
Wild Beer / 8 Wired Black & Blue 5.09/20/2016Rate 3.54758
Wild Beer / Alesong Isle of Avalon 5.74/24/2019Rate 3.42710
Wild Beer / Arizona Wilderness Air of Grandeur 9.54/12/2019Rate 3.354
Wild Beer / Beavertown Blubus Maximus 5.56/17/2015Rate 3.494787
Wild Beer / Beavertown Rubus Maximus 5.63/29/2014Rate 3.738772
Wild Beer / BrewDog Bristol Rosa Canina 5.410/23/2014Rate 3.263718
Wild Beer / Budvar Saaz Trek 4.81/7/2019Rate 3.25929
Wild Beer / Burning Sky / Duration Huis V.2 4.84/27/2018Rate 3.248
Wild Beer / Burning Sky / Good George Shnoodlepip 6.57/24/2013Rate 3.6170156
Wild Beer / Fuller's Cellarman Project Antler & Talon 3.811/2/2018Rate 3.228
Wild Beer / Hanging Bat Blackfriars Nanban Yadokai 131/22/2015Rate 3.417275
Wild Beer / Hanging Bat Blackfriars Nanban Yadokai Unique Edition 135/31/2019Rate 3.43
Wild Beer / Harbour Comus 5.96/5/2014Rate 3.079116
Wild Beer / Ignition Summer Riot 4.88/5/2018Rate 3.197
Wild Beer / IMBC Strawblender 5.510/6/2016Rate 3.596210
Wild Beer / Left Handed Giant River of Darkness 3.96/3/2018Rate 3.376511
Wild Beer / Lervig Trendy Juice 5.710/11/2016Rate 3.395235
Wild Beer / Lindheim Choked Up! 5.85/26/2019Rate 3.274
Wild Beer / Long Arm Practice What You Peach 4.47/2/2019Rate 2.921
Wild Beer / Loverbeer Ceresa 6.010/5/2018Rate 3.577520
Wild Beer / Magic Rock Ghost Zapper 5.46/22/2018Rate 3.637434
Wild Beer / Magic Rock Men Who Stare At Oats 6.02/24/2017Rate 3.436420
Wild Beer / Magic Rock Yacht Casual 4.16/23/2018Rate 3.011410
Wild Beer / Malte Carallada 4.12/13/2017Rate 3.131913
Wild Beer / Side Project Indigo 5.09/7/2017Rate 3.12942
Wild Beer / Side Project Rosa Rouge 5.09/1/2018Rate 3.538260
Wild Beer / Stillwater Et Tu? 7.48/26/2018Rate 3.384025
Wild Beer / To Øl Trøffeler 5.57/3/2018Rate 3.538249
Wild Beer / Toccalmatto Indigo Child 8.09/12/2014Rate 3.32393
Wild Beer Amelie 5.012/13/2013Rate 3.311712
Wild Beer Among the Pines 4.22/18/2019Rate 3.033
Wild Beer Amuse Apricot 5.46/27/2015Rate 3.347
Wild Beer Amuse Bouche 5.610/12/2013Rate 3.494628
Wild Beer Amuse Gooseberry 5.41/25/2016Rate 3.514818
Wild Beer Amuse Rhubarb 5.412/4/2015Rate 3.312511
Wild Beer B*Wildered 7.53/20/2019Rate 3.759022
Wild Beer B.A.B.S 11.31/11/2019Rate 3.999736
Wild Beer Barrel 25 4.62/28/2015Rate 3.464211
Wild Beer Beebrush Lemon Verbena 5.88/28/2016Rate 3.253512
Wild Beer Belgian Peppercorn 6.01/14/2014Rate 3.56
Wild Beer Best Saison 4.54/7/2013Rate 3.061111
Wild Beer Beyond Modus 8.011/9/2014Rate 3.728671
Wild Beer Beyond Modus III 8.011/20/2016Rate 3.759036
Wild Beer Beyond Modus IV 8.011/18/2017Rate 3.748947
Wild Beer Beyond Modus V 6.211/12/2018Rate 3.525015
Wild Beer Bibble 4.27/25/2014Rate 3.4177293
Wild Beer Billionaire 101/12/2017Rate 3.885983
Wild Beer Bliss 6.011/7/2012Rate 3.1963137
Wild Beer Bodhisattva 5.01/4/2019Rate 0
Wild Beer Breakfast of Champignons 4.111/25/2016Rate 3.383574
Wild Beer Breakfast Of Champignons II 4.111/27/2018Rate 32
Wild Beer Brettbrett (2015) 8.410/17/2015Rate 3.626999
Wild Beer Brettbrett (2016) 8.411/11/2016Rate 3.534935
Wild Beer Brettbrett (2017) 9.06/1/2017Rate 3.545042
Wild Beer Brettbrett (2018) 8.15/8/2018Rate 3.413421
Wild Beer Brithop Funky Dory 5.06/15/2018Rate 3.32519
Wild Beer Bruty & the Yeast 6.610/4/2018Rate 3.487920
Wild Beer Burns Unit 6.41/25/2016Rate 3.454
Wild Beer Chronos 5.84/9/2017Rate 3.199440
Wild Beer Cloudy Crowd 5.23/23/2017Rate 3.499017
Wild Beer Cool as a Gherkin 2.92/28/2015Rate 3.352921
Wild Beer Cottage Industry 4.512/4/2017Rate 2.941
Wild Beer Dark Horse 4.44/20/2016Rate 3.056
Wild Beer Deckchair 3.98/14/2013Rate 3.061412
Wild Beer Dirty Boots 4.02/4/2019Rate 3.164
Wild Beer Dr Todd 9.02/27/2018Rate 3.131026
Wild Beer Draft House Wild Cup 4.56/14/2018Rate 2.963
Wild Beer East 5.010/8/2018Rate 3.167
Wild Beer Einsteinium 4.78/16/2015Rate 3.138918
Wild Beer English Roots 4.812/22/2013Rate 3.174121
Wild Beer Epic Saison 5.011/7/2012Rate 3.4772335
Wild Beer Epic Saison with Brett (alias) 5.06/19/2013
Wild Beer Evolver IPA 5.81/21/2014Rate 3.5571342
Wild Beer Fixer 4.56/27/2017Rate 3.376
Wild Beer Foudres Hop 5.310/22/2017Rate 3.383418
Wild Beer Fresh 5.510/31/2012Rate 3.4787319
Wild Beer Frisky Mango 4.04/8/2018Rate 2.981
Wild Beer Fruitbooter 5.710/15/2017Rate 3.697176
Wild Beer Funky Dory (alias) 5.06/21/2018
Wild Beer Gazillionaire 4.87/15/2016Rate 3.197440
Wild Beer Hibernating Lemons 6.011/18/2015Rate 3.438
Wild Beer Huis V2 - Barrel Aged 4.86/29/2019Rate 3.151
Wild Beer Hula 3.82/28/2015Rate 3.11916
Wild Beer Iced Modus 1312/14/2017Rate 3.648537
Wild Beer Iduna Cru (alias) 9.012/30/2013
Wild Beer III 9.01/25/2016Rate 3.363454
Wild Beer Incognito 5.79/6/2017Rate 3.243
Wild Beer IndeWildeman 4.14/15/2016Rate 3.249139
Wild Beer Jambo! 8.59/13/2017Rate 3.7264113
Wild Beer Keller 5.07/15/2016Rate 3.218621
Wild Beer Lady Marmalager 4.012/15/2017Rate 3.085
Wild Beer Levain (alias) 3.610/28/2015
Wild Beer Madness IPA 6.810/31/2012Rate 3.7198461
Wild Beer Maison #1 6.05/8/2018Rate 3.184
Wild Beer Maison #2 4.75/31/2018Rate 3.318
Wild Beer Maison #3 5.08/5/2018Rate 3.334520
Wild Beer Millionaire 4.71/2/2015Rate 3.6375373
Wild Beer Modus (single barrel red wine) (alias) 8.21/14/2014
Wild Beer Modus Grand Cru 8.311/24/2013Rate 3.07219
Wild Beer Modus Operandi 7.010/14/2012Rate 3.5963463
Wild Beer Modus Operandi (Red Wine and Bourbon Barrel) 7.03/3/2018Rate 3.367
Wild Beer Modus Operandi (Red wine unblended) 7.01/16/2014Rate 3.184
Wild Beer Modus Vivendi (M.V.) (alias) 7.06/1/2014
Wild Beer Murmur 5.01/22/2019Rate 3.344612
Wild Beer Nebula 5.012/12/2017Rate 3.5652159
Wild Beer Ninkasi 9.01/7/2013Rate 3.5489385
Wild Beer Ninkasi Premier Cru 1011/28/2013Rate 3.558773
Wild Beer Not Now Cato! 6.411/12/2018Rate 3.57818
Wild Beer Of The Sea 7.011/30/2016Rate 3.27038
Wild Beer Old Pink Peppercorn 6.51/21/2015Rate 2.973
Wild Beer Plum Blender 6.210/5/2018Rate 3.357
Wild Beer Pogo 4.13/26/2016Rate 3.3756230
Wild Beer Puritan 5.77/3/2017Rate 3.487334
Wild Beer Put it in Your Pipe 5.12/27/2013Rate 3.559173
Wild Beer Raconteur 1012/3/2013Rate 3.535740
Wild Beer Raconteur BA 3yr 9.92/17/2017Rate 3.383722
Wild Beer Ramboozle 10.512/16/2017Rate 3.634728
Wild Beer Redwood 2013 (4.8%) 4.82/27/2013Rate 3.484728
Wild Beer Redwood 2014 (5.8%) 5.810/4/2014Rate 3.586357
Wild Beer Redwood 2015 (5.8%) 5.84/10/2016Rate 3.678051
Wild Beer Redwood 2016 (5.8%) 5.83/27/2017Rate 3.586235
Wild Beer Redwood 2017 5.810/15/2017Rate 3.657643
Wild Beer Redwood 2018 5.61/21/2019Rate 3.596916
Wild Beer Rhubarber 6.04/1/2018Rate 3.369112
Wild Beer Rod Nam Sang 4.75/5/2015Rate 3.257812
Wild Beer Rooting Around - Autumn 4.610/7/2017Rate 3.464434
Wild Beer Rooting Around - Spring 3.05/28/2017Rate 3.328641
Wild Beer Rooting Around - Summer 6.07/27/2017Rate 3.637461
Wild Beer Rooting Around - Winter 7.01/22/2018Rate 3.59626
Wild Beer Scarlet Fever 4.811/7/2012Rate 3.3391103
Wild Beer Shika 4.56/7/2018Rate 3.118118
Wild Beer Shnipple Shnap 5.210/28/2017Rate 3.167315
Wild Beer Sleeping Lemons 3.67/24/2015Rate 3.2928242
Wild Beer Sleeping Lemons Export 6.04/23/2016Rate 3.4145171
Wild Beer Sleeping Limes 4.65/17/2018Rate 3.121180
Wild Beer Smoke 'n' Barrels - Autumn 6.011/18/2016Rate 3.427434
Wild Beer Smoke 'n' Barrels - Spring 4.74/28/2016Rate 3.12633
Wild Beer Smoke 'n' Barrels - Summer 4.07/10/2016Rate 3.325152
Wild Beer Smoke 'n' Barrels - Winter 7.412/11/2016Rate 3.589336
Wild Beer Smoke 'n' Barrels (2017) (alias) 4.012/18/2017
Wild Beer Smoke 'n' Barrels 2017 (alias) 4.01/22/2018
Wild Beer Smoke 'n' Barrels Islay Whisky Edition 7.44/30/2018Rate 3.478319
Wild Beer Solera 4.48/18/2013Rate 3.3649103
Wild Beer Somerset Saison (alias) 5.06/29/2013
Wild Beer Somerset Wild 5.01/14/2014Rate 3.2738180
Wild Beer Something About Nothing 0.42/27/2018Rate 2.81949
Wild Beer Sourbeest 5.81/14/2014Rate 3.555250
Wild Beer Sourdough 3.612/4/2013Rate 3.4745271
Wild Beer Spellbound 4.52/27/2013Rate 3.051142
Wild Beer Spicy Crowd 5.04/9/2017Rate 3.26921
Wild Beer Squashed Grape 5.012/4/2015Rate 3.07759
Wild Beer Stalker 7.01/17/2013Rate 3.467217
Wild Beer STUs Gose 6.02/28/2015Rate 3.277
Wild Beer Summer Blend 2015 4.67/20/2015Rate 3.667939
Wild Beer Tepache 6.06/9/2017Rate 3.4229103
Wild Beer The Belgian Table 3.97/17/2019Rate 3.033
Wild Beer The Big Sticklebract 4.27/10/2019Rate 3.061
Wild Beer The Blend 2016 5.08/28/2016Rate 3.586329
Wild Beer The Blend 2017 4.98/5/2017Rate 3.657840
Wild Beer The Blend 2018 4.78/5/2018Rate 3.562915
Wild Beer The Huntress 4.09/17/2014Rate 3.186914
Wild Beer Tom Yum Gose 4.03/20/2015Rate 3.264760
Wild Beer Tori's Secret 4.85/31/2018Rate 3.194
Wild Beer Tropic Thunder 5.02/2/2019Rate 3.262
Wild Beer Veritas 4.56/1/2017Rate 3.124
Wild Beer West 5.210/13/2018Rate 3.2859
Wild Beer Whiskebeest 1212/3/2013Rate 3.726727
Wild Beer Whisky Sour (alias) 5.91/14/2014
Wild Beer Wild Goose Chase 4.511/16/2014Rate 3.3435184
Wild Beer Wild in the Cask 3.67/9/2017Rate 3514
Wild Beer Wildebeest 1111/7/2012Rate 3.9267286
Wild Beer WineyBeest 111/2/2015Rate 3.764079
Wild Beer Winter Blend 2015 (Beyond Modus II) 6.012/4/2015Rate 3.647330
Wild Beer Winter in the Tropics 5.01/17/2019Rate 3.285
Wild Beer Winter Solstice 4.811/30/2018Rate 3.041
Wild Beer Witness 5.83/2/2016Rate 3.444179
Wild Beer Yadokai Barrel Aged 132/16/2017Rate 3.457734
Wild Beer Yankee Sandwich 4.710/15/2014Rate 3.294733
Wild Beer Yokai 4.511/20/2017Rate 3.11365
Wild Beer Zintuki 7.39/19/2014Rate 3.5143155
Wild Beer Zulu Charlie 9.01/14/2014Rate 3.236

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