Wild Card Brewery

Unit 2, Lockwood Way, Blackhorse Road, Walthamstow, Greater London, England E17 5RB
Associated place: Wild Card Brewery Tap Bar
Wild Card Brewery was founded as a cuckoo brewery, then moved into its own site in Walthamstow in January 2014 where it operates a six brewers barrel kit. Moved again in 2017.
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Wild Card / Unite Local Rhubarb Pale 4.84/18/2017Rate 3.248212
Wild Card Ace of Spades 4.811/8/2014Rate 3.294646
Wild Card Cherry Sour 5.210/29/2017Rate 2.963
Wild Card Citra 3.92/4/2017Rate 3.021
Wild Card DDH IPA 7.54/3/2019Rate 3.37
Wild Card DIPA 8.110/21/2018Rate 3.36279
Wild Card DIPA II 8.13/15/2019Rate 3.162
Wild Card East Coast IPA 6.110/21/2018Rate 3.295
Wild Card India Pale Ale 5.54/12/2019Rate 3.142
Wild Card Jack of Clubs 4.53/26/2013Rate 3.118176
Wild Card Joker 4.411/13/2016Rate 2.647
Wild Card King of Hearts 4.511/8/2014Rate 3.178459
Wild Card NEIPA 5.48/10/2018Rate 3.32639
Wild Card New Zealand Pale 4.82/4/2017Rate 3.144
Wild Card Pale Ale 3.88/23/2014Rate 3.087
Wild Card Pale Ale Amarillo 3.411/25/2017Rate 3.041
Wild Card Pale Ale Cascade 4.51/7/2017Rate 0
Wild Card Pale Ale Citra Mosaic 4.87/12/2017Rate 3.061
Wild Card Pale Ale Dana 4.210/29/2016Rate 31
Wild Card Pale Ale Simcoe Citra 3.310/6/2017Rate 31
Wild Card Passion Fruit Gose 4.811/2/2018Rate 3.021
Wild Card Queen of Diamonds 5.04/14/2014Rate 3.264994
Wild Card Queen of Diamonds (Cask 4%) 4.01/11/2018Rate 31
Wild Card Raspberry Gose 4.611/29/2018Rate 3.041
Wild Card Raspberry Saison 3.91/7/2017Rate 3.133
Wild Card Russian Imperial Stout 10.111/29/2018Rate 0
Wild Card Session IPA 3.92/4/2017Rate 3.142
Wild Card Small Beer 3.78/14/2016Rate 3.091
Wild Card Smoked Mild 3.72/4/2017Rate 2.982
Wild Card Sorrel Saison 5.12/15/2018Rate 0
Wild Card Specials American Pale Ale 4.612/23/2017Rate 31
Wild Card Table Beer 2.72/9/2019Rate 3.213
Wild Card Unite Expression 6.36/4/2016Rate 3.023
Wild Card United Red Ale 4.66/2/2015Rate 2.981
Wild Card Walthamstow Wild Hop IPA 5.110/25/2017Rate 3.131
Wild Card Wild Hop IPA 5.110/25/2017Rate 3.014

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