Wild Goose Brewery (National Brewing Company)

(Not In Production)
Client Brewer
930 Port St, Easton, Maryland, USA 21601
Opened in 1989 in Cambridge MD, purchased by Frederick Brewing Company in 1997 and moved there in 1998, purchased by Flying Dog Brewing in 2006 and then Logan Shaw in late 2010, which never brewed a batch. Purchased in late 2015 by National Brewing Co., initially client brewing at Oliver.
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Hudepohl 14-K Premium 4.28/12/2002Rate 2.899813
Little Kings Bruin Pale Ale 5.17/27/2003Rate 32319
Mt. Everest Malt Liquor 5.98/10/2002Rate 2.286
Schoenling Beer 4.08/10/2002Rate 3.052
Blue Ridge (MD) Amber Lager 5.09/20/2000Rate 3.149246
Blue Ridge (MD) ESB Red Ale 4.89/20/2000Rate 3.389571
Blue Ridge (MD) Golden Ale 4.76/25/2002Rate 3.055834
Blue Ridge (MD) Hopfest Brown Ale 5.511/21/2000Rate 3.59340
Blue Ridge (MD) Porter 5.29/26/2001Rate 3.46882
Blue Ridge (MD) Snowball's Chance 6.012/1/2001Rate 3.215580
Blue Ridge (MD) Steeple Stout 6.06/7/2002Rate 3.619565
Blue Ridge (MD) Subliminator 7.35/5/2002Rate 3.387847
Brimstone Big Ale 13.212/4/2000Rate 3.323382
Brimstone Honey Red 4.85/13/2002Rate 3.053
Brimstone Irish Wake Stout 5.87/23/2001Rate 3.255
Brimstone Stonebeer 5.011/20/2000Rate 3.598
Cowtown Scarlet Ale -1/30/2006Rate 2.984
Hempen Ale 5.07/1/2000Rate 2.864133
Hempen Gold 4.57/3/2000Rate 2.873717
Wild Goose Amber 5.08/24/2000Rate 3.1261162
Wild Goose Brown Lager 4.38/4/2008Rate 2.98646
Wild Goose Extra Pale Ale 5.08/30/2008Rate 2.75425
Wild Goose Golden Ale -8/24/2000Rate 2.881
Wild Goose Nut Brown Ale 5.28/24/2000Rate 3.1155132
Wild Goose Oatmeal Stout 5.99/4/2000Rate 3.4153275
Wild Goose Porter 5.38/10/2000Rate 3.3966147
Wild Goose Pumpkin Patch 5.98/30/2005Rate 3.27991
Wild Goose Spring Wheat Ale 4.412/28/2000Rate 2.72021
Wild Goose IPA 6.08/24/2000Rate 310333
Wild Goose Snow Goose Winter Ale 5.98/24/2000Rate 3.3988296

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