Wild Heaven Craft Beers

Brewer rating: 95/100 632 ratings
135 Maple St, Decatur, Georgia, USA 30030
Thur & Fri: 5:30pm - 8:30pm
Sat: 2pm - 6pm
Sun: 2pm - 5pm

Associated place: Wild Heaven Craft Beers
Brewery opened in June 2014. Was contract-brewing at Thomas Creek between 2010 and mid 2014.
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Wild Heaven / Cigar City / Max Lager's / Mazurt To Dan! 8.58/8/2017Rate 3.568
Wild Heaven / Southern Brewing Swan Swan Hummingbird 6.06/26/2015Rate 3.213
Wild Heaven All Inspired -6/26/2017Rate 0
Wild Heaven Apricot Gose 4.04/6/2016Rate 3.335
Wild Heaven Autumn Defense 5.510/5/2014Rate 3.178521
Wild Heaven Bestie 3.97/24/2017Rate 3.238
Wild Heaven Blackberry Wild Ale -12/26/2015Rate 3.182
Wild Heaven Calista 6.27/19/2017Rate 3.192
Wild Heaven Civilization 126/17/2014Rate 3.587020
Wild Heaven Dionysus Cuvée 10.57/11/2015Rate 3.596414
Wild Heaven Emergency Drinking Beer 4.04/14/2015Rate 3.237544
Wild Heaven Emergency Drinking Beer (Watermelon) 3.84/21/2017Rate 3.247
Wild Heaven Emmylou 5.56/4/2017Rate 3.253
Wild Heaven Escape Velocity IPA 6.77/19/2016Rate 3.142
Wild Heaven Eschaton 10.510/22/2011Rate 3.596854
Wild Heaven Eschaton Barrels & Berries Blend 10.512/26/2015Rate 3.151
Wild Heaven Funkenrauch 7.07/28/2015Rate 3.518814
Wild Heaven Goodvice 8.57/25/2017Rate 3.142
Wild Heaven Gose Sour Blend -12/26/2015Rate 2.981
Wild Heaven Gravitational Wave 143/20/2016Rate 3.211
Wild Heaven Height of Civilization 125/14/2015Rate 3.718815
Wild Heaven Invocation 8.59/16/2010Rate 3.4778102
Wild Heaven Joni 5.58/13/2017Rate 31
Wild Heaven Let There Be Light 4.72/12/2012Rate 3.336936
Wild Heaven NitrOde 8.211/8/2015Rate 3.235
Wild Heaven Ode To Mercy 8.29/16/2010Rate 3.5196121
Wild Heaven Ode to Mercy Maple Whisky Aged 8.212/26/2015Rate 3.162
Wild Heaven Ode to Mercy with Chipotle and Cocoa Nibs -12/2/2014Rate 2.911
Wild Heaven Peach Gose 4.08/8/2016Rate 3.215
Wild Heaven Raspberry Sour 5.13/15/2016Rate 3.231
Wild Heaven Russian Imperial Stout with Raspberries 1512/26/2015Rate 3.171
Wild Heaven White Blackbird 6.06/17/2014Rate 3.456839
Wild Heaven White Blackbird with Yellow Plums Aged in Wine Barrels -7/1/2017Rate 3.151
Wild Heaven Wise Blood IPA 6.26/16/2016Rate 3.34325
Wild Heaven / O'Dempsey's Belgian Stout 7.03/10/2013Rate 2.791
Wild Heaven Belgian-style IPA -1/30/2013Rate 2.952
Wild Heaven Eschaton Pinot Noir 10.54/6/2014Rate 31
Wild Heaven Ode to Mercy Infused with Coffee and Oak (alias) 8.24/16/2011
Wild Heaven Ode To Mercy Special Winter Ale 8.21/25/2011Rate 3.69934
Wild Heaven Russian Imperial Stout 15.53/10/2013Rate 32
Wild Heaven Whiskey Barrel Farmhouse IPA with Grapefruits -12/30/2012Rate 2.811

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