Wild Ride Brewing

Brewer rating: 92/100 177 ratings
332 SW 5th Street, Redmond, Oregon, USA 97756
Sun - Thur: 11am to 9 pm
Fri & Sat: 11 am to 10 pm

Associated place: Wild Ride Brewing

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Wild Ride / Breakside Solidarity 8.28/19/2015Rate 3.214
Wild Ride / Cascade Lake Redmond Rye’sing 6.911/21/2015Rate 0
Wild Ride / Worthy WorthWild Fresh Hop -11/21/2015Rate 0
Wild Ride 3 Sisters American Red Ale 6.012/17/2014Rate 3.055
Wild Ride 3 Sisters Wet Hopped Red Ale 6.011/21/2015Rate 0
Wild Ride A-Bomb IPA 7.911/21/2015Rate 0
Wild Ride Berry Big Booty 5.511/21/2015Rate 3.162
Wild Ride Big Booty Golden 5.510/10/2015Rate 3.186
Wild Ride Bine Climber 6.49/20/2015Rate 3.122
Wild Ride Bitch Stout 7.010/10/2015Rate 3.033
Wild Ride Bitch Stout: Bourbon Barrel Aged 7.510/13/2014Rate 3.131
Wild Ride Brain Bucket Imperial IPA 9.38/16/2014Rate 3.227
Wild Ride Brain Bucket Imperial IPA - Bourbon Barrel Aged 9.811/21/2015Rate 3.096
Wild Ride Citranite Fresh Hop -11/21/2015Rate 0
Wild Ride Cole’s Trickle Lager 4.310/10/2015Rate 3.13
Wild Ride Dark Dynasty 8.77/8/2016Rate 3.061
Wild Ride Debockle 6.6610/10/2015Rate 3.041
Wild Ride Electri-Fly 6.35/25/2016Rate 3.45
Wild Ride Float on Saison 5.08/10/2015Rate 3.042
Wild Ride Fly.P.A. 6.48/10/2015Rate 3.234
Wild Ride Hib Hop Hibiscus Ale 5.511/21/2015Rate 0
Wild Ride HopperHead IPA 6.76/9/2014Rate 3.284122
Wild Ride Hundy SMASH IPL 5.38/10/2015Rate 3.042
Wild Ride Indy Session IPA 4.38/10/2015Rate 3.091
Wild Ride Journey To Planet Fresh Hop 6.610/31/2014Rate 3.117
Wild Ride Medusa’s Pleasure -11/21/2015Rate 0
Wild Ride Miss BeeHaven Honey Cream Ale 4.5811/21/2015Rate 0
Wild Ride Mount Up Maple Brown 5.68/10/2015Rate 3.248
Wild Ride Nut Crusher Peanut Butter Porter 6.011/13/2015Rate 3.58823
Wild Ride Quencher 4.27/23/2015Rate 3.315
Wild Ride Shades CDA 5.42/7/2015Rate 3.09518
Wild Ride Stand Up and Shout Stout 7.010/11/2014Rate 3.427530
Wild Ride The Walker Pale Ale -11/21/2015Rate 0
Wild Ride Whoopty Whoop Wheat 5.58/1/2015Rate 3.267
Wild Ride XR7 Triple IPA 10.12/24/2015Rate 2.861
Wild Ride Yowie 5.010/4/2016Rate 3.091

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