Wild Wolf Brewing Company

Brew Pub
2461 Rockfish Valley Highway, Nellysford, Virginia, USA 22958
Mon-Thur: 11:30 am to 10 pm
Fri: 11:30 am to 11 pm
Sat: 11 am to 11 pm
Sun: 11 am to 10 pm

Places associated: Wild Wolf Brewing Company, Wild Wolf Restaurant & Brewery

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Brew Ridge Trail A Brew to End All Wars -12/29/2016Rate 2.912
Brew Ridge Trail Imperial Wit 7.25/21/2012Rate 2.91
Wild Wolf 1st Anniversary Belgian Dark Session Ale 3.51/10/2013Rate 2.793
Wild Wolf 3rd Anniversary Belgian Brown Ale 5.31/11/2015Rate 2.943
Wild Wolf Alpha Ale 5.111/3/2010Rate 3.248446
Wild Wolf Alpha Ale (Green Chilis, Pecan Wood) 5.17/14/2013Rate 2.791
Wild Wolf Amber Ale 6.110/25/2012Rate 2.792
Wild Wolf Amber Alpha Ale (alias) -3/12/2012
Wild Wolf Amber Time 4.312/20/2016Rate 2.961
Wild Wolf American Lager 5.011/3/2010Rate 2.81
Wild Wolf American Pilsner 4.512/6/2011Rate 2.956727
Wild Wolf American Stout 7.112/30/2010Rate 3.264321
Wild Wolf Appalachian Steam Lager 5.512/11/2018Rate 0
Wild Wolf Apricots Anonymous -7/2/2019Rate 3.061
Wild Wolf Area 151 (Blackberry) 7.112/7/2012Rate 3.19619
Wild Wolf Area 151 (Cherry) 7.16/10/2013Rate 2.892
Wild Wolf Area 151 (Peach) 7.010/26/2013Rate 2.833
Wild Wolf Area 151 (Raspberry) 7.06/10/2013Rate 3.118121
Wild Wolf Autumn Ale 6.512/6/2011Rate 2.81
Wild Wolf Barleywine 10.88/25/2011Rate 2.731
Wild Wolf Berliner Wolf 4.08/24/2013Rate 2.894
Wild Wolf Bitter 3.74/4/2014Rate 2.864
Wild Wolf Black Wolf IBA 5.811/19/2011Rate 3.136
Wild Wolf Blonde Hunny Ale 6.811/3/2010Rate 3.117250
Wild Wolf Blonde Hunny XXX 6.811/3/2017Rate 2.961
Wild Wolf Bo-Ho Pils -4/25/2016Rate 2.825
Wild Wolf Brewer's Reserve 7.0 7.17/20/2018Rate 0
Wild Wolf Cabernet Sauvignon Barrel-Aged Quadrupel 10.110/21/2013Rate 2.824
Wild Wolf Cream Ale -4/25/2016Rate 2.723
Wild Wolf Czeched Out 5.012/15/2016Rate 3.026
Wild Wolf Double IPA (alias) 8.09/22/2012
Wild Wolf Double Saison 9.212/6/2011Rate 2.811
Wild Wolf Double Saison (Ghost Chili) 9.210/25/2012Rate 2.791
Wild Wolf Dry Stout 4.06/10/2013Rate 3.388613
Wild Wolf Dubbel 7.36/3/2016Rate 2.832
Wild Wolf Dunkle Dog 4.711/17/2010Rate 2.761
Wild Wolf Exquisitely Evil Ale 8.09/22/2012Rate 3.241516
Wild Wolf Festival Ale 4.56/4/2014Rate 2.893
Wild Wolf Four Paws Belgian Quadrupel 1211/30/2010Rate 2.93
Wild Wolf Ginger Lager 7.58/25/2011Rate 3.054714
Wild Wolf Glassy Eye-PA 4.912/20/2016Rate 31
Wild Wolf Haze of Future Past 6.2512/18/2017Rate 31
Wild Wolf Heart of the Mountain 4.56/30/2019Rate 31
Wild Wolf Hefeweizen 5.77/14/2015Rate 2.973
Wild Wolf Honey Pear Saison 9.4211/3/2010Rate 2.83
Wild Wolf Honey Saison 9.51/19/2013Rate 2.954
Wild Wolf Hop Rocket 5.57/17/2017Rate 0
Wild Wolf Howling Pumpkin 7.011/17/2010Rate 2.923819
Wild Wolf Kick It Hunny 4.56/4/2014Rate 3.246
Wild Wolf Kick IT Session IPA 4.310/4/2015Rate 2.961
Wild Wolf Kolsch 5.29/22/2012Rate 2.862
Wild Wolf Maibock 6.07/14/2015Rate 2.963
Wild Wolf Nelsonite 5.66/30/2017Rate 2.921
Wild Wolf Nutty Wolf (alias) 6.112/6/2015
Wild Wolf Paws & Crossbones 11.56/30/2019Rate 3.061
Wild Wolf Peach Slap 4.06/10/2013Rate 2.852
Wild Wolf Peaches BE Hazy 6.77/20/2018Rate 3.073
Wild Wolf Porter 5.912/6/2011Rate 2.771
Wild Wolf Predator Bock 6.05/18/2014Rate 2.885
Wild Wolf Primal Instinct IPA 7.48/31/2014Rate 3.294028
Wild Wolf Primal Passion 6.257/17/2017Rate 3.041
Wild Wolf Primal Urge 4.911/3/2017Rate 3.34
Wild Wolf Prime-Apple Express 7.44/24/2017Rate 0
Wild Wolf Saison 7.46/14/2015Rate 2.993
Wild Wolf Saison of Love 6.112/20/2016Rate 2.961
Wild Wolf Sour Moon Rising 6.36/30/2019Rate 31
Wild Wolf Spiced Honey Saison 7.010/4/2015Rate 31
Wild Wolf Strawberry Schwarzcake 5.09/10/2011Rate 3.167429
Wild Wolf The Local Wolf 4.53/27/2013Rate 34
Wild Wolf Three Legged Scotsman 5.23/21/2012Rate 2.965
Wild Wolf Tom Tom Founders Festival Ale 5.74/22/2012Rate 2.742
Wild Wolf Two Paws -4/25/2016Rate 3.073
Wild Wolf Vienna Lager 4.77/17/2017Rate 0
Wild Wolf Virginia Gentle Wolfman 4.54/1/2014Rate 2.797
Wild Wolf Virginia Green 6.76/30/2019Rate 0
Wild Wolf Wee Heavy 6.512/26/2011Rate 3.041717
Wild Wolf Weiz Wolf 5.111/17/2010Rate 2.935
Wild Wolf White Wolf IPA 5.07/26/2012Rate 3.3429
Wild Wolf White Wolf IPA (Strawberry & Peach) 5.09/22/2012Rate 2.771
Wild Wolf Whoa Nelly 5.74/25/2016Rate 3.15
Wild Wolf Wild Willie's Scottish Ale (Wild Yeast, French Oak Aged) -9/5/2011Rate 2.842
Wild Wolf Wild Willie's Smoked Scottish Ale 5.6211/3/2010Rate 2.772
Wild Wolf Wild Willie's Smoked Scottish Ale (Wild Yeast) 5.68/22/2011Rate 2.831
Wild Wolf WolfINstein 10.55/22/2011Rate 3.462922
Wild Wolf Wry Wolf 2.0 Rye Bock 5.23/19/2012Rate 2.822
Wild Wolf Wry Wolf Rye Pale Ale 7.811/30/2010Rate 2.912
Wild Wolf Yak Meets Wolf 4.94/23/2018Rate 0

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