Wilmington Brewing Company

824 S Kerr Ave, Wilmington, North Carolina, USA 28403
Tue-Thur: 10 am to 9 pm
Fri & Sat: 10 am to 10 pm
Sun: 12 pm to 6 pm

Associated place: Wilmington Brewing Company

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Wilmington Midtown Swank Double IPA 8.211/13/2018Rate 3.021
Wilmington / New Anthem Secret Lovers 1011/13/2018Rate 0
Wilmington / Trophy Captain's Hat Double IPA 8.011/13/2018Rate 0
Wilmington 2 Day Party 5.811/13/2018Rate 0
Wilmington All the Cool Kids Are Doing It 5.011/13/2018Rate 0
Wilmington Amarillo Saison 6.34/26/2015Rate 0
Wilmington American Amber Ale 5.211/13/2018Rate 0
Wilmington Baby Goose IPA 7.64/26/2015Rate 0
Wilmington Beach Banger 4.911/13/2018Rate 0
Wilmington Bier Garden Kolsch 4.74/26/2015Rate 0
Wilmington Blair's Breakfast Stout 7.04/26/2015Rate 3.44
Wilmington Boat Music 5.16/9/2018Rate 3.111
Wilmington Coffee Porter -4/26/2015Rate 0
Wilmington Coffee Porter (Vanilla) 5.611/13/2018Rate 0
Wilmington Dad Beer 4.911/13/2018Rate 0
Wilmington Damn Good Brown Porter -4/26/2015Rate 3.061
Wilmington Day Party 5.811/13/2018Rate 0
Wilmington Day Party (Apricot) 5.811/13/2018Rate 0
Wilmington Desert Island Milkshake IPA 8.011/13/2018Rate 0
Wilmington Dinosaur Parade 5.87/3/2019Rate 3.212
Wilmington E.S.B 5.96/26/2017Rate 2.921
Wilmington Extra Pale Ale 4.511/13/2018Rate 0
Wilmington Farmer Jimmy Sour IPA 6.011/13/2018Rate 0
Wilmington Feeling Foggy 6.57/29/2018Rate 3.151
Wilmington Forgot to Filter 7.57/12/2017Rate 0
Wilmington Fun Chaser 5.811/20/2018Rate 3.092
Wilmington Grapefruit Gose 4.411/13/2018Rate 0
Wilmington Hop Velvet 7.011/13/2018Rate 0
Wilmington Hoperations Manager 6.011/13/2018Rate 0
Wilmington Idaho 7 5.111/13/2018Rate 0
Wilmington Imperial Blair’s Breakfast Stout (Bourbon Barrel, Maple) 11.311/13/2018Rate 0
Wilmington It's All About the Chinooky 8.511/13/2018Rate 0
Wilmington Jalapeno Saison 6.36/26/2017Rate 2.941
Wilmington Jason, Stop Texting Your Mom 7.69/16/2019Rate 0
Wilmington Jorts Party 7.49/16/2019Rate 0
Wilmington Kellz Bellz Extra Pale Ale 5.311/13/2018Rate 0
Wilmington Kitten Biscuit 8.06/7/2018Rate 3.231
Wilmington Lemon Ginger Saison 6.54/26/2015Rate 0
Wilmington Lemur Party (Mango) 8.311/13/2018Rate 2.891
Wilmington Lightning Strikes Twice 9.411/13/2018Rate 0
Wilmington Lime Gose 4.611/13/2018Rate 0
Wilmington Lion Cake 1011/13/2018Rate 0
Wilmington Moon Dance Blonde Ale 5.311/13/2018Rate 0
Wilmington Mosaic El Dorado Session IPA 4.911/13/2018Rate 0
Wilmington Mugsy Goes West 6.711/13/2018Rate 0
Wilmington Never Enough Hugs 8.011/13/2018Rate 0
Wilmington Octopus Pants 8.511/13/2018Rate 3.091
Wilmington Parker 8.87/29/2018Rate 3.131
Wilmington Passion Fruit Gose 4.411/13/2018Rate 0
Wilmington Penny Pale Ale 5.411/13/2018Rate 0
Wilmington Pineapple Gose 4.411/13/2018Rate 0
Wilmington Pomegranate Saison 6.311/13/2018Rate 0
Wilmington Pretty Pumpkin Ale 5.011/13/2018Rate 0
Wilmington Raspberry Saison 6.311/13/2018Rate 0
Wilmington Sandbar Shenanigans 6.011/13/2018Rate 0
Wilmington Seasonal Bartender 7.81/16/2019Rate 3.131
Wilmington She's A Marshmallow 8.03/20/2019Rate 0
Wilmington Skinny Jean Hopster 6.011/13/2018Rate 0
Wilmington Sneaky Goose Double IPA 9.64/26/2015Rate 3.223
Wilmington Some New IPA 7.411/18/2018Rate 3.151
Wilmington Space Tang 7.311/13/2018Rate 0
Wilmington Spring Breakin’ 7.47/3/2019Rate 2.982
Wilmington Strawberry Dreamin' 9.011/13/2018Rate 0
Wilmington Strawberry Milkshake Imperial IPA 8.211/13/2018Rate 0
Wilmington Summa Slamma Extra Pale Ale 5.411/13/2018Rate 0
Wilmington Summer Stranger Extra Pale Ale 5.411/13/2018Rate 0
Wilmington Surf Rock 10.46/1/2019Rate 2.982
Wilmington Sweet Potato Amber Ale -11/13/2018Rate 0
Wilmington T-Dawg's Livin' in a Van 5.811/13/2018Rate 0
Wilmington The In-Laws 7.51/18/2019Rate 0
Wilmington Tropical Lightning IPA 7.46/26/2017Rate 3.424
Wilmington Tuesdays With Sally 7.011/13/2018Rate 0
Wilmington Vacation Chasin' 8.011/18/2018Rate 3.131
Wilmington Weekend Vibes 8.411/13/2018Rate 3.061

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