King Beer

(Not In Production)
Unit 2-5, Jubilee Estate, Horsham, West Sussex, England RH13 5UE
Shop: Mon-Fri 0900-1700
Sat 1000-1400

Founded as WJ King in 2001 by Bill King a former King & Barnes director. In June 2010, Bill King retired and sold the business to Ian Burgess, former assistant head brewer at Harveys and a business partner. In 2014 the Brewery name was changed to King Beer. In 2016 the King brand was dropped due to the success of the Two Tribes Brewery at the same address.
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King Beer Elixir #1 4.89/11/2015Rate 31
King Beer Lovers Rock 4.63/18/2015Rate 2.871
King Beer Red River (alias) 4.85/16/2015
King Beer Working Class Hero 4.28/16/2015Rate 2.981
Kings Evolution Black Symphony 5.03/18/2014Rate 2.92
Kings Evolution Hopa Cobana 4.26/27/2014Rate 2.732
Kings Evolution Northern Lights 4.212/18/2013Rate 2.914110
Kings Evolution State Of Independence 5.08/4/2014Rate 2.791
Kings Evolution Warrior 4.811/30/2013Rate 2.996
Kings Evolution Working Class Hero 3.65/20/2014Rate 2.764
Kings Heritage Lost Kingdom 5.23/16/2014Rate 2.993612
Kings Heritage Poachers Moon 4.12/13/2014Rate 2.868
Kings Heritage Wonderland 4.112/22/2014Rate 3.033
WJ King Ace of Ales 4.36/29/2005Rate 2.811
WJ King Admiral 4.28/13/2009Rate 2.842
WJ King Amarillo 4.23/30/2006Rate 2.731
WJ King Autumn Mist 4.210/30/2006Rate 2.872
WJ King Birthday Beer 4.45/7/2007Rate 2.77229
WJ King Bramling Cross 4.28/14/2006Rate 2.961
WJ King Brighton Best 4.05/14/2011Rate 2.924026
WJ King Brighton Blonde 3.95/23/2011Rate 3.015422
WJ King Broadshield 4.06/7/2005Rate 2.714
WJ King Cascade 4.23/24/2013Rate 2.822
WJ King Cereal Thriller 6.33/4/2004Rate 2.89159
WJ King Chestnut Brown Ale 4.210/20/2012Rate 2.811
WJ King Dragons T'Ale 6.15/3/2004Rate 2.841
WJ King Festive 4.71/28/2013Rate 3.026
WJ King Festive Spiced 4.812/9/2012Rate 2.812
WJ King Five Generations 4.411/16/2000Rate 2.761918
WJ King Fool's Gold 4.511/1/2009Rate 2.761
WJ King Green Bullet 4.36/14/2011Rate 2.832813
WJ King Grenadier 5.08/23/2005Rate 2.593
WJ King Harvest Ale 4.110/23/2006Rate 2.932
WJ King Hopping Mad 5.110/24/2004Rate 2.881
WJ King Horsham Best 3.82/6/2004Rate 2.893437
WJ King IPA 5.24/1/2007Rate 2.882022
WJ King Kings Gold 4.27/20/2012Rate 2.84
WJ King Kings Old Ale 4.53/20/2004Rate 3.335941
WJ King Kings Royal Mild 3.65/23/2011Rate 2.922
WJ King Kings Wheat Mash 5.19/17/2011Rate 2.845
WJ King Mallard Ale 5.01/20/2005Rate 2.717
WJ King Market Porter 5.010/13/2011Rate 3.268
WJ King Merry Ale 6.512/31/2002Rate 3.154633
WJ King Mighty Mogul 5.12/28/2006Rate 3.031
WJ King Mild 3.55/13/2004Rate 3.082
WJ King Mother In Law 4.13/25/2008Rate 2.884
WJ King Oatmeal Stout 4.41/20/2005Rate 2.973
WJ King Old Dad 5.07/7/2007Rate 2.72
WJ King Old Smokey 5.111/29/2011Rate 2.856
WJ King Pale Ale 4.27/29/2015Rate 2.831
WJ King Rapier 3.84/23/2011Rate 2.872
WJ King Red River 4.85/5/2003Rate 3.014249
WJ King Scrummy Bitter 5.04/2/2008Rate 2.692
WJ King Single Hop Ale W.G.V. Hops 4.211/16/2000Rate 2.852
WJ King South Downs Ale (alias) 5.17/28/2011
WJ King Spring Ale 4.11/2/2003Rate 2.651016
WJ King Summer Ale 4.05/27/2004Rate 2.883511
WJ King Sussex Downs Ale 5.17/28/2011Rate 2.944
WJ King Torpedo 5.04/25/2011Rate 2.932
WJ King Two Malt Brew 5.22/10/2006Rate 2.756
WJ King Winters T'Ale 4.11/16/2007Rate 2.935

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