Wold Top

Brewer rating: 84/100 1264 ratings
Hunmanby Grange, Wold Newton, Driffield, East Yorkshire, England YO25 3HS
Commenced Brewing in 2003.
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Marks & Spencer Yorkshire Bitter
Brewed by/for Marks & Spencer
3.812/2/2016Rate 3.17909
Toast Much Kneaded Craft Lager
Brewed by/for Toast
5.07/6/2017Rate 0
Toast Summer Edition Top Lager
Brewed by/for Toast
5.07/6/2017Rate 0
Wold Top 5 Wold Rings 5.01/5/2008Rate 3.014012
Wold Top A4 Amber 4.43/25/2008Rate 2.873012
Wold Top Against The Grain 4.511/5/2007Rate 2.7719128
Wold Top Against The Grain Export 4.81/17/2012Rate 2.752533
Wold Top Angler’s Reward 4.06/10/2011Rate 2.9544113
Wold Top Big Sky 3.98/25/2009Rate 2.916
Wold Top Bitter 3.76/23/2003Rate 352100
Wold Top Bunny’s Revenge 4.74/25/2011Rate 2.833
Wold Top Centenary Way Mild 3.56/11/2008Rate 3.165641
Wold Top Christingle 7.01/23/2017Rate 0
Wold Top Coastal Series 2 3.96/18/2016Rate 2.843
Wold Top Dawn O’Time 4.01/6/2012Rate 3.09789
Wold Top Falling Stone Bitter 4.21/4/2004Rate 3.18146
Wold Top Gluten Free LSGP Edition 6.04/26/2013Rate 2.854
Wold Top Golden Summer 4.42/19/2011Rate 3.218964
Wold Top Headland Red 4.33/18/2012Rate 3.0671105
Wold Top Hello Velo 4.27/11/2013Rate 2.732332
Wold Top Humber Light 4.52/7/2015Rate 3.054
Wold Top Indigo Ale 3.710/4/2013Rate 2.71
Wold Top Keeper’s Light 4.52/28/2009Rate 2.812212
Wold Top Mallard 4.08/31/2013Rate 2.984939
Wold Top Marmalade Porter 5.03/31/2014Rate 3.365988
Wold Top Mars Magic 4.612/4/2003Rate 2.964541
Wold Top Merry Christmas 6.012/16/2010Rate 3.085
Wold Top North Bay Premium 4.212/15/2009Rate 3.052
Wold Top Scarborough Fair IPA 6.06/22/2012Rate 3.2435124
Wold Top Shepherd’s Watch 6.012/2/2011Rate 3.34563
Wold Top Spring Fling 4.33/28/2011Rate 3.158010
Wold Top Summer Holiday 5.57/17/2010Rate 3.067
Wold Top Tenner 4.11/8/2014Rate 2.791
Wold Top Veteran Ale 4.27/22/2009Rate 2.857
Wold Top Voluptuous Vicky 4.42/17/2008Rate 3.084313
Wold Top w’Old Plotter 4.311/23/2011Rate 2.872
Wold Top Warts n’Ale 4.111/18/2012Rate 3.056
Wold Top Wold Gold 4.85/19/2004Rate 2.9947100
Wold Top Wolds Way 3.62/3/2007Rate 3.035328

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