Wolf Brewery

Wolf Brewery, Decoy Farm, Norwich Road, Besthorpe, Norfolk, England NR17 2LA
8 -5pm

Associated place: Wolf
Founded in 1996. Moved to Attleborough in 2006. In 2013 a further move to Besthorpe was made.
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City of Cambridge Boathouse Bitter 3.712/8/2003Rate 3.057135
City of Cambridge Hobsons Choice 4.28/8/2003Rate 2.924058
City of Cambridge Parkers Porter 5.05/27/2003Rate 3.183443
Wolf Abbey 900 4.810/3/2008Rate 3.158
Wolf Be-er My Valentine 4.37/12/2015Rate 2.982
Wolf Big Red 4.56/19/2003Rate 2.963
Wolf Black Wolf 4.61/25/2017Rate 2.891
Wolf Blue Boar Bitter 4.010/13/2014Rate 2.61
Wolf Brazilian Wolf 4.27/13/2014Rate 2.731
Wolf Coyote 4.38/21/2002Rate 3.118560
Wolf Crafty Wolf 4.25/19/2015Rate 3.023
Wolf Defiant 4.510/26/2006Rate 31
Wolf Edith Cavell 3.712/9/2002Rate 34831
Wolf Festival Ale 3.78/18/2003Rate 2.912
Wolf For Fox Sake 4.49/19/2015Rate 2.941
Wolf Golden Jackal 3.77/4/2004Rate 3.188572
Wolf Grandma's Christmas Reserve 4.912/10/2003Rate 2.872412
Wolf Grandmas Rich Porter 5.012/10/2003Rate 3.34821
Wolf Granny Wouldn't Like It 4.88/24/2001Rate 3.177173
Wolf Howler 4.210/29/2010Rate 35
Wolf Howlin Wolf 3.94/2/2010Rate 2.854
Wolf in Sheeps Clothing 3.73/19/2003Rate 3.043730
Wolf In the Hands of the Fans 3.75/18/2004Rate 2.914
Wolf Its A Peach 4.19/10/2005Rate 3.023
Wolf Jolly Sailors 4.03/21/2006Rate 2.961
Wolf Lavender Honey 3.812/20/2002Rate 3.046554
Wolf Lazy Dog 4.77/29/2012Rate 3.155012
Wolf Legion Ale 4.27/28/2011Rate 2.99689
Wolf Lone Wolf Lager 4.410/29/2011Rate 2.723
Wolf Lupine 4.58/11/2002Rate 3.126
Wolf Lupus Lupus 4.212/24/2002Rate 3.147824
Wolf Mad Wolf 4.79/20/2015Rate 32
Wolf Moonlight 2.88/1/2011Rate 2.752
Wolf Norfolk Pride 4.66/11/2016Rate 3.042
Wolf Poppy Ale 4.212/30/2011Rate 3.127730
Wolf Prairie Bitter 4.87/16/2003Rate 3.094
Wolf Prairie Gold 5.06/6/2008Rate 3.055627
Wolf RAF Battle Of Britain 3.910/2/2010Rate 3.219437
Wolf RAF Bravery 4.311/7/2010Rate 3.09799
Wolf RAF Freedom 4.83/28/2011Rate 2.865
Wolf RAF Sacrifice 4.53/28/2011Rate 2.782310
Wolf Remus 4.17/5/2009Rate 2.912
Wolf Royal Flush 4.25/4/2011Rate 2.81
Wolf Russian Wolf 4.26/24/2018Rate 2.895
Wolf Santa Paws 4.51/6/2004Rate 3.25428
Wolf Silver Fox 4.62/25/2014Rate 3.025714
Wolf Sirius Dog Star 4.412/8/2011Rate 3.195327
Wolf Sly Wolf 4.49/20/2015Rate 2.976
Wolf Spring Ale 4.34/26/2012Rate 3.066114
Wolf Stout King of Wolves 5.712/10/2003Rate 3.063215
Wolf Straw Dog 4.510/19/2003Rate 2.994872
Wolf Strawberry Fair 4.69/2/2012Rate 2.741
Wolf Tasmanian Wolf IPA 5.05/3/2012Rate 3.136127
Wolf Teds Ale 4.53/6/2004Rate 3.031
Wolf The Pack 3.92/18/2017Rate 2.76
Wolf Timber Wolf 5.210/3/2003Rate 3.324916
Wolf Twenty ## (the year) 4.01/15/2012Rate 3.047
Wolf Twenty 12 4.03/3/2014Rate 2.831
Wolf Twenty 13 4.011/9/2013Rate 2.761
Wolf Voyager 4.610/4/2019Rate 3.112
Wolf Werewolf 4.511/9/2009Rate 2.976
Wolf Whistle 4.75/6/2007Rate 2.912242
Wolf Will Kemps Ale 5.07/5/2004Rate 3.054
Wolf Woild Moild 4.88/14/2003Rate 3.237371
Wolf Wolf Ale 3.93/10/2011Rate 2.994911
Wolf Wolf Ale Best Bitter 3.96/22/2003Rate 3.389919
Wolf Wolf At The Door 4.45/7/2008Rate 2.913
Wolf Neil Morrissey's Blonde
Brewed by/for Wolf Brewery
4.22/19/2016Rate 2.851

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