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Brewer rating: 82/100 210 ratings
c/o The Pig In Muck, Manor Road, Claybrooke Magna, Leicestershire, England LE17 5AY
Associated place: Wood Farm Brewery (Kendrick’s)
Founded in early 2005 as Rugby Brewery, based at Upton Road, Rugby. Beers were contract brewed at Purity between late 2006 and late 2007 pending relocation. Moved to current address in early 2008 and briefly changed name to Willey Brewery in 2009 following the failure of the original company. Renamed Wood Farm Brewery in 2010. Renamed Kendrick’s in 2015 following a change in owenership. The brewery was closed in 2017 and brewing now takes place as a cuckoo brewing operation.
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Featherstone Chuzzlewit 4.66/12/2010Rate 2.876
Featherstone Football Fever 4.08/11/2010Rate 2.852
Kendrick's 1823 3.55/2/2005Rate 3.227227
Kendrick's Back of The Net 4.311/5/2015Rate 2.891
Kendrick's Best Bitter 4.23/18/2011Rate 3.122
Kendrick's Boudicea 4.010/18/2016Rate 2.948
Kendrick's Grand Slam 4.52/15/2007Rate 2.867
Kendrick's Maori Mild 3.58/3/2017Rate 2.661
Kendrick's No.8 5.01/8/2007Rate 2.973317
Kendrick's Porter 4.810/14/2015Rate 2.921
Kendrick's Rucking Santa 4.212/24/2012Rate 3.063
Kendrick's Scrum 4.010/11/2015Rate 3.098
Kendrick's Victoria 4.27/25/2017Rate 2.891
Kendrick's Victorious 4.29/3/2005Rate 2.944517
Kendrick's Webb Ellis 3.84/26/2007Rate 3.11759
Kendrick's Winter Warmer 6.211/18/2013Rate 3.276
Rugby Cement 6.85/25/2006Rate 2.855
Rugby Coupe du Monde 3.49/3/2007Rate 3.181
Rugby Egg Chaser 4.83/29/2007Rate 33
Rugby Festival Ale 3.85/10/2009Rate 2.91
Rugby Knock On 4.99/6/2009Rate 2.861
Rugby Scrum-py 4.710/6/2009Rate 2.661
Rugby Sidestep 4.510/5/2006Rate 3.176
Rugby Sinner-Man 4.72/22/2009Rate 2.513
Rugby Spring Daze 3.86/26/2010Rate 2.841
Rugby Summer Break 4.05/29/2007Rate 2.873513
Rugby Tom Browns Winter Porter 4.82/27/2007Rate 3.055
Rugby Winger IPA 5.24/26/2007Rate 3.034512
Willey Best 4.16/24/2010Rate 2.862
Willey Pale Ale 4.56/23/2010Rate 2.661
Willey Warmer 5.17/21/2010Rate 2.771
Wood Farm Play On 4.210/10/2010Rate 2.817
Wood Farm Pride 4.06/11/2013Rate 2.823
Wood Farm Sup Porter 4.81/24/2015Rate 2.724
Wood Farm Tank 4.51/31/2013Rate 2.762
Wood Farm Twickers Bitter 3.712/18/2005Rate 2.853014
Wood Farm Union 4.68/31/2008Rate 3.066
Wood Farm Webb Ellis Ale 3.89/24/2012Rate 3.052

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