Wood Street

(Not In Production)
Brew Pub/Brewery
Hillsborough Hotel, 54 - 58 Langsett Road, Sheffield , South Yorkshire, England S6 2UB
Sunday - Thursday 12 - 11pm Friday & Saturday 12 - 12

Founded in February 2012 following the closure of Crown brewery. Operates from the same premises but under different ownership and with a completely different beer range. Closed in 2016.
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Dronfield American Pale
Brewed by/for Dronfield
5.05/27/2015Rate 2.921
Dronfield Pale
Brewed by/for Dronfield
4.311/14/2014Rate 2.932
Wood Street Bitter 4.09/22/2012Rate 2.874
Wood Street Blacklocust 4.611/20/2013Rate 2.793
Wood Street Bladdernut 6.11/26/2014Rate 2.841
Wood Street Boojum 4.25/14/2013Rate 2.922
Wood Street Chokecherry 4.512/20/2013Rate 2.811
Wood Street Coco De Mer 4.05/20/2013Rate 2.975
Wood Street Devils Walking Stick 4.211/11/2014Rate 2.771
Wood Street Devilwood Stout 6.010/24/2012Rate 2.852
Wood Street Ebony Stout 5.09/16/2012Rate 3.254514
Wood Street Euptellea 4.16/22/2014Rate 2.691
Wood Street Franklinia 4.38/14/2013Rate 2.861
Wood Street Gingko Biloba 4.311/29/2014Rate 2.711
Wood Street Golden Larch 4.59/16/2012Rate 2.916
Wood Street Hazel 4.06/17/2015Rate 3.042
Wood Street Honeylocust 4.69/23/2012Rate 2.946
Wood Street La Biere 4.47/7/2014Rate 2.831
Wood Street Lemmon 4.05/11/2015Rate 2.961
Wood Street Liberty 4.65/11/2015Rate 2.941
Wood Street Loblolly Bay 4.310/21/2015Rate 0
Wood Street Maple 4.612/4/2015Rate 2.882
Wood Street Oldman's Beard 4.112/27/2012Rate 2.754
Wood Street Pale Ale 3.99/22/2012Rate 2.944
Wood Street Red Buckeye 5.03/24/2014Rate 2.831
Wood Street Roughbush 4.45/30/2015Rate 2.941
Wood Street Sassafras 4.71/19/2013Rate 2.852
Wood Street Senator 5.02/18/2015Rate 3.033
Wood Street Siamese Rough Bush 4.42/1/2014Rate 2.81
Wood Street Tulip Tree 4.811/2/2013Rate 2.791
Wood Street Yellow Wood IPA 5.19/16/2012Rate 2.872
Wood Street Zelkova Schneider 4.64/16/2014Rate 2.81

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