Sauced 3 Peace Porkestra 11.27/27/2016Rate 3.123
Sauced Deuce Pigalow 7.97/2/2015Rate 3.144
Sauced Dirty Little Pig IPA 5.71/16/2015Rate 3.053
Sauced Pig Head Red 5.58/15/2015Rate 3.112
Sauced Pig ol' Bitties 5.41/16/2015Rate 2.792
Working Man 9 to 5 Pale Ale 6.212/13/2014Rate 3.112
Working Man Anzu Bru 5.61/25/2014Rate 2.972
Working Man Black IPA 7.68/1/2013Rate 2.791
Working Man Blonde 5.25/11/2014Rate 2.831
Working Man Blood Sweat and Imperial Red 8.68/24/2013Rate 2.741
Working Man Brown is the New Red IPA 5.24/12/2014Rate 2.761
Working Man C'est Noir 10.812/13/2013Rate 3.096
Working Man California Crude 7.61/25/2014Rate 2.973
Working Man Czech Pilsner -10/28/2016Rate 2.981
Working Man Draeger's Market 10th Anniversary Blood Orange IPA 5.78/15/2018Rate 3.041
Working Man EVL1 Imperial Red 10.411/11/2013Rate 3.176
Working Man Hanging Slider 5.712/13/2013Rate 3.022
Working Man Hefeweizen 5.15/11/2014Rate 3.053
Working Man Homewrecker 8.55/11/2014Rate 2.841
Working Man Ignition IPA 7.15/11/2013Rate 3.095
Working Man Imperial Red (Barrel Aged) 10.45/17/2014Rate 2.931
Working Man IPA (alias) 6.65/11/2013
Working Man IV Double IPA 8.65/16/2015Rate 3.122
Working Man Milestone Brown 6.71/25/2014Rate 2.741
Working Man Oktoberfest -10/28/2016Rate 2.882
Working Man Old Jabberwokki 10.25/17/2014Rate 2.861
Working Man Porter 6.011/15/2014Rate 2.831
Working Man Raspberry Cream Ale 4.65/16/2015Rate 31
Working Man Red 5.71/25/2014Rate 2.811
Working Man Red IPA 5.51/17/2016Rate 2.831
Working Man Sneaky Devil Double IPA 7.88/1/2013Rate 3.0969
Working Man The Intern 7.64/21/2018Rate 2.961
Working Man Tourada Pale Lager 5.58/24/2013Rate 2.691
Working Man Triple IPA 11.25/17/2015Rate 3.133
Working Man Vision of Confluence 14.31/24/2015Rate 2.841
Working Man Vision Of Litigation 12.37/22/2016Rate 3.123
Working Man Wage Slave Pale Ale 5.58/1/2013Rate 2.872
Working Man West Coast Brown Ale 6.48/1/2013Rate 2.912
Working Man Whistleblower 5.28/1/2013Rate 2.81

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