Wyndridge Farm

885 South Pleasant Ave., Dallastown, Pennsylvania, USA 17313
Tue - Thur: 11 am to 8 pm
Fri & Sat: 11 am to 9 pm
Sun: 11 am to 6 pm

Associated place: Wyndridge Farms

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BruWorx Bullseye Ultimatum
Brewed by/for BruWorx
6.06/29/2018Rate 3.061
BruWorx Verbose Frenzy
Brewed by/for BruWorx
6.06/29/2018Rate 3.162
Slim Pickens Ananas 6.09/3/2017Rate 3.328825
Wyndridge / Bolero Snort Mutton Bustin' 7.06/7/2018Rate 3.236
Wyndridge 10 Point Ale 4.812/28/2014Rate 2.923825
Wyndridge Agave Peel Cider 7.04/10/2016Rate 0
Wyndridge Apple Brandy Barrel Cider 9.54/9/2017Rate 0
Wyndridge Apple Saison 6.76/5/2016Rate 3.054
Wyndridge Apples & Oranges 5.54/6/2017Rate 3.021
Wyndridge Barn Dog Imperial Porter 7.08/8/2015Rate 3.341857
Wyndridge Barnwood Reserve: El Cruce Pineapple Barrel Aged Cider 8.56/29/2018Rate 0
Wyndridge Barnwood Reserve: Flanders Red Ale 7.011/25/2017Rate 3.111
Wyndridge Barnwood Reserve: Gold Rush Cider 6.96/29/2018Rate 0
Wyndridge Barnwood Reserve: Peach Sour 2016 7.44/28/2017Rate 2.551
Wyndridge Belgian Pale Ale 5.710/6/2016Rate 2.831
Wyndridge Black Cherry Cider 6.05/7/2018Rate 3.112
Wyndridge Bourbon Barrel Aged Cider 5.54/10/2016Rate 3.091
Wyndridge Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout 13.911/24/2017Rate 3.716212
Wyndridge Cappuccino Stout 6.59/1/2016Rate 2.941
Wyndridge Chocolate Vanilla Imperial Porter 7.01/19/2015Rate 3.254
Wyndridge Cider Solstice 6.54/30/2017Rate 2.941
Wyndridge Crafty Apricot Cider 5.512/7/2016Rate 3.021
Wyndridge Crafty Cider 5.55/9/2014Rate 3.349023
Wyndridge Crafty Cranberry Cider 5.56/16/2014Rate 3.125723
Wyndridge Crafty Hopped Cider 5.510/1/2015Rate 3.278510
Wyndridge Crafty Jonagold Single Varietal 8.12/5/2015Rate 0
Wyndridge English Dry Cider 6.54/10/2016Rate 3.061
Wyndridge Farm Brewing Farmhand Series Plow Pushin' Pils 4.31/31/2019Rate 31
Wyndridge Farm Silo Series 05 Sherbert Punch 6.012/17/2018Rate 31
Wyndridge Farmhand Lager 5.06/29/2018Rate 0
Wyndridge Gin Cider 5.06/20/2016Rate 2.982
Wyndridge Ginger Cider 5.04/30/2016Rate 2.941
Wyndridge Handsome Bull DIPA 8.33/21/2018Rate 3.231212
Wyndridge Harrison Single Varietal 8.51/17/2019Rate 2.961
Wyndridge Harvest Ale 5.010/10/2016Rate 2.873
Wyndridge Hefe IPA -9/9/2017Rate 3.021
Wyndridge Heritage Reserve: Northern Spy Cider 7.13/13/2018Rate 3.112
Wyndridge Infinite Meadows 6.03/13/2019Rate 31
Wyndridge Jr. Owl Stout 7.04/11/2016Rate 3.091
Wyndridge Laughing Crow IPA 6.512/28/2014Rate 3.223249
Wyndridge Laughing Crow IPA - Peaches -8/10/2015Rate 2.891
Wyndridge Manchurian Spy 7.66/22/2018Rate 31
Wyndridge Mandarina Pale Ale 5.44/9/2017Rate 3.091
Wyndridge Mango Weisse 5.09/9/2017Rate 2.831
Wyndridge Maple Pumpkin Cider 5.510/10/2016Rate 3.15
Wyndridge Mojito Cider 6.56/29/2018Rate 2.793
Wyndridge Mosaic Rye Ale 5.18/31/2017Rate 3.363
Wyndridge New England IPA with Honey 9.06/29/2018Rate 3.297
Wyndridge Nuestra Tepache! -8/2/2016Rate 3.021
Wyndridge Orange Pippin/Heirloom 6.24/9/2017Rate 3.061
Wyndridge Peach Vanilla 6.412/15/2018Rate 2.941
Wyndridge Pear Cider 5.08/7/2017Rate 2.862
Wyndridge Pineapple Cider 6.06/29/2018Rate 3.091
Wyndridge Pineapple Orange IPA 7.03/25/2018Rate 3.172613
Wyndridge Rustic Saison 6.94/9/2017Rate 31
Wyndridge Saison -5/1/2016Rate 2.972
Wyndridge Silo Series 01 Rosé IPA 6.56/29/2018Rate 0
Wyndridge Silo Series 02 Galaxy DIPA 8.06/29/2018Rate 0
Wyndridge Sour Owl 7.04/10/2016Rate 3.021
Wyndridge Summer Mosaic IPA 6.08/5/2016Rate 2.921
Wyndridge The Hunt Series: Dark Rye Barrel Cider 7.53/29/2017Rate 2.932
Wyndridge The Hunt Series: Double India Pale Ale 8.33/2/2017Rate 3.32311
Wyndridge The Hunt Series: Farmhouse Grapefruit Cider 6.712/11/2017Rate 31
Wyndridge The Hunt Series: Snow Owl Spiced Imperial Stout 1012/22/2015Rate 3.53110
Wyndridge The Hunt Series: Unfiltered Pale Ale 5.69/9/2017Rate 2.973
Wyndridge Tropical Berliner Style Weisse 5.56/29/2018Rate 3.042
Wyndridge Yerba Buena Mojito Cider 5.58/3/2016Rate 2.631

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