Y Market / Cascade Pacific Brim 5.56/15/2019Rate 3.346
Y Market / Culmination Zeccho IPA 11.34/29/2017Rate 2.972
Y Market / Heretic / FiftyFifty The Sun Which Rose From West 5.52/2/2019Rate 3.112
Y Market / Kyoto Brewing Itcho Ranbu 4.412/2/2016Rate 3.313
Y Market / Kyoto Brewing Kaiki Nisshoku (Solar Eclipse) 6.05/16/2017Rate 3.274
Y Market / Minoh Planet of the Peaches 8.91/25/2018Rate 3.32
Y Market / Oni Densetsu New Onigashima 7.95/23/2017Rate 3.493
Y Market / Oni Densetsu New Onigashima III 7.87/27/2019Rate 3.111
Y Market / Oni Dentetsu Ko-oni no Kanabo Session IPA 4.47/10/2016Rate 3.213
Y Market / Onidensetsu I, Pa 6.25/12/2015Rate 3.426
Y Market 4 (For) Smile Pale Ale 6.26/15/2016Rate 3.557
Y Market A Bittersweet Memory 7.010/18/2018Rate 3.091
Y Market Akane Sora 4.310/8/2016Rate 3.074
Y Market Akisora Session IPL 4.310/18/2015Rate 3.44
Y Market Ama no Jaku 5.67/27/2019Rate 3.091
Y Market Anniversary WIPA 7.12/19/2019Rate 3.333
Y Market Anniversary WIPA-2 7.75/4/2019Rate 3.343
Y Market Another Sky Pale Ale 5.03/4/2019Rate 3.232
Y Market Ardennes Red 5.310/20/2015Rate 3.295
Y Market Aroma Breath 4.210/10/2015Rate 3.182
Y Market Aroma Burst IPA 6.210/1/2016Rate 3.142
Y Market Barley Bouquet 5.711/3/2016Rate 3.34
Y Market Be Twenty 8.110/18/2018Rate 3.142
Y Market Break Shot IPL 5.61/18/2016Rate 3.092
Y Market Breakthrough IPA 4.911/26/2018Rate 3.111
Y Market Brilliant Sky Pale Ale 5.27/20/2016Rate 3.363
Y Market Brocade St. 5.58/14/2015Rate 3.416
Y Market Brown Hunting 5.55/4/2014Rate 3.185
Y Market Capercaillie American Pale Ale 5.511/13/2015Rate 3.285
Y Market Cascadear Session IPA 4.89/18/2014Rate 3.456
Y Market Cassis Orange With B 3.710/18/2018Rate 0
Y Market Chinook Bomb 5.534/29/2017Rate 3.153
Y Market Clean Hit Session IPA 4.43/16/2018Rate 3.021
Y Market Cloudy Yellow Sky 7.33/11/2018Rate 3.252
Y Market Coffee Time 6.510/27/2017Rate 3.041
Y Market Craft Heart Red 5.53/21/2014Rate 3.529811
Y Market Crescent Light 5.71/9/2015Rate 3.486
Y Market Cutie Devil 7.87/27/2019Rate 3.041
Y Market Dark Valley Oatmeal Stout 6.01/27/2017Rate 3.162
Y Market Decorian 6.52/19/2016Rate 3.367
Y Market Deep Fall Lager 6.811/4/2014Rate 3.194
Y Market Dekopin Attack 4.44/29/2019Rate 3.041
Y Market Delay IPA 5.29/23/2015Rate 3.557
Y Market Departure Lager 5.41/31/2016Rate 3.091
Y Market Devil Weiss 4.511/16/2014Rate 2.963
Y Market Distortion IPA 9.39/23/2015Rate 3.617
Y Market Distortion IPA W Effect 8.55/5/2017Rate 3.191
Y Market Dream in the Yellow Trunk -3/6/2016Rate 3.253
Y Market Endoji Champs-Élysées 5.7110/27/2017Rate 3.091
Y Market Exotic Fruit Punch 7.79/15/2018Rate 3.111
Y Market Extremely Ekuanot 5.92/2/2019Rate 3.131
Y Market First Batch IPA 6.01/19/2019Rate 3.162
Y Market Funky Monkey Hazy 6.910/8/2018Rate 31
Y Market Gambit Pils 4.512/21/2014Rate 3.375
Y Market Gate 7 Black Ale 5.83/21/2014Rate 3.278
Y Market Gateau Stout 7.67/27/2019Rate 3.061
Y Market Geel Duvel (Kiiroi Akuma) 9.33/12/2017Rate 3.061
Y Market Geki Rare Imperial Stout 133/9/2015Rate 2.931
Y Market Ghost Writer IPA 5.510/20/2015Rate 3.44
Y Market Golden Combi -10/9/2017Rate 3.092
Y Market Golden Mary 5.01/16/2015Rate 3.065
Y Market Green Ripple 5.611/7/2016Rate 3.111
Y Market Gypsy Lager 4.511/29/2015Rate 3.162
Y Market Hibiscus Abbey 5.02/11/2015Rate 3.438
Y Market Hibiscus Raspberry Saison 5.583/12/2017Rate 3.314
Y Market Highland Peat Scottish Ale 4.83/19/2016Rate 3.14
Y Market Holy Citra!!! 5.012/15/2015Rate 3.486
Y Market Hop Bazooka!! 4.59/5/2016Rate 3.367
Y Market Hop Cantabile 4.55/18/2019Rate 3.223
Y Market Hop Carnival S-IPA 4.63/13/2015Rate 3.46899
Y Market Hop Drug Brown Ale 5.32/19/2016Rate 3.314
Y Market Hop Monochrome Amarillo Version 4.52/19/2016Rate 3.415
Y Market Hop Monochrome Centennial Version 4.43/30/2016Rate 3.34
Y Market Hop Monochrome Galaxy Ver. 2 4.810/18/2018Rate 0
Y Market Hop Monochrome Galaxy Version 3.44/18/2016Rate 3.183
Y Market Hop Monochrome Loral Version 4.96/14/2018Rate 2.961
Y Market Hop Monochrome Nelson Sauvin Version 4.31/10/2017Rate 3.253
Y Market Hop Seduction Hyper Session IPA 4.61/27/2017Rate 3.111
Y Market Hop Seduction Session IPA 4.54/25/2014Rate 3.356013
Y Market Horonigai Omohide Coffee Stout 7.010/20/2018Rate 3.061
Y Market Hysteric IPA 7.03/21/2014Rate 3.497919
Y Market I Wish Stout 4.98/16/2016Rate 3.236
Y Market I,Pa - 2 6.67/1/2017Rate 3.092
Y Market Ibushigin Smoked Ale 5.64/16/2015Rate 3.365
Y Market Ifudodo 9.712/8/2016Rate 3.13
Y Market Inheritance Lager 5.55/5/2017Rate 3.061
Y Market Irodori Kolsch 4.511/29/2015Rate 3.34
Y Market Izutsu Grape Field 4.97/7/2015Rate 3.38
Y Market Japanese Roast Ale 5.88/28/2016Rate 3.357
Y Market Kanashige Apple Field 4.71/17/2019Rate 3.264
Y Market Kanayama Golden Ale 5.61/19/2017Rate 3.112
Y Market Karahana Shinka 4.25/5/2017Rate 3.041
Y Market Karasu Ageha 5.7510/1/2016Rate 3.224
Y Market Katen Gecchi -10/9/2017Rate 3.212
Y Market Kiniro Akaoni 9.02/26/2017Rate 3.151
Y Market Kirameki IPA 5.98/13/2014Rate 3.325
Y Market Kisoji Pale Ale 5.04/7/2018Rate 3.072
Y Market Koharu Biyori 4.71/17/2019Rate 3.052
Y Market Kutsurogi Pale Ale 5.311/10/2014Rate 3.183
Y Market Kyoka Suigetsu 5.410/1/2016Rate 3.236
Y Market La Mosaïque 5.02/27/2015Rate 3.446610
Y Market La Simcoe 5.254/29/2017Rate 3.061
Y Market Liver Destroyer RED 8.31/20/2016Rate 3.375
Y Market Lupuhara TIPA 9.54/29/2019Rate 3.091
Y Market Lupulin Nectar 7.89/19/2017Rate 3.465
Y Market MalX 5.412/2/2017Rate 31
Y Market Mango Orange Ale 4.55/4/2014Rate 3.054
Y Market Maple Fusion Scotch Ale 7.55/17/2018Rate 3.091
Y Market Maruhachi IPA 8.05/4/2014Rate 3.364
Y Market Maruhachi Session IPA -10/9/2017Rate 3.111
Y Market Maverick Amber 6.53/11/2016Rate 3.273
Y Market Meitei King 12.711/15/2015Rate 3.72639
Y Market Meiyon Lager 5.25/4/2014Rate 3.477
Y Market Meriken Scotch Ale 7.23/30/2016Rate 3.388
Y Market Mighty Rook 6.93/1/2015Rate 3.367
Y Market Minamikaze 6.37/29/2019Rate 0
Y Market Mo Jr. (Junior) 4.22/28/2017Rate 3.314
Y Market Moon Night Yellow Sky 5.810/6/2018Rate 3.061
Y Market Mosaic Juice 5.48/2/2016Rate 3.33
Y Market Nachtmuzik -4/23/2016Rate 3.277
Y Market Nangoku Wit 5.98/16/2016Rate 3.122
Y Market Natsuno Omoide 4.69/5/2016Rate 3.235
Y Market Neutral IPA 6.110/18/2018Rate 2.851
Y Market New Face 7.05/9/2019Rate 3.151
Y Market New Generation 4.42/2/2019Rate 3.091
Y Market New Onigashima 2 7.55/28/2018Rate 3.091
Y Market Night Bishop 5.61/9/2015Rate 3.296
Y Market Noir Heads 6.87/9/2014Rate 3.378
Y Market Nostalgic IPA 6.88/16/2016Rate 2.982
Y Market Oasis Gate Golden Ale 5.18/16/2016Rate 2.941
Y Market Ohako 5.15/1/2019Rate 3.111
Y Market Orange Sky Pale Ale 6.064/29/2017Rate 3.123
Y Market Paradise Ginga (Galaxy) 5.57/23/2019Rate 3.162
Y Market Primale 4.13/21/2014Rate 2.861
Y Market Purple Sky Pale Ale 5.68/13/2014Rate 3.629712
Y Market Purple Sky Pale Ale Mosaic Version 5.64/6/2015Rate 3.34
Y Market Purple Sky Pale Ale Simcoe Version 5.65/18/2015Rate 3.212
Y Market Rain Call Session IPA 3.87/8/2015Rate 3.397
Y Market Raspberry Saison 5.33/6/2016Rate 3.396
Y Market Raspberry Sour 4.32/26/2017Rate 3.021
Y Market Red Rock 5.8110/27/2017Rate 3.192
Y Market Red Squirrel American Red Ale 6.011/5/2014Rate 3.023
Y Market Royal Red Ale 5.77/16/2016Rate 0
Y Market Sabro IPA 5.010/9/2019Rate 3.091
Y Market Saison Season 5.59/10/2014Rate 3.053
Y Market Sansho Arare Mild Ale 4.11/17/2019Rate 3.033
Y Market Secret Mission Pale Ale 5.11/20/2016Rate 3.274
Y Market Sekimen Dokuro (Blush Skull) 6.21/19/2017Rate 3.184
Y Market Smoke'n Dark 7.912/5/2015Rate 3.569310
Y Market Smooth Trap Special Bitter 5.32/11/2016Rate 3.344
Y Market Sorachi Champ 5.1612/13/2018Rate 3.061
Y Market Southern Pale Ale 5.51/27/2018Rate 2.981
Y Market Spiral Belgian 6.37/14/2014Rate 3.38909
Y Market Sukapontan Wheat 4.569/5/2016Rate 3.283
Y Market Summer Carnival S-IPA 4.68/16/2019Rate 3.111
Y Market Summer Christmas IPA 5.912/24/2014Rate 3.34
Y Market Summer Color IPA 5.97/14/2014Rate 3.26
Y Market Sumo Mandarin IPA 6.63/5/2017Rate 3.252
Y Market Super Hysteric IPA 7.03/7/2015Rate 3.556
Y Market Take It EG 4.38/4/2019Rate 3.041
Y Market Tasogare Summer Ale 4.87/27/2015Rate 3.183
Y Market Team White 5.61/27/2018Rate 3.212
Y Market Techno Pilsner 5.06/1/2019Rate 3.223
Y Market Thanks Cinq Cidre -9/5/2014Rate 3.162
Y Market The Black Crown 5.312/5/2015Rate 3.335
Y Market The Trigger 5.312/19/2017Rate 3.021
Y Market Traditional Journey 7.75/29/2019Rate 3.061
Y Market Tremolo IPA 7.09/19/2015Rate 2.925
Y Market Trinity Black 7.810/22/2014Rate 3.446
Y Market Tropical Blanc 5.212/20/2016Rate 3.063
Y Market Tsukechi Green Tea IPA 6.310/18/2018Rate 0
Y Market Twilight Knight 5.41/9/2015Rate 3.25
Y Market Urban Green Farmhouse Ale 5.4610/27/2017Rate 3.021
Y Market US Gossip 5.59/14/2019Rate 3.111
Y Market W Market IPA 10.211/4/2014Rate 3.445
Y Market What the Hell 4.89/12/2019Rate 3.131
Y Market Wheat Wing Session IPA 4.611/5/2014Rate 3.447
Y Market White Ace 4.54/25/2014Rate 3.094
Y Market W-IPL 8.92/19/2017Rate 3.232
Y Market Y.M.B.P. Belgian Pale Ale 5.310/26/2015Rate 3.333
Y Market Y.M.B.P. Pale Ale (2014 only) 5.53/21/2014Rate 3.056
Y Market Yanagase Chronicle 5.59/3/2015Rate 3.346
Y Market Yanagibashi Pilsner 4.99/5/2016Rate 3.164
Y Market Yellow Sky Pale Ale 5.62/11/2015Rate 3.679810
Y Market Yofukashi Queen 123/7/2015Rate 3.57679
Y Market Yurameki Session Red IPA 4.93/7/2015Rate 3.25
Y Market Yusuzumi Pale Ale 5.510/18/2018Rate 3.021
Y Market Session IPL
Brewed at Gotemba Kogen
4.54/18/2016Rate 3.48849
Y Market Table Pils
Brewed at Gotemba Kogen
4.89/3/2015Rate 3.285

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