Brewers Row Batch 1 - Cascadian Dark Lager 5.14/14/2016Rate 32
VCBW 2017 Brewers Row Hazy Pale 5.05/20/2017Rate 3.058
Yellow Dog / AleSmith Seeking Asylum 8.09/20/2017Rate 3.37
Yellow Dog / Breakside POMO-PDX 6.75/14/2017Rate 3.44649
Yellow Dog / Breakside POMO-PDX - Barrel Aged 6.93/5/2018Rate 3.396
Yellow Dog / Dageraad Straight Outta Terrace 5.53/17/2018Rate 3.14
Yellow Dog / Machine Turbo Wolf Sour IPA 6.25/30/2016Rate 3.446
Yellow Dog / Melvin A Yellow Dog Named Melvin 8.11/19/2018Rate 3.347
Yellow Dog / Powell Stop, Collaborate and Listen 6.42/9/2018Rate 3.044
Yellow Dog / Steel & Oak Karaoke Showdown 8.14/1/2017Rate 3.15
Yellow Dog / Superflux Friends with Benefits 6.01/18/2019Rate 3.131
Yellow Dog / Trolley 5 Fist Bump 6.811/11/2018Rate 2.955
Yellow Dog 4 and Counting (Jolly Rancher) 4.28/15/2018Rate 2.734
Yellow Dog Alpha Dog 5.210/1/2015Rate 3.679823
Yellow Dog Argyle Sweater Dark Mild 3.510/26/2018Rate 31
Yellow Dog Barrel Aged Passionfruit Sour -4/10/2017Rate 3.364
Yellow Dog Barrel-Aged Peach Offleash -6/18/2016Rate 3.142
Yellow Dog Beach Dog Coconut Hazy 7.03/11/2018Rate 3.135
Yellow Dog Belgian Double IPA 8.08/28/2016Rate 3.061
Yellow Dog Belgo-American Pale Ale 5.35/22/2018Rate 3.041
Yellow Dog Berliner Weisse - Black Currant 3.28/12/2015Rate 2.831
Yellow Dog Berliner Weisse - Ginger & Grapefruit 4.08/11/2015Rate 3.021
Yellow Dog Berliner Weisse - Mango 3.78/18/2016Rate 3.023
Yellow Dog Berliner Weisse - Raspberry 3.28/12/2015Rate 2.891
Yellow Dog Berliner Weisse - Strawberry 4.08/12/2015Rate 2.913
Yellow Dog Berliner Weisse - Watermelon 3.28/31/2017Rate 2.685
Yellow Dog Berliner Weisse - White Peach 4.08/12/2015Rate 3.033
Yellow Dog Blackcurrant Sour 6.54/10/2017Rate 3.295
Yellow Dog Blended Reality 5.011/21/2017Rate 3.136
Yellow Dog Bootweather Brett Saison 6.56/18/2016Rate 3.13
Yellow Dog Bracket Buster Brett Hazy IPA 7.03/18/2018Rate 3.093
Yellow Dog Brett Blonde 4.98/18/2016Rate 3.061
Yellow Dog Brett Double IPA 6.86/18/2016Rate 3.133
Yellow Dog Chase My Tail - Grapefruit & Hallertau Blanc 5.58/26/2016Rate 2.832
Yellow Dog Chase My Tail Pale Ale 5.58/3/2014Rate 3.224519
Yellow Dog Chase My Tail Pale Ale - Pineapple 5.54/30/2015Rate 2.783
Yellow Dog Chase My Tail Pale Ale - Strawberry 5.04/15/2016Rate 2.982
Yellow Dog Chew Toy Coconut Porter -10/19/2015Rate 3.294612
Yellow Dog Chew Toy Coconut Porter - Banana -10/25/2015Rate 2.961
Yellow Dog Chocolate Lab English Brown Ale 6.010/12/2018Rate 3.142
Yellow Dog Citrus Zest -7/8/2017Rate 3.061
Yellow Dog Colourblind Red ISA 4.71/18/2019Rate 31
Yellow Dog Doggo Abby -5/30/2018Rate 31
Yellow Dog Domesticated Sour Wild IPA 6.73/24/2017Rate 3.218
Yellow Dog Dreamsicle 4.28/15/2018Rate 2.941
Yellow Dog Drop the Ball-tic Porter 7.82/5/2018Rate 3.091
Yellow Dog Elevator Music 7.511/11/2018Rate 3.212
Yellow Dog Extracurricular Barrel-Aged Brett Saison 7.05/29/2018Rate 3.091
Yellow Dog Fetched Hoppy Wild Saison 7.07/26/2018Rate 3.223
Yellow Dog Flemish Style Sour Red Ale 5.111/24/2018Rate 3.333
Yellow Dog Full Circle Brut Lite Lager 4.412/15/2018Rate 2.862
Yellow Dog Funky Farm Fresh 4.810/8/2016Rate 3.223
Yellow Dog Funky Farm Fresh IPA 7.010/19/2016Rate 3.091
Yellow Dog Ginger Sour -7/8/2017Rate 3.192
Yellow Dog Give Me a Treat Tart Raspberry Porter 5.82/13/2017Rate 3.065
Yellow Dog Give Me a Treat Tart Raspberry Porter - Brett 6.63/11/2017Rate 3.061
Yellow Dog Glacier Berry 4.28/15/2018Rate 2.751
Yellow Dog Go Fetch Saison 6.84/3/2016Rate 3.066
Yellow Dog Go Get It Ginger Lime Gose 5.07/30/2016Rate 3.071510
Yellow Dog Harvest Companion 6.011/25/2017Rate 3.297
Yellow Dog Hi Ten Double Hazy IPA 7.95/2/2017Rate 3.437
Yellow Dog Hibiscus Tart -7/8/2017Rate 2.93
Yellow Dog High Five Hazy IPA 6.87/21/2016Rate 3.497726
Yellow Dog Holiday Cheer Rye & Ginger 5.712/1/2018Rate 2.884
Yellow Dog Hops and Oates - Some Things Are Berliner Left Unsaid 4.08/15/2018Rate 31
Yellow Dog Hula Girl (Hawaiian Fridays) 4.28/15/2018Rate 2.831
Yellow Dog Hybrid Pale Ale 5.14/18/2018Rate 31
Yellow Dog ISA -11/27/2014Rate 2.881
Yellow Dog Juice Cleanse 6.01/18/2019Rate 2.721
Yellow Dog Keggin's Dubbel 6.82/4/2017Rate 2.981
Yellow Dog Ken Approved Smoked Dark Pilsner 5.44/30/2018Rate 2.921
Yellow Dog Kev's Classy Lassy -10/2/2016Rate 2.851
Yellow Dog Kolsch 4.52/4/2017Rate 3.021
Yellow Dog Lemon Lime Witbier 5.011/13/2016Rate 2.813
Yellow Dog Little Dog Syndrome 8.110/21/2016Rate 3.616912
Yellow Dog Lochristi Sour Witbier 4.810/25/2015Rate 2.981
Yellow Dog My Last Weisse 4.28/15/2018Rate 2.941
Yellow Dog Old Dog Alt 5.29/13/2014Rate 3.098
Yellow Dog Oldie Goldie Cascade DIPA 8.03/8/2018Rate 3.163
Yellow Dog Pack Leader Pilsner 4.93/20/2017Rate 3.167
Yellow Dog Pineapple Brett IPA 7.07/12/2016Rate 3.245
Yellow Dog Play Dead IPA 7.06/8/2014Rate 3.568847
Yellow Dog Play Dead IPA - Orange & Grapefruit 7.02/13/2015Rate 2.912
Yellow Dog Play Dead IPA - Peaches 7.07/2/2017Rate 3.021
Yellow Dog Play Dead IPA - Pineapple 7.02/1/2015Rate 3.224
Yellow Dog Play Deader IPA - Fresh Hop 7.510/7/2015Rate 3.436
Yellow Dog Private EYE-PA 6.510/21/2017Rate 3.091
Yellow Dog Red Nose 5.512/22/2016Rate 33
Yellow Dog Retriever Golden Ale 5.13/4/2017Rate 3.01499
Yellow Dog Rise & Shine 4.82/24/2018Rate 2.844
Yellow Dog Rollover Red Kettle Sour 5.76/6/2015Rate 2.978
Yellow Dog Run to the Hills 5.05/22/2018Rate 2.941
Yellow Dog Schwarzbier 5.03/11/2017Rate 3.111
Yellow Dog Shake a Paw Smoked Porter 5.010/10/2014Rate 3.234024
Yellow Dog Shake a Paw Smoked Porter - Coconut -11/14/2014Rate 2.792
Yellow Dog Shake a Paw Smoked Porter - Raspberry -1/10/2015Rate 3.023
Yellow Dog Sit and Stay India Session Belgian Ale (ISBA) 3.93/20/2015Rate 3.264313
Yellow Dog Smash It! 8.012/15/2018Rate 2.973
Yellow Dog Sour Key-wi 5.05/22/2018Rate 2.961
Yellow Dog Sour Red Lager -8/12/2015Rate 2.831
Yellow Dog Squirrel Chaser 5.210/20/2018Rate 3.096
Yellow Dog Stick Toss Apricot Saison 5.85/22/2015Rate 2.977
Yellow Dog Stick Toss Cranberry Saison 5.85/20/2015Rate 2.867
Yellow Dog Stick Toss Orange Peel Saison 5.73/6/2015Rate 2.833
Yellow Dog Stout of Touch 5.05/22/2018Rate 3.021
Yellow Dog Strawberry & Chamomile -7/8/2017Rate 3.193
Yellow Dog Super Secret Sour Blonde 6.07/4/2016Rate 3.345
Yellow Dog Super Secret Sour Saison 5.26/3/2016Rate 3.344
Yellow Dog Super Secret Sour White (alias) 6.06/28/2015
Yellow Dog Sweater Season 5.612/22/2017Rate 3.226
Yellow Dog Take a Walk Wit 4.96/12/2014Rate 3.034614
Yellow Dog Tangerine Sour 5.08/19/2016Rate 2.981
Yellow Dog Tap 15 4.98/10/2018Rate 2.941
Yellow Dog Tart Brett IPA 6.02/4/2017Rate 3.042
Yellow Dog Tart Plum Sour -4/22/2017Rate 3.111
Yellow Dog The Fine Apple 4.28/15/2018Rate 2.871
Yellow Dog The Summer of Sam 5.09/22/2016Rate 2.832
Yellow Dog Tropical Monsoon -2/6/2018Rate 3.162
Yellow Dog Tropical Storm Matt 5.09/22/2016Rate 2.921
Yellow Dog Vet Bill Mocha Stout 5.31/18/2019Rate 31
Yellow Dog White IPA -10/16/2014Rate 2.871
Yellow Dog Wild and Hazy Brett IPA 7.45/6/2018Rate 3.424
Yellow Dog Winter Sunset Sour Cherry Bruin 6.42/26/2016Rate 3.065

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