Zoiglhaus Brewing Company

Brew Pub/Brewery
5716 SE 92nd Ave., Portland, Oregon, USA 97236
Sun-Wed: 11 am to 10 pm
Thu-Sat: 11 am to 11 pm

Associated place: Zoiglhaus Brewing Company

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Zoiglehaus / Wayfinder Beer GSO IPA 7.04/13/2017Rate 3.091
Zoiglhaus Hopfenbombe IPA 6.24/23/2018Rate 3.246
Zoiglhaus / Wayfinder Fluffer IPA 6.112/21/2016Rate 3.131
Zoiglhaus / Wayfinder Saaz All Pilsner 5.212/21/2016Rate 3.232
Zoiglhaus A Tipple for Nikolaus 6.012/5/2016Rate 3.042
Zoiglhaus B-Boy Bouilliabase IPA 6.010/23/2015Rate 3.111
Zoiglhaus Belgian Blonde Tripel 8.312/7/2015Rate 3.192
Zoiglhaus Belgian Thor 7.79/18/2016Rate 3.041
Zoiglhaus Belmont Bock 6.812/7/2015Rate 3.212
Zoiglhaus Berliner Weisse 2.86/27/2017Rate 2.813
Zoiglhaus Birra Pazza al Pesto 5.08/2/2016Rate 3.096
Zoiglhaus Black Pearl Cascadia Dark Ale 6.010/23/2015Rate 3.151
Zoiglhaus Cavalier Belgian IPA 5.510/23/2015Rate 0
Zoiglhaus Cedar Fever 6.812/13/2017Rate 3.111
Zoiglhaus Doppelsticke 8.92/21/2019Rate 3.151
Zoiglhaus Dunkelweizen 4.92/7/2016Rate 3.092
Zoiglhaus Dunkles 4.52/7/2016Rate 3.162
Zoiglhaus Elderberry Berliner Weisse 2.89/7/2018Rate 31
Zoiglhaus Fest 5.510/12/2017Rate 3.122
Zoiglhaus Gose 4.86/17/2016Rate 3.061
Zoiglhaus Green Line Organic Pale Radler 3.910/23/2015Rate 2.851
Zoiglhaus Haus IPA 6.210/23/2015Rate 3.25
Zoiglhaus Kicker Kölsch 4.910/23/2015Rate 3.289411
Zoiglhaus Lent's Lager 5.010/23/2015Rate 3.436
Zoiglhaus Märzen Mädness 5.53/29/2016Rate 2.961
Zoiglhaus Milk Chocolate Porter 5.93/29/2016Rate 3.073
Zoiglhaus Nikolaus 5.112/7/2015Rate 3.163
Zoiglhaus Northern German Pilsner 5.08/29/2016Rate 3.475
Zoiglhaus Oktoberfresh 5.510/23/2015Rate 3.394
Zoiglhaus PDC Pale - Single Hop Series: Crosby No 7 5.010/23/2015Rate 3.021
Zoiglhaus PDC Pale - Single Hop Series: Mosaic 5.010/23/2015Rate 0
Zoiglhaus PDC Pale - Single Hop Series: Polaris 5.02/7/2016Rate 3.092
Zoiglhaus PDC Pale - Single Hop Series: Simcoe 5.06/17/2016Rate 2.981
Zoiglhaus Ramona Red Ale 6.510/23/2015Rate 3.399524
Zoiglhaus Rockin' Roggen 5.010/12/2017Rate 3.171
Zoiglhaus Rosinenbomber Fest Bier 7.41/26/2019Rate 2.961
Zoiglhaus Schwarzbier 4.410/23/2015Rate 3.459411
Zoiglhaus Seismic Upgrade Imperial IPA 8.72/7/2016Rate 3.232
Zoiglhaus Zoigle Hefe-Weissbier 5.210/23/2015Rate 3.289410
Zoiglhaus Zoigl-Kölsch (alias) 4.911/13/2017
Zoiglhaus Zoigl-Pils 4.812/17/2017Rate 3.359612
Zoiglhaus Zoigl-Rot 5.02/21/2019Rate 3.042

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