Best Beers Of Armenia

The following are the highest rated beers brewed in Armenia as they appear in the ranks at Beer scores are weighted means so that more ratings for a beer increase the score's tendency to the beer's actual mean.

Include Retired

1Dargett Coney Island 3.347Pale Ale - American / APA
2Dargett The Catcher In The Wheat  3.326Wheat Ale
3Kellers (Armenia) Dark Draught 3.282Dark Lager - Dunkel / Tmavý
4Academia Pils 3.253Pilsener / Pils / Pilsner
5Dargett Seven Sins 3.255Tripel
6Dargett Steppenwolf 3.212Weissbier - Hefeweizen
7Dargett / Sahlins Brygghus Odin Baltic Porter 3.206Porter - Baltic
8Dargett 1984 3.187Stout
9Dargett Milestones 3.174IPA - Black / Brown / Cascadian Dark
10Kellers (Armenia) Gold Draught 3.162Pale Lager - North Am. / Light / Rice
11Academia Weizen 3.131Weissbier - Hefeweizen
12Academia Bitter 3.126Bitter - Ordinary / Best
13Dargett La Rapsodia 3.125Pilsener / Pils / Pilsner
14Dors Bavarian Weizen 3.111Weissbier - Hefeweizen
15Dargett Uncle Raffi's 3.111Apple Cider
16Dargett Dr. White 3.094Witbier / Belgian White Ale
17Dargett The Final Cut 3.091Stout - Imperial
18Dargett Prunus Armeniaca 3.085Wheat Ale
19Dargett Woland 3.073Stout - Imperial
20Dors A.P.A 3.061Pale Ale - American / APA
21Dors IPA 3.052IPA
22Dors Farmhouse Ale 3.041Saison / Farmhouse / Grisette
23Dargett Seasonal Beer (Winter Ale) 3.041Flavored - Other
24Kellers (Armenia) Gold Filtered 3.041Pale Lager - North Am. / Light / Rice
25Dargett Vertigo 3.033IPA
26Dargett Metamorphosis  3.034Amber Lager - Intl / Vienna
27Dors Cider 3.021Apple Cider
28Dors Dark Lager  3.001Dark Lager - Dunkel / Tmavý
29Dargett Gose 3.001Gose
301952 Unfiltered 3.001Zwickelbier / Kellerbier / Landbier
31Alaverdi  2.981Pilsener / Pils / Pilsner
32Academia Dunkel 2.964Dark Lager - Dunkel / Tmavý
33Dargett Rye IPA 2.961IPA - Rye
34Dargett The Prince of Purity 2.943Pale Lager - Intl / Premium
35AM Group Jäger 2.941Pale Lager - North Am. / Light / Rice
36Dargett Barley Wine 2.941BarleyWine / WheatWine / RyeWine
37Dargett Underdog 2.921Flavored - Other
38Dargett Morello 2.904Flavored - Fruit
39Gyumri Unfiltered Beer 2.891Zwickelbier / Kellerbier / Landbier
40Urartu 2.882Pale Lager - North Am. / Light / Rice
41Kilikia Original 2.831Pale Lager - North Am. / Light / Rice
42Gyumri Czech 2.831Pilsener - Czech / Svetlý
43Dargett Belle de Jour 2.824Blonde Ale / Golden Ale
44Dilijan 4 2.812Dark Lager - Intl / Premium
45Gyumri Extra 2.791Pilsener - Imperial
46Erebuni 14 2.6810Pale Lager - North Am. / Light / Rice
47Městské Pivo 2.661Pilsener - Czech / Svetlý
48Kellers (Armenia) 2.652Pale Lager - North Am. / Light / Rice
49Kilikia Dark 2.65114Dark Lager - Dunkel / Tmavý
50Kilikia 0 2.601Low / No Alcohol Beer - Pale