Best Beers Of Greece

The following are the highest rated beers brewed in Greece as they appear in the ranks at Beer scores are weighted means so that more ratings for a beer increase the score's tendency to the beer's actual mean.

Include Retired

1Seven Island / Sknipa Bare Handed Whiskey Barrel Aged Imperial Stout 4.1117Stout - Imperial
2Satyr Brews Menace IPA 3.9442IPA
3Satyr Brews x Vodka Juniors Pubriot IPA 3.8423IPA
4Seven Island Citra Blast IPA 3.8252IPA
5Seven Island / Epirus Seven Drops Saison 3.7826Saison
6Strange Brew Uncle Jam's Tale #3 Galaxy IPA 3.7513IPA
7Seven Island / Epirus Seven Deadly Drops Oatmeal Stout 3.758Stout
8Dark Crops India Pale Ale 3.7321IPA
9Solo Skotidi [Το σκοτιδι] 3.73103Stout - Imperial
10Dark Crops Rotting Christ Non Serviam 3.677Stout - Imperial
11Seven Island Regulus Double IPA 3.6719IPA - Imperial / Double
12Solo Protagonist 3.6557Stout - Imperial
13Dark Crops Freezing Moon 3.6316Stout - Imperial
14Flaros IPA 3.6314IPA
15Solo Fouriaris [Φουριαρης] 3.6270IPA - Imperial / Double
16Septem 8th Day [8η μερα] 3.62172IPA
17Solo Askianos [Ο ασκιανος] 3.6189Porter
18Chaos Charma (Χαρμα) IPA 3.617IPA
19Noctua Night Vision Black IPA 3.6056IPA - Black / Dark
20Dark Crops, Darkness Descends 3.5914Stout
21Strange Brew Strange Years 3.596IPA
22Strange Brew Jasmine IPA 3.5942IPA
23Septem Kleos 3.5818Stout - Imperial
24Strange Brew Uncle Jam's Tale #1 Double IPA 3.5712IPA - Imperial / Double
25Anastasiou Asteroessa (Αναστασίου Αστερόεσσα)  3.576Pale Ale - American
26Satyr Brews x - Luben Brew IPA 3.5514IPA
27Solo Mauromaniko (To Mαυρομάνικο) 3.556Stout
28Voreia Stout Beer 3.52100Stout
29Septem Wet Hop 3.5149Pale Ale - American
30Chios Beer Smoked Robust Porter 3.49102Smoked
31Flaros Session Ale 3.4920Pale Ale - American
32Strange Brew Uncle Jam's Tale #2 American Stout 3.4910Stout
33Voreia Imperial Porter 3.476Porter - Imperial / Double
34Santorini Crazy Donkey 3.4691IPA
35Septem Lava 3.4568IPA - Imperial / Double
36Solo / Satyr Brews Dini [Δίνη] 3.4315IPA - Hazy / New England
37Ora Stout 3.4321Stout
38Voreia Smoked Amber Ale 3.4222Smoked
39Septem Wednesday Wheat IPA (W-Day) 3.4273IPA
40Solo Choriatiki [Χωριατικη] 3.4062Saison
41Ali (Αλη) Stout 3.3913Stout
42Charma (Χαρμα) Pale Ale 3.3810Pale Ale - American
43Anastasiou - Single Ηop Citra IPA (Αναστασίου Μονοποικιλιακή - Citra) 3.384IPA - Session
44Septem Saturday's Porter 3.38136Porter
45Septem Friday's Pale Ale 3.37184Pale Ale - American
46Septem Galaxy Single Hop IPA 3.3734IPA
47Dark Crops, Feel Like... More! 3.376Pale Ale - American
48Anastasiou Recipe 10 (Συνταγή 10) - Double Dry Hopped West Coast IPA 3.372IPA
49Solo Psaki [Ψακι] 3.3752IPA
50Mikònu Pale ale 3.3610Pale Ale - American