Best Beers Of Iceland

The following are the highest rated beers brewed in Iceland as they appear in the ranks at Beer scores are weighted means so that more ratings for a beer increase the score's tendency to the beer's actual mean.

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1Borg Surtur Nr. 8.8 3.8510Stout - Imperial
2Borg Surtur Nr. 38 3.8356Stout - Imperial
3Ölvisholt Lava 3.79637Smoked - Other
4Borg Garún Icelandic Stout Nr. 19 3.77334Stout - Imperial
5Borg Surtur Nr. 30 3.75131Stout - Imperial
6Borg Surtur Nr. 47 3.7047Stout - Imperial
7Borg Hurðaskellir Nr.54  3.6511Porter - Imperial
8Borg Garún Icelandic Stout Nr. 19.1 3.6599Stout - Imperial
9Borg Surtur Nr. 8.5 3.6411Stout - Imperial
10Borg Surtur Nr. 8.2 3.6313Stout - Imperial
11Borg Úlfur Úlfur Double IPA Nr. 17 3.62109IIPA - Imperial / Double IPA
12Borg Surtur Nr. 55 3.628Stout - Imperial
13Kex Skúffukaka 3.6116Stout - Imperial
14RVK Co & Co 3.5914Stout - Imperial
15Borg Garún Icelandic Stout Nr. 19.3 3.587Stout - Imperial
16Borg Giljagaur Nr. 14 3.5662BarleyWine / WheatWine / RyeWine
17Borg 9 + 1 anniversary theme beer 3.5613Stout - Imperial
18Malbygg / Cycle / KEX Brewhahah 3.566Stout - Imperial Flavored
19Borg Surtur Nr. 8.6 3.5529Stout - Imperial
20Borg Surtur Nr. 30.1 3.556Stout - Imperial
21Borg Surtur Nr. 8.4 3.549Stout - Imperial
22Einstök Icelandic Toasted Porter  3.54836Porter
23Gæðingur Tumi Humall IPA 3.53103IPA
24Borg Surtur Nr. 61 3.535Stout - Imperial
25Malbygg Kisi 3.5111Pale Ale - American / APA
26Borg / Cigar City Aycayia Nr. C4 3.5036IPA
27Einstök Icelandic Winter Ale 3.4978Flavored - Other
28Einstök Icelandic Wee Heavy 3.47220Scotch Ale / Wee Heavy
29Malbygg / Ör Brewing Project Humar 3.4614IIPA - Imperial / Double IPA
30Borg Surtur Nr. 8.7 3.4624Stout - Imperial
31Borg Myrkvi Nr. 13 3.46176Porter
32Borg Surtur Nr. 8.9 3.457Stout - Imperial
33Ölvisholt Röðull India Pale Ale 3.4534IPA
34Ölvisholt 24 Barley Wine 3.4416BarleyWine / WheatWine / RyeWine
35Kex Jesus is Coming 3.444Stout - Imperial
36Gæðingur Stout  3.44122Stout
37Malbygg Basl 3.445IPA - Hazy / NEIPA
38Gæðingur MIB 3.433IIPA - Imperial / Double IPA
39Borg Úlfur India Pale Ale Nr. 3 3.43203IPA
40Kex Perfect Stranger 3.434IIPA - Imperial / Double IPA
41Kex One And Done 3.435Stout - Imperial
42Kex Millions of Peaches 3.424Flavored - Fruit
43Malbygg SOPI Session IPA 3.4115ISA - Session IPA
44Malbygg Bjossi Bolla 3.417Stout - Imperial Flavored
45Malbygg Ribbit 3.4117Sour / Wild Beer - Flavored
46Borg / Bådin Lóan New Nordic DIPA Nr. C7 3.418IIPA - Imperial / Double IPA
47Ölvisholt Lava Barrel Aged 3.403Smoked - Rauchbier
48RVK Verum Bara Vinir 3.405Sour / Wild Beer
49Borg Þvörusleikir Nr. 28 3.406Red Ale / Intl Amber Ale
50Bryggjan Pale Ale 3.408Pale Ale - American / APA