Best Beers Of Kenya

The following are the highest rated beers brewed in Kenya as they appear in the ranks at Beer scores are weighted means so that more ratings for a beer increase the score's tendency to the beer's actual mean.

Include Retired

1Sierra Imperial Stout 3.2613Stout
2Big Five Temstout 3.256Stout
3Guinness Foreign Extra Stout (Kenya) 3.2029Stout - Extra / Foreign / Tropical
4Sierra Oktoberfest 3.053Märzen / Oktoberfest Bier
5Bateleur Chez Guerilla  3.041Stout - Imperial
6Big Five Enkare 3.041Tripel
7Big Five Nyatipa 3.046Pale Ale - English
8Bateleur Nairo BIA 3.021IPA - Hazy / New England (NEIPA)
9Bateleur Picasso Bug 3.021Stout - Extra / Foreign / Tropical
10Bateleur Mantis 3.001ISA - Session IPA
11Big Five Hefeweizen 3.003Weissbier - Hefeweizen
12Bateleur Bila Shaka  2.981IPA
13Bateleur Fruit Fly Freshly Skweazed Mango IPA 2.981IPA - Hazy / New England (NEIPA)
14Bateleur Jua Kali 2.981Pale Lager - International / Premium
15Bateleur Dire Straits Pilsen 2.981Pilsener / Pils / Pilsner
16Bateleur Dirty Hairy 2.972Red Ale / International Amber Ale
17Sierra Coffee Ale 2.963Flavored - Other
18Sierra Maibock 2.953Bock - Heller Bock / Maibock
19Bateleur Crocodile Tears 2.941Sour / Wild Beer
20Bateleur honey badger 2.921Blonde Ale / Golden Ale
21Bateleur KuDeTa 2.921IIPA DIPA - Imperial / Double IPA
22Big Five ChuiKolsch 2.905Kölsch / Kölsch-Style
23Big Five Kifabock 2.875Dubbel
24Bateleur Tandala Weissbier 2.874Weissbier - Hefeweizen
25Bateleur Verre Aux (Eagle Owl) 2.851Porter - Flavored
26Big Five Art Brew 2.831Pale Ale - English
27Keroche Summit Malt 2.791Pale Lager - International / Premium
28Kenya President Extra Lager 2.761Pilsener - Imperial
29Big Five Kristallweizen 2.761Weissbier - Kristallweizen
30Big Five Simpils 2.755Pilsener / Pils / Pilsner
31Big Five Märzen 2.741Märzen / Oktoberfest Bier
32Big Five Simpils Lite  2.641Pilsener - Bohemian / Czech
33Big Five Oktoberfest 2.642Red Ale / International Amber Ale
34Sierra Porter 2.5723Porter
35Sierra Amber 2.5630Amber Lager - International / Vienna
36Sierra Blonde 2.3632Helles / Dortmunder Export
37Keroche Summit Lager 2.363Pale Lager - American
38Kenya Senator Keg Lager 2.333Pale Lager - American
39Kenya Pilsner Ice Light 2.321Pale Lager - American
40Kenya Tusker Premium / Malt Lager 2.31102Pale Lager - American
41Sierra Platinum 2.2515Pale Lager - American
42Balozi Lager  2.247Pale Lager - American
43Kenya Tusker Lager 2.151136Pale Lager - International / Premium
44Kenya Pilsner 2.0627Pale Lager - American
45Kenya Allsopps Lager 1.9326Pale Lager - American
46Kenya White Cap 1.9061Pale Lager - American
47Kenya Tusker Lite 1.8330Pale Lager - American
48Kenya Pilsner Ice 1.8013Pale Lager - American
49Kenya White Cap Light 1.798Pale Lager - American