Best Beers Of North Korea

The following are the highest rated beers brewed in North Korea as they appear in the ranks at Beer scores are weighted means so that more ratings for a beer increase the score's tendency to the beer's actual mean.

Include Retired

1Taedonggang 6  3.002Schwarzbier
2Koryo Hotel Yellow Beer 2.993German Hefeweizen
3Mansudae Restaurant Beer 1 (Wheat) 2.981German Hefeweizen
4Yanggakdo Hotel Draught Beer 2.966Golden Ale/Blond Ale
5Rakwon 12 2.933German Hefeweizen
6Taedonggang 1  2.933Pale Lager
7Thaesong Restaurant Beer 2.891Zwickel/Keller/Landbier
8Haean Beer 2.851Czech Pilsner (Světlý)
9Koryo Hotel Black Beer 2.843Schwarzbier
10Ryongaksan 12° 2.831Pale Lager
11Ryongsong Huk-maekju 2.811Schwarzbier
12Rakbaek Dark Beer  2.811Dunkel/Tmavý
13Taedonggang 7 2.812Schwarzbier
14Mansudae Restaurant Black Beer 2.792Schwarzbier
15Unjong Black Beer 흑맥주 2.762Dunkel/Tmavý
16Taedonggang 15P 2.752Pale Lager
17Unjong Yellow Beer 황맥주 2.722German Hefeweizen
18Pyongyang Gold Lane Beer 2.722Pale Lager
19Taedonggang Fermented Apple Cider  2.681Cider
20Ryongsong Huk-maekju 12° 2.672Schwarzbier
21Taedonggang 5 2.672Specialty Grain
22Mansudae Restaurant Beer 2 (Barley) 2.622Pale Lager
23Rakbaek Black Beer 2.601Schwarzbier
24Rakwon Jebi Draft Beer 2.581Pale Lager
25Taedonggang 4  2.562Specialty Grain
26Ryongsong Beer 12° 2.551Pale Lager
27Taedonggang 3 2.532Specialty Grain
28Kyongsung Draught Beer 경승생맥주  2.511Pale Lager
29Taedonggang 11P 2.5015Pale Lager
30Ryongsong Beer 10° 2.492Pale Lager
31Rakrang Ryomyong Haesal Saengmaekju 2.491Pale Lager
32Pyongyang Huk-maekju  2.482Dunkel/Tmavý
33Ponghak Beer 12° 2.4225Pale Lager
34Pyongyang Maekju 11° 2.392Pale Lager
35Ryongsong Ssalmaekju 2.392Specialty Grain
36Pyongyang Maekju 12° 2.352Pale Lager
37Rakwon Kumgang Beer 락원 금강맥주  2.343Pale Lager
38Taedonggang 2 Yellow Label 2.3110Pale Lager
39Ryongsong Beer 15° 2.282Pale Lager
40Ryongsong Beer 12° 4.5% 2.2717Pale Lager
41Taedonggang 2 Black Label 2.2110Pale Lager
42Kyonghung Maekju 2.216Pale Lager
43Ponghak Beer 11° 2.1810Pale Lager
44KITC Mangyŏngdae 2.158Pale Lager
45Taedonggang Beer 2.1115Pale Lager