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RateBeer Cobranded Shelftags

An exciting sales and marketing opportunity for craft beer distributors


ateBeer now offers craft beer distributors the ability to cobrand its shelf tags. Our shelf tags have been a big hit with retailers around the world since 2003. RateBeer shelftags are valuable to retailers for reducing shelf time, increasing product quantities per sale and increasing upsell opportunities. The value of RateBeer shelf tags to craft beer distributors is equally great. By adding your company's name and logo to the bottom of RateBeer shelf tags you can:

  • increase the visibility of your company in the eyes of consumers
  • speed consumer adoption of new products
  • increase your portfolio's total sales
  • improve awareness of your company's top offerings
  • and all cheaply, easily and with very low production cost

Finding shelf tags at RateBeer
You can find links to RateBeer shelf tags on the RateBeer beer or brewery page of each of your beers, brewers.

brewer page
An example of shelf tag links from the brewer page
shelf tags
Shelf tags for six retailers...

Adding your brand name and logo
The ability to cobrand a shelf tag means your brand name and logo may appear at the bottom of every shelf tag produced. The final version of these shelf tags are then easily produced with a conventional printer and card stock, packaged and shipped with product.

cobranded shelftag example
Cobranded shelf tag example, POS

Consider A Contribution
If you've benefitted from RateBeer please consider a donation to our cause -- passionate service of the craft beer community. We rely on donations from the craft beer community to keep us strong and meeting the ever-increasing demands of the growing craft beer community. We appreciate your help, however small.

Your contribution:

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