Hop harvest / brew day / tasting


Come down to the house to assist in harvesting our homegrown hops. We will be brewing some beers as well, so bring your equipment or you can use ours (clear it with me first, just to make sure there aren’t any scheduling conflicts); your own ingredients will be required. Bring some beers for yourself and to share as well. We will probably have the grill fired up, so feel free to bring something to eat.

Cost: A beer or two


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timbeer 9/7/2009
I'm making an all grain version of Northern brewers Houblonmonstre IPATriple. I plan to start my mash right around 10:30 so that it's pretty much ready to boil around 12:00. I have three gas burners and a wort chiller but you should bring a what you need to brew.
DalzAle 8/29/2009
Really hoping to make it out, might be later in the afternoon for me.

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