Fort Wayne Raters Gathering


It is time once again for a gathering hosted by hotstuff (Cindy) and thedm (Matt) so bring those beers that you want to share with others or that you just want to get off your hands for whatever reason(s). We will provide some snacks i.e. bread, cheeses, pretzels, but feel free to bring some munchies if you wish and we will stick with the tradition of ordering Oley’s pizzas. Yes, we will also have a mead or two or three because what would a gathering be at our home if we did not have some meads to drink and rate! I posted a time of 6p.m., but feel free to show up starting as early as 5:30p.m. because it’s 5 o’clock somewhere!!

Cost: Bring Beers/Fav.Glassware


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hotstuff 9/26/2009
Thanks for attending the event and for all the beers that were shared. Who wants to host the next event and when?
wgdt 9/24/2009
Big Black Voodoo Daddy, New Glarus Beligan Red, Bristol XXX Warlock. Homebrew Barleywine, Mead and others.

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