Chicagoland RateBeer Tasting


Ratebeer Tasting hosted by Flossmoor Station. Come, bring a few bottles (or a bunch), socialize and share with other RBers. It’s been a long time coming for a Chicago area function!

The event will start at 12 noon. Participants are encouraged to bring at least 2 beers to share. More is welcome, as always. We’ll be meeting on the "Outdoor" Patio near the washrooms, and things will be simple, no-frills.

Should have water and tasting glasses provided to us and a server available to us for ordering food and beers.

Hope to see you there!



Cost: Cover & 44 oz beer min

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dm9831 1/26/2010
i was in mexico and missed it.
Cornfield 1/17/2010
Thanks, Guys!
SrSilliGose 1/15/2010
<-- thirsty
Davinci 1/14/2010
Pipeworks will be bringing samples of our pilot batches including a smoked porter, barley wine, wee heavy, and imperial stout. Should have a few goodies from the cellar as well. See you all there!!!
TheAlum 1/13/2010
Final details up. 12 noon start. Hope to see all there!
drewbeerme 12/29/2009
Another local gathering?!?
DrnkMcDermott 12/3/2009
As always, I'm very "tentative." If wife is not working that weekend. If I can make the drive there, and especially back. If I'm coming, you'll see me added at the last minute.
tyler_mn 10/23/2009
Sounds like fun! January is pretty slow at work... maybe I'll try to make this one!

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