RBSG 2010 Grand Rapids


Schedule of Events:


Founder’s Welcome Party (6pm - 2am)

HopCat - 25 Bell’s on tap for Bell’s 25th Anniversary! http://www.ratebeer.com/event/12126/bells-25-tap-night/


Pub crawl around Grand Rapids starting at 11am

Optional Trip - MI Summer Beer Fest. There will be a bus taking us to the Fest in Ypsilanti. The bus is $25 per person. The fest runs $30 per ticket for 15 sample tokens w/ additional tokens available for $0.50 each.

Here is info on the bus for Fri and Sat and Summer Fest tickets for Fri:



Pub crawl around Grand Rapids starting at 11am

Grand Tasting (6pm - 2am).


Optional Trip: Bus trip to Dark Horse and Bell’s. We are working with both places regarding the details, special brews, etc...We will be leaving Grand Rapids around 9 am and returning around 4 or 5pm.


Belgian Beer Brunch at HopCat - Details soon but it should be pretty insane!

Hotel information: The Holiday Inn Downtown will be the base hotel. For booking information please check the thread. Due to the limited amount of rooms please book asap.


Cost: TBD


Jeff Raidl
[email protected]


CanIHave4Beers 7/26/2010
Savvy1982 7/26/2010
Crazy beer trip man.... Awesome time.
aobecksy 7/23/2010
8 hours!!!
aracauna 7/21/2010
Too bad this isn't next year. My sister is moving to Michigan in two weeks and will be there for at least three years.
TheAlum 7/18/2010
Hardest 3 workdays EVER.
northernbrews 7/17/2010
Only a few more days!!! Oh our poor livers!!
zdk 7/16/2010
getting close... no extra livers, but I'll try to bring a few IV bags of saline.
VertBaconStrips 7/16/2010
i'm bringing 6 livers and I'm not sharing them... GET YOUR OWN LIVERS!
NobleSquirrel 6/28/2010
Link to Beer List! http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0AoPTPTrtOE4LdFV0RXE5Y1R1TjA0WmFpbVNuVk9odFE&authkey=CP65-ocB&hl=en#gid=0
iheartcraftbr 5/20/2010
Can’t wait! There will be 3 dudes in my group. Thanks Jeff. -jay
punkrkr27 5/5/2010
For those looking at going to the Brewers Guild Festival on Friday, tickets are on sale for it now. http://www.michiganbrewersguild.org/festinfo.asp
Drake 3/7/2010
I love the mix of east and west coast people this is bringing out. There's a lot of people on this list right now I look forward to meeting.

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